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Hey firstly, can a few people give me their opinion on this product? It says it is for bodybuilding, but will it increase my sperm count too? The same as normal l-arginine?…-PLST-0-SRCH-HV

Also, I am really confused about analingus, when I am with my girlfriend, I REALLY want to do this because I know how amazing it will be, but I am just so panicky about the dangers, can someone please clear this up for me? Is it too dangerous to consider? Is it worth the risk? How much risk?

Thanks so much guys, gonna go for a few beers now - shame some of you can’t come with me.

Merry Xmas everyone!

Originally Posted by rundown
…. Is it too dangerous to consider? Is it worth the risk? How much risk?

First of all, yes it is dangerous. As soon as your tongue finds the glory hole she will place you in a head lock with her thighs and squeeze your brains out. Proceed at your own risk.

Secondly, you will have ass breath. Far superior to onion and garlic, ass breath will keep even the horniest babe away.

Thirdly, just as you get the white ring around the upper lip from drinking white milk, you get the chocolate ring around your lip when you enter the back door with your tongue.

Fourthly, if you have a mustache you will get dingle berries from the dried mud that collects in the hair.

Fifthly, despite all the above dangers, Mrs. 5379’s ass is greeted by my tongue each time I eat at the Y. Despite the flattened ears from thigh locks, the ass breath, the chocolate ring around my lip, and the dried mud in my mustache, Mrs. 5379 loves it.

But what are all the dangers? I don’t care about the other stuff, lol. There are loads of risks aren’t there? (im talking about e.coli e.t.c)

Just make sure your partner is clean (e.g. post shower) and brush your teeth and tongue when your finished. I love the hell out of it and so does my girlfriend and the two of us have never had any unfortunate side effects.

rundown - You’re considered a grown up now. Time to do your own research. You have Internet access and can type just like the rest of us. However, in the interest of your health, I have found a nice site that explains it all:

Thank you westla, but as you know, it’s also nice to get an opinion from the guys on here since I am getting to know and trust them, thanks for the site though.

I asked my girlfriend tonight which guys she finds the most attractive, I am fine with this so thats okay - it’s just dick size that I am uneasy with.

Basically, she said a few guys score 9 out of 10, and a few 7’s and stuff. She gave me an 8 1/2 which aint too shabby, I don’t consider myself ugly, just small with a small dick, lol.

Well, she gave one person a 10, and I admire her honesty. She said its the guy thats on the current Eternity advert. You know - the aftershave/perfume thingy. But I can’t remember what he looked like, I dont know his name and I can’t find him online for some reason. Does anyone know his name or can find me a picture?

I would be very grateful, apparently he is stunning, lol. I am amazed that I have made her be more honest! Her old favourite was Christian Slater when she was younger, she was crazy over him apparently.

Once again, I would be very grateful for any help.

P.S. The advert is showing in the UK, I don’t know if it would be the same in US or anything?

This page is from a site with recent ads for perfumes and fragrances. It is the first of eight pages for Calvin Klein’s Eternity. The newer ads are on later pages. The current man in Eternity ads (from page 8) seems to be Aaron Ward. Perhaps this is the guy you’re looking for.

More about Calvin Klein’s male models here.

The Unofficial Calvin Klein Ads Archive might be helpful.


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