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Any cyclists? Does riding cause erectile dysfunction and prostate problems?

Any cyclists? Does riding cause erectile dysfunction and prostate problems?

There are many articles I am reading that states riding bikes with a traditional seat can cause serious problems. Here is just one article:…g-cyclists.html

Anyways, the solution is to purchase a no-nose bike saddle. Now, since I’m thrifty, I need to know if this is something to invest in or if it’s all fake and it’s nothing I should be worrying about.
Since reading these articles, I sit as little as possible on my bike.

If you are a professional cycler you should be a tiny bit worried. Otherwise, no. The fitness and cardio benefits of cycling are great for the quality of your erection. Besides, most of your weight is on your feet and the front handles on a good road bike.

The solution is to be sure you’re fit properly on your bike. There is WAY more contributing to numb junk than just the saddle shape. Seat to high/low, bar reach to short/far, bar drop too low/high, saddle to far forward/back, saddle angle - all of these contribute to placing your sit bones in the correct location on your saddle or not. But even with all this considered you do need to have a properly fit saddle. Noseless won’t do it for everyone. What I’ve found more important are:

1) The width of the sweetspot where your sit bones rest on the saddle. Specialized actually sells their high end saddles with various widths. The dealer should have you sit on a gel butt-gauge to measure your spacing.

2) the taper from the sweetspot to the nose. Everyones’ legs are different. I’ve found if this doesn’t taper off quickly it will cause circulation problems, pressing against my femoral artery

3) the width of the saddle nose. Somewhat similar affect to No 2, but more so when I’m in the drops.

4) prostate cuttout. Keep the pressure off of your jewel.

Once I rode with the Specialized Toupe’ on my race bike, I went back and got one in the same size for my travel bike, my mountain bike, and both of my tandems. One ride on an old saddle and I knew it had to be replaced. I’d highly recommend this saddle, but I also know that everyone’s geometry is different. A good should should let you try out a saddle before buying, but then we’re talking about $100-$200 saddles. If your shop doesn’t have a loaner to try, find another shop.

Now, to address the OP.. Every few years some article comes out about how bike seats will make your dick fall off, and every time it’s just hype, usually trying to sell you some knew gimmick saddle. The “noseless” saddles are primarily targeted at TT bikes where the UCI fit rules require a minimum setback from the BB to the saddle nose. A noseless saddle lets the rider move it more forward to better accommodate an aero position without incurring the wrath of the UCI. Leaning far forward in the TT position also rolls the prostate more forward on the saddle and can sometimes position it out of the cutout. Some newer saddles are taking the cutout all the way through the nose for those times when you’re off the front of the pack, sitting out on the nose of your saddle to get low and drill the pace hoping to stay away - without your junk going numb.

So if your questions was truly motivated by your dissatisfaction with your current saddle, go find a shop that will let you demo an ergo saddle like the Toupe’ and find the one that is right for you. But if you’re just getting worried because some journalist told you your dick is going to fall off, all I can say is to relax. The next scare article will be right around the corner.

What Mushroom said. I used to race for a living way back in the day and spent many hours in the saddle with no problems. I will add a couple details. On long rides find spots where people are soft peddling get up out of the saddle. This is a good time to strectch your calves as well. Monitor that area for numbness and if you feel any do the above. Do not try to ‘gut’ that numbness out.

To just reinforce what he said. Find the saddle for you. I had one I loved and bought several just in case they discontinued them. As he outlined you want your weight on your sit bones. If you haven’t ridden much this may feel odd to you at first because it is rare for a casual cyclist to sit this way.

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Forgot an odd one. It is rail material. I used to ride a titanium railed saddle but decided once to buy the same exact saddle with hollow chrome moly rails to save some money. After 95 miles my whole ass was hurting so bad I stopped riding. The difference? Titanium rails absorded shock and those chrome moly rails not only transmitted every little bump but it almost felt like it was amplifying them.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

I used to put in a lot of miles. I raced a lot when I was younger. find a good saddle that allows for blood flow and try your best to keep it level. This is assuming you’ve had a professional fitting for your bike. I always recommend getting out of the saddle for a bit at least every ten minutes.

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I’ve read a study the shows that alot of the “testosterone/penile/prostate issues” of cyclists most likely is from a cream they applied to their lower parts for comfortable seating (I think). This cream contains xenoestrogens, usually parabens and maybe some other similar chemicals. Was it called ‘chamoise’??

I might be worth looking into for you guys. I have quit using my stationary now that outdoor ultimate frisbee season has started. And I have never applied any cream to my perineum, haha, seriously do you guys do that? :)

Well I was old school when I started riding but product innovation caught up and pressed the old traditions out the door. When I started riding the good shorts had a real chamoise lining. This lining would get tough and hard if you didn’t dress it regularly. We would use creams like “bag balm” (a cream for cow’s udders) to keep it soft and supple.

Later came synthetic chamoise linings for shorts and they just required regular washing to keep bacteria down. I never experienced chafing so never applied anything to my body down there.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

I started riding on a real chamois but always kept a couple in rotation - riding, washing, drying - so I always had a clean pair of shorts and never had to lube them up. Now with the synthetics, the fit is better, fewer seems - though the short fit is as personal as a saddle fit - and I still keep a few in rotation.

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