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Anal tear, rhoids, cancer?

Originally Posted by rundown
“Did she check out your arse properly? I’m sure she would have seen if there was anything suspicious.”

No, she didn’t even have a look, just jumped off topic as soon as she could, I reckon she was scared that my ass would turn her on too much if she had a look? lol.

And TT, No, she wasn’t hott at all, lol. Infact, she had scarily huge fingers so I am glad that she didn’t have a feel :) )

What??? That is not good practice, in my opinion. :noreally: You should definately go to another doctor and demand that they have a fucking look or something.

I’m sure, like everybody else, that it’s nothing serious, but it’s rediculous that was so dismissive. Damn, GP’s can be real arseholes.

Sometimes you need to ask questions up front. Try to think it through and tell them what you expect. Of course you are not an expert in their field, but you can use some common sense. Unfortunately this is the standard sometimes… they charge you a hundred bucks just for taking your temperature and blood pressure and telling you everything is fine. I no longer accept that, and I tactfully let them know this.

I now ask them what kind of doctor they are, because I know there are good ones and bad ones. Sometimes I tell them “the story about the doctor I visited that did little or nothing”… and they usually listen and understand. Sometimes they don’t know, if you don’t tell them. I also tell them that I like to participate in my treatment. I tactfully explain to them that I like to understand what is going on and why, and just for myself I refuse to be treated like an idiot or a two year old. Nothing personal, but it’s just how I am. Sometimes you have to try a few doctors in your area to find the good ones. I also tell them that I like to treat the PROBLEM not the symptom, if possible. There is a way to explain things tactfully, and it lets them know that you will not accept nonsense. Sometimes doctors need to be reminded of that. We are so accustomed to wanting a “quick fix” and “just fix it and I don’t want to know about it” that it has actually put the doctors in a position to get accustomed to this as well, and sometimes they get insensitive too. A gentle reminder can do wonders. With the modern HMO’s and PPO’s we have, doctors have rules they must follow and you don’t always get the best treatment because they have to see a minimum number of customers every hour, and the whole thing has become something very similar to a “cattle drive” that you see on late night cowboy movies.

We no longer want to participate, we no longer want to understand things, and when our body tells us there is a problem we “don’t want to hear it”, we just want it to “go away.” We view this signal as a “hassle” and an “imposition” upon us and to our busy lives, and we just want it to “disappear.” This is an ignorant viewpoint, and one we often pay for later. You cannot blame the doctors really, if you stop and think about it we have played just as big a part as them in creating this situation, and it is frequently the situation we find ourselves in today. So let the guy know, the very first second that you see him, “hey, I’m bleeding here, and I don’t want a doctor that’s just gonna take my temperature and tell me everything is OK.

I found solutions by trying different things. For my allergies, for example, I discovered that diet changes and liver cleanses have pretty much eliminated my allergies and sinus headaches that I got in the past. I know darn well that if I just went to an MD all my life he would just keep doing decongestants and such, or I would be buying them off the shelf. I no longer have to “mask” my allergies with antihisamines. For the most part (about 95% now)… my allergies are simply GONE. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like solutions like that. :) I had to search long and hard, but there are other options if you look for them and try them. I have nothing against doctors, but they have a time and place. They don’t know everything, because nobody knows EVERYTHING, and I don’t worship them as gods. I respect them, but I don’t expect them to have all my answers. Anyway just something to think about, I’m pressed for time so I need to get going.

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Well Done anyway! at least you have overcome your fears of talking about it to someone. So that will encourage you to feel more at ease about going to a doctor again.

Obviously she knows you suffer from anxiety, which you acknowledge yourself. So let’s build on that angle. You had a normal type stool after some fibre. Good! keep taking the fibre, but in moderation, otherwise you will go from one extreme to the other.

About the pains. They maybe anxiety also, but when I was a little kid I had horrendous pains in my stomach. Eventually, the school I was at allowed me to see the doctor (they took it as a personal insult if you were ill). He just poked my stomach and announced it was growing pains. The only allergy known in those days was hay fever. As I said earlier it was in fact an allergy to milk. So it is possible you have an allergy to something you eat or drink.

However, don’t worry too much about that at the moment. keep up with the fibre, and see how things progress. Don’t strain if at all possible.

Do you find it painful when using toilet paper? (The first thing to check is are your finger nails too long) But before we can do any diagnosing here we have to be sure that this was not caused by the straining making things sore. So give it a week to settle down or not, (still using some fibre), then update us on the situation.

Again, Congrats on the first hurdle.



I read your message, My first thoughts would give a page as long as your arm (I’ve been in the NHS as long as its been going) so will edit the thoughts a lot and give you a précis.



Thank you for the update. Even if the doctor wasn’t as thorough as some of us would have liked, she did give good advice on the fiber stuff. You can eat lots of bran muffins, bran flakes, take fiber that you dissolve in liquid, or fiber capsules. Just get your fiber, it does make things move easier. Also, eat salads, good fiber and for me at least a yummy food. (Yes, I’m part rabbit)

If the bleeding continues, take the advice given by others, go see a different doctor, a proctologist performable.

(I’m glad its nothing serious)

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I’ve simmered down a bit about the ears, but shall give you a list of how I got to this stage.

