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Any medical proffesionals out there who can answer this

Any medical proffesionals out there who can answer this

Hi I am new to this forum and want to do PE exercises. Before I get started I wanted to make sure this was safe for me because of a injury I had 10 years ago. Basically I had a torsion in my right testicle and had to get surgery to have it fixed. For those of you who don’t know what it is; it’s when the testicle gets twisted in the sac cutting off blood and oxygen to one or both testicles. It was very painful! (I am embarrassed to say, I got this injury some how during masturbation)

So I was told after surgery that they somehow internally anchored my right testicle to secure it from ever happening again. Not sure what that means but my right testicle does hang higher than my left.

My question is, do you think jelqing is safe given the fact that some how I got my torsion injury from tugging too hard or rough etc? And I had surgery to fix it? (The surgery was in the scrotum sac and I have normal erections and sexual function still).. Thank you, any feedback helps!

Jelqing does not involves squeezing or twisting testicles, but there is some indirect raise of pressure. I’m not a doctor, but I would avoid girth exercises if I was in your boots, if nothing else because at the minimal discomfort you would be in mad anxiety. Stretching, hanging and extenders are fine, provided that you don’t use a fulcrum right above your balls.

When I got this injury it was just from tugging on my penis, maybe too hard.. It somehow traveled to my testicle area. So I’m even concerned that the warm up stretching may do something.

I think what your surgeon did is suture the affected testicle to the cremaster muscle. That is the muscle that pulls up your testicles when you are cold, or during a fright, flight and fight response. Some can even do it at will (sumo wrestlers for example). This was done to avoid such a torsion from happening again. The affected testicle now hangs closer to the body as you mentioned. This is normal and as expected.

It is not expected that you shall experience a similar incident from jelqing, but If you feel discomfort or pain in the testicles, do not feel self conscious and contact a physician. They are professionals and will answer your questions without judgement.

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