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Anyone use this saliva test before? Do you think the results were accurate? You can purchase several several places on the Internet for $39.99. The price includes lab fees for testing free testosterone levels, and you can pay extra to have other hormones levels checked. Anyone know where to get it any cheaper (before any rebates)?

If you have good erectile function, feel generally energized, do not have peaks and lows of moods, and a whole bunch of other problems, why even have your T levels checked?

Saliva tests, btw, do not always give the same values for estrogen hormonal varients (which all men have) as blood tests do. They are both valuable tools but they don’t always match up. Further, different labs use different measurement scales. What is “Normal” for one could be interpreted as sub-Normal at another.

Don’t tinker with this without knowledge. Educate yourselves first and prepare to do a great deal of reading and math; hormonal adjustments are very like rocket science. I am not speaking to the poster in saying this, but to all readers here.

If it works, don’t fix it.



Well, that’s just it. I’ve been feeling generally lethargic for quite some time now even when I get a lot of sleep. I am at a pretty healthy body weight too, so it’s not that. Of course, I wouldn’t mind packing on a little more muscle, but I am pretty much of a hard gainer—at least in the upper body.

I seem to be able to gain strength much easier in the legs and lower back when I put my mind to it. This also makes me curious about my testosterone levels; because it seems like the chest area is where men usually have the biggest advantage over women because of the extra testosterone. I am not interested in elevating my testosterone to above average levels for the purposes of body building, BTW. I am only mentioning it as one additional possible sign that my testosterone level MIGHT be below average. It could be a million other things too, but it would be nice to know.

I don’t think my libido is as strong as it should be either. The plumbing works fine and I can get erections OK—no problems with blood flow. I have to really focus on thinking erotic thoughts to keep it going however—exactly the opposite of guys that have to think about baseball, LOL. Just being in the presence of a hot naked chick, should be enough to keep a guy horny.


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