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I am interested in guys or ladies who have been doing anal.

I’d like to hear their experiences with women they did it to for the first time.

I’d like to hear from those whose partners like it or engage occasionally.

What pointers would you give for those who are queasy about this taboo topic.

Geez, phat. Did you have to open up that one so early in this forum’s life? :-)

We did, though, imply we’d deal with everything.

I’m not avoiding the issue at all and I promise I’ll respond to your thread and I hope others will. Meanwhile, the dogs are barking for their run and their dinner and believe me, the neighbors are more interested in their barking than your subject.



For starters:


I’d wager that no body orifice, man’s or woman’s, is less receptive to sexual or even medical invasion than the anus. Do any of us go happily to our colo-rectal exams when they are scheduled? How many of you guys enjoy a digital prostate exam?

It’s the way most of us are socialized. Anuses are “dirty.” Things come out of them but nothing should go near them except toilet paper and Preparation H.

Conversely, the anal opening – the entire sphincter – is bundled with many highly erogenous nerve endings. If anybody doubts this, in the shower sometime lubricate your middle finger (fingernail clipped well-back and filed; the anal lining is thin and easily pierced) and do some exploratory touching.

Unlike men, who have prostate glands located about two and a half inches inside, women have few erogenous areas inside the rectum, past the sphincter. Theirs are concentrated in the vaginal area, breasts, skin surfaces. Anal sex should include a lot of manual, vaginal and other stimulation to make it successful for women.

So this area, the sphincter (anal opening) is the area you have to pay some very gentle attention to and very likely, unless a woman has done anal sex before and found it pleasant, over a lot of time before you can even think about entering there. She needs to know that you are not ever going inside there unless invited and that if you ever do get invited, it’s going to be a –very- slow and gentle entry, with a lot of slippery lubricant. Having read your posts, I know that you have a lot of girth, phat. This is not an advantage for initiating anal sex. The anal opening is not designed for penises, as the vagina is, and is less resilient for expansion. Not to say that you can’t make it happen if you are a very gentle lover.

A suggestion or two? Not a good idea to have anal penile penetration followed by vaginal or oral penile penetration. You would likely carry e-coli bacteria (or other rectal residents) to the mouth or vagina and take the chance of introducing an infection. All possible sexual orifices, btw, have their natural and sometimes unnatural colonies of living organisms. We all need to be aware of that and of them.



Avocet, WOW! Have I got a good story for you (all true), it involves why I’ve had the urge to conduct anal sex on “every” woman I’ve been with… I cannot resist attempting to do this with every girl I’ve been with since.. More tonight after the wife goes to sleep LOL! Brutal indeed…

“A suggestion or two? Not a good idea to have anal penile penetration followed by vaginal or oral penile penetration. You would likely carry e-coli bacteria (or other rectal residents) to the mouth or vagina and take the chance of introducing an infection.” Very true, no matter what those on line porno guys like to do ( I understand that ass to mouth is all the rage…EEEK!)

Unless you are both experienced at anal sex it is very easy to hurt something down there. Even if you are both used to proper angles and all the rest it is still easy for an injury to occur.

In some women the deep spot, epicenter (whatever you want to call it) can be stimulated anally.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Avocet, Just lost 2/3rds of the story due to my fuck up using the tab key on my keyboard (might just change my nick to DWG (dullwhiteguy) LOL…

Here is what happend to a regularwhiteguy after he gets to his first duty station after making it through boot camp.

I went to see this movie (people by the stairs) by myself on post. After getting the ticket I was standing in line for a soft drink when I noticed this attractive looking woman stairing at me. This is what I could notice about her without being obvious about it.

A) average leaning toward attractive looking middle aged woman.

B) around 5’4” to 5’5” in height / approx 140 lbs.

C) long dark hair with slight curls

D) small breasts

E) The kind of ass you just stair at and develop wood.

Being that I was more or less chicken I got my coke and went to find a seat. Within 5 minutes of the movie starting this girl comes up to me and asks if I mind if she sits with me… Duhhh! I end up taking her to a hotel room that night and spent damn near all my money on hotel rooms for the next couple of months (was really glad that they were cheap in GA!

The first night she said “WOAH THERE, EASY” Let me get used to your size, a statement that would make any guy feel good about himself in the area of penis size. Her saying that really made me feel good despite the fact that I had a terrible premature ejaculation problem (for those who have not read any of my posts size was not what drew me into PE). I dumped my nuts within about 30 seconds but thanks to the excitement of being with someone rather new and hot (I might add) I blew ‘several loads’ (at least 6) with each one lasting longer then the last…

Within two weeks after the first time we fucked she asked me to fuck her in the ass. Here I was in a cheap hotel room thinking to myself , ya know, the Army isn’t all that bad! I tried to insert doggie style and that was out of the question. She opted to lay on her side while watching T.V. while I slowly tried to put it in her ass (her signal to have me stop was to squeeze my wrist). Well guys here is what I noticed about anal sex:

A) While this womans pussy was tight and felt very good I noticed that as the head of my penis started to go into her ass there was tremendous HEAT, it was very much hotter then any other place on her body!

B) I could see an expression on her face that could only be described as alot of pleasure mixed with some pain.

After about 20 minutes I I could feel my penis go past the second curve or whatever it was that was causing her to squeeze my wrist. She had me slowly pump into her about 2 minutes then said she wanted me to do her in the dog style… I got up and off the bed while she got onto her hands and knees and put that oh so hot ass into the air at which point I very slowly put it into her, this bitch started moaning and cursing at me using language I’ve never heard before come out of the mouth of a woman. I was supprised but it actually made me so horny my dick got so hard it fucking hurt (still not all the way in).. I speculate I got about 6 inches of my trout into her ass when she pushed against me hard and moaned like I was killing her, it was then when I was fucking ruined for life when it came to anal sex. This is what she did.

After she pushed against me and I was all the way inside her ass she had what I could best describe as a seizer and actually shivered (like someone dumped Ice water on her), alot of fluid that smelled sort of like piss came out of her pussy and her ass hole started to pulse HARD! Needless to say I came harder then I ever had in my life and while I was trying like hell to take a piss after I had this new experience I saw red dots all over my penis ( I was really scared I got some kind of disease from her but now know I got so hard it broke some blood into the skin!)…

Fellow PE’ers, pray for me because I have had this experience in my head since it happened and since then I have not found a woman who is willing to let me do this!!!!!!! Next time any of you go to sleep with your significant others do this simple text and see for yourself how hot ass is..

Have her lay on her side and snuggle up next to her. Take your hand and spread her ass cheeks and put your dick next to her asshole. Feel the heat!

Fuck it, now I must go JACK OFF!!!!

Nice story.

On the health side of anal, careful about bustin’ your nuts in someone’s ass. Booty ain’t ‘gina and doesn’t really take well to some of the stuff that is present in semen. Cain’t recall the name, but to the best of my knoweledge the is certain enzymes present in semen/ejac fluids that serve to break down the lining around the egg and allow penetration by sperm cells. The vaginal tissues are apparently pretty well protected against the effects of this enzyme. The rectum/intestinal lining is not and the semen can actually break down or damage the lining and allow pathogens an easy jump across into the bloodstream. It has been specualted that AIDS and other viruses tend to infect hosts very effectivley when it comes to unprotected anal sex. Can’t say for intestinal bacteria or other normal body residents, but I think it would be a better idea to shoot on the outside rather than inside and avoid potential damage. I don’t put it in the small hole so I’m not going to look-up the technical facts on this stuff. However, if one chooses anal for thrills, I strongly suggest you do a bit of research into the potential problems and learn to avoid their possible occurance. Phat, of all the topics you cover on these forums I never thought you would acually attempt this one! Kinda like parking a city bus in a residential garage, but I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way…just be sure to go real slooooooooooow. groa

RWG is now ruined for life and all it took was anal sex. :-) Don’t lose all faith in vaginas; they are real nice places to be!

You’re absolutely correct about the sensation of heat being greater. Also, the opening is usually tighter and this is why Groa said go slow. For the partner receiving a penis anally, the entry cannot be slow enough; it sometimes takes many minutes for the sphincter muscles to relax.

Groa: What you say about sperm and egg is true. But that does not apply to sperm in the anal tract. The proteins and enzymes that make up ejaculate are harmless to the anal lining.

What is a major problem with anal sex is the thinness of the large intestine lining. It is very susceptible to micro-tears (or larger tears) either from the size of the penis entering or the vigor of its thrusting. The HIV virus (an infected man’s semen contains a very high concentration of it) actually enters the recipient’s blood stream through these micro-tears. It isn’t just men who contract AIDS in this way, women can get it, too, and vaginally as well. Condoms are an excellent safety measure but not failsafe.



Visited my local sex novelties shop last night. I noticed various butt plugs and an even greater selection of anal probes, beads, etc. of all sizes displayed for sale. Anybody ever use these? I was most intriqued by the anal probes—some were well over a foot long. Anyone have experience with these toys?

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."


Ignoring the health and disease issues of anal, great story. Bet you felt like the star of your own XXX porno. I found myself with a damp spot in my khakis after reading and rereading your incredible experience. I have heard that some women really get off on anal. Howard Stern had a gal on once that was so into it that she wrote a how-to book on anal sex.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

I have used butt plugs with the ex, she was totally into anal- but I never really got into doing her with my cock, after a couple of times I decided it just wasn’t for me. The plug would stay put while I rammed her pussy, god she was like a wild animal. Then we went to various sizes of didldos- she wound up prefering a smallish one about 5” long. Sex is WAY different when a woman has her other orifice full- much tighter and she goes absolutely fucking crazy. Hot, wet and crazy- gotta love that combination.

thanks for the compliment "J" and others

After she was loose enough to take me there without much trouble she would tell me she wanted to resist and fight me (she was pretty strong). We would do it the regular way and when she would say “NOW YOU BASTARD” that was my que to ‘try to turn her over’. I was always exhausted by the time I got her on her stomach and her deal was to pucker her ass up after I got past that second spot and start cursing at me.. I woke up with the most serious hurting dick after those sessions that it was not uncommon I slept most of the day….


you would be suprised at how many women enjoy taking it up the clacker ,i estimate at least 40% of the women i have slept with have either asked for ,nor refused my anal advances,and have also orgasimed without any other kind of extra stimulation,

groa and regularwhiteguy


Groa ….

I plan on taking it slow. I many ways.

Regularwhiteguy …..

What you have is what I want to experience. You have to find the right one. I think lost
of women who don’t try would like it, at least when they get in certain moods.

Careful Guys

No, anal is not something I’ve been interested in and I don’t think my wife is either. Only thing that’s come close to my ass is my doctor’s finger and those 25” of steel I think he refrigerates before I get there for my annual. However, I DO hear there are bundles of nerves up there so who knows. Word of warning if I may. The rectum is designed to let things out, not in. I’ve read in several medical posts from people who have anal sex on a very regular basis and they cannot control their bowels or rather their rectums, so everything sort of just falls out. A lot of this may also comes from fisting - which I sure as hell don’t understand. Anyway, be careful guys, we’ll all be in Depends soon enough.



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