Briefly this hearing thing happened about six years ago when an idiot dentist used a chemical I had told him not to. This sent me deaf gave me a cough for life and generally messed up my system. And has made me allergic to any local anaesthetic

Deafness. I was stone deaf literally, People had to write things down for me as my inner ears had filled with liquid, due to the chemical

Eventaully they pierced my eardrums and put grommets in. but so much liquid was being produced inside the ear it just ran out. If I lay down on one side the upper ear would fill up and liquid run down my neck when I sat up.

Hearing aids.
They were no use and I eventually had to build myself an amplifier to hear

After about a year things improved and I was able to hear something with a hearing aid During this time I have made over a dozen visits to try and get a decent aid. This has gone on until the beginning of this year when the Government introduced Digital aids which are much better. I was told they wouldn’t be available until February, then March, so I tried to get an appointment.

Nothing happend even though I made several visits to try and get something that would work better.

In April when I went I was told I wasn’t on the list because they had made a rule that people had to write in stating the reasons why they should have a digital aid! This is pretty general now all over the NHS

I asked why I hadn’t been told that, and was told they had advertised on the local radio (which I was unable to hear even if I had known about it), and was in the newspaper which was in a local edition only - I am not local. So they said they would give me an appointment in two months time (June) I’m still waiting to hear.

When I went to see my Doc in August I mentioned that they were giving me their equivalent of the Bum’s rush, and he offered to write to the hospital - which he did.

After a month I received an appointment. Not for the hospital I had attended from the start, and to which the Doc had written; but another in the same group. This was for yesterday (29th Nov). 11.40am

I received a call at 10.00am telling me the appointment was off because the audiologist was unwell.

There is a big thing about patients abusing and assaulting staff. Perhaps you can see the reasn why. But even so I can remember back in the 1950’s the doctors used to shout at the top of their voices at patients who didn’t do exactly what they said. One tried it on me. I shouted back even louder! - It didn’t happen to me again.

So that’s just one example.


Wow! Sorry to hear about your hearing loss. In America we would have just attacked with a few thousand lawyers in the first week. Goverment shit sucks really. Our solution would be to litigate yet again. Once they start hemmoraging money they wise up or go broke.

I hope everything resolves itself in your favor to the best of its ability. I hate getting water in my ear when swimming, so I could never guess the crap you have gone through with this.

Doesn’t the goverment have a website where all these dumb regulations and announcements are on?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Had a new appoinment letter this morning Now it’s 11 February.

There is supposed to be a complaints procedure but by the time you get heard its been through so many committees that the result is just a ‘lesssons must be learned’ exercise.

I did try suing the idiot but the lung doctor at this same group insisted the problem was not due to the chemical but the fact I had whooping cough when I was a child because there were ‘old’scars in my lung. I said that was not possible as during the 1950’s there were mass chest/lung Xrays done to stamp out TB and they would have seen them . He rubbished that. Since then I found out from my sister that none of us had whooping cough!

The particular group of hospitals has one of the worst ratings in the country.

Trouble is, over here there is a time limit on suing people and eventually I ran out of time.

Hey all, guess what? I am panicking again, lol.

I just wanna say what a lovely person sunshinekid is, awwwww :P

Anyway, I have been getting better, haven’t been bleeding, but lately I have the symptoms of IBS. It could just be in my mind, But I went this morning and my stools were fine, then I had to go again because I had an urgency to go and I bled a bit (because I didnt have to go too much and i had to strain a tiny bit).*
Also went a 3rd time in the evening and bled slightly more because it wasn’t neccessary to go but I had to rush because I had the overwhelming feeling to go.

Is this all in my head?? Is that possible?

All day long I think and worry about needing to go, and I worry that daily exercises or sharp movements might cause me to internally bleed in my anus and die! I am such a worrier, but is it possible? Dont pull any punches, I need to know this stuff. Been having fibre and it moves easily, just been going 3 times a day and it only seems neccessary to go just the once in the morning. Is my panicking making me want to go? Also, When I feel the slight need to go - it all hits me straight after that like a ten tonne truck and I need to rush up to the toilet because my anal muscles feel too weak to keep it in.

*when i say strain, its not even a strain - its VERY little pressure on the muscles. If it all don’t come out in one go and I go for seconds, then it bleeds a bit. Sorry for the phrasing, feeling a bit crazy, lol.

You guys have been great to me :) thank you.

IBS is a functional bowel disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract characterized by recurrent abdominal pain and discomfort accompanied by alterations in bowel function, diarrhea, constipation or a combination of both, typically over months or years. A diagnosis of IBS has been reported by 10 to 20% of adults in the United States, and symptoms of IBS are responsible for over 3 million yearly visits to physicians. Research suggests that IBS is one of the most common functional GI disorders. IBS exhibits a predominance in women, with females representing over 70% of IBS sufferers.
The diagnostic criteria of Irritable Bowel Syndrome always presumes the absence of a structural or biochemical explanation for the symptoms and is made only by your health care professional after gathering a careful medical history and giving a thorough physical exam. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be diagnosed based on at least 12 weeks, which need not be consecutive, in the preceding 12 months of abdominal discomfort or pain that has two out of three features:

1. Relieved with defecation; and/or
2. Onset associated with a change in frequency of stool; and/or
3. Onset associated with a change in form (appearance) of stool.

Symptