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anxienty, ego, digestive problems.

anxienty, ego, digestive problems.

Hey guys

I’ve recently experienced some anxiety over things that happened with my girl, we were talking about her parents and stuff, and when she started talking about her parents and what they are capable of, how they travel and stuff, I felt really bad, we were never poor or something but I felt really bad, I don’t know If it was jealousy. But I felt weird inside of my belly, It was uncertainty, also when somehow we talk about sex in general I start to fell the same way, I’m trying to breathe it out, but it doesn’t work.
When this happens I start to have digestive problems, its not very unusual problem to me. I’ve always thought that I have quick metabolism, but now I’m wondering if its not more of a nervous stomach. I did went to the doctor, but he never found anything wrong with my stomach, he said it might be the nerves.

I don’t want to act needy to my girlfriend looking up for certainty through questions but sometimes I ask and when I do, she usually gives me certainty and the weird feeling dissolve, but I feel stupid for asking such questions. I want to feel certain in myself no matter what. Its like ego based.- I just need to now that I’m better and that sucks.

Did you experienced something similar or how can you get out of this race?


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So out of the three which is more important to you or other

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Out what things?

Out of my capability being enough for a girl in a matter of sex? Or providing stability in a matter of money or being enough fun/outgoing?

- I don’t know, I think they are all very similar to me in importance

If you ask about the title sort of things, Both three things are complementing each other. I mean both anxiety and digestive problem are caused by my ego being hurt.

I don’t care about my ego, but still I can say that I don’t care, but when it comes to questioning being good enough in sex, fun, and providing, I still feel endangered by others. So that’s the cause I feel that I´m not enough.

GOAL - BPEL anything that comes along with 5.5 EG

Your have to address one problem at a time.

As you are saying I believe you care deeply for this girl, and this is quite normal and healthy, but you have to understand that all relationships have phases.

First thing is to just have sex. I say that because you could have lots of money and a big dick but if the sex is not good enough the relationship will fall apart. Having said that, it’s important to understand that if the sex is great that won’t necessarily make the relationship last forever. As the time goes by, you have to know more about your partner and if they have the same goals as you do. As for the money part, I will assume that you’re not experienced enough to know that if the person likes you, they’ll not only accept you financial reality but will also help you to improve. For example, when I started my relationship I was just a dumb guy on college with no aspirations. With my girlfriend’s support not only I got two degrees but now I own a small business and work in 2 jobs. You have to understand that your current situation doesn’t necessarily represent how much you can achieve. And.. If the person you are with only wants guys with money my advice is to get laid as much as you can and then jump the ship.

P.S.: as for the anxiety, the only way to get rid of it is having sex.

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