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Another clinical size study

the measurements seem to indicate a non pressed length technique. at 12.2 cm non pressed that means that probably this would correlate with about 13.5 cm bone pressed (about 1/2” add’l). this would be about 5 3/8” BONE PRESSED (IN-FUCKING- CREDIBLE). I’m not sure i buy it I stil think that average bp is closer to 6.0 or so, but being wrong about this makes me so much more than average - I can’t loose!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I have looked at about a zillion of these studies. It is hard to accept, but most place the average under 6”. I know that Kinsey and one of the condom surveys claimed 6.2 to 6.4; but at the other end of the spectrum we have a poop load of studies from all over the world that say 5.5” 5.33” 5.8” 5.25” etc.

Now on one level I feel sorry for these guys. Also feel for the women that are “unfulfilled” (literally, as in not filled up,lol)

On a purely selfish level? Oh Hell Yea!!!! Like Luvdadus wrote, this is all the better for those of us getting bigger. 5 and 3/8” average would mean that I am a hair under 2” bigger than average.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

All gainers should stay out of these studies since you (hopefully we) would mess up their nice statistics ;)

The thing with many of the studies done on penis size that show a greater size is that the subjects measure themselves and/or that they are not randomly chosen but sign up for a penis survey. I think you´re more likely to sign up for one if you have something to show, I know I would.

And there´s no doubt that the average size is lower than what is stated on (almost?) every enlargement site. That´s my feedback from the ladies as well.

It´s funny, if you look at a ruler even 5” look pretty impressive but between the legs I think that 6.7” looks kind of small :-/


I was out with a friend a few weeks ago who was describing her exes dick as huge…it was “at least 6 inches” to a girlfriend of hers.



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Hehe wooow HUGE ;-)

My gut feeling is that, IF you could get an actual average of a very, very great group of men (we are talking thousands upon thousands) and have it done clinically with a standard, effective measuring techinque, you would find that the average for a man falls under 6” but over 5.5”. Just my gut feeling.

I know a half inch is a lot for a gap here, but I can’t narrow it down any farther than that for a guess. But still, I don’t agree with the surveys that it closer to 5” than 6”. Especially when you consider how many surveys are done nbp on FAT American men.


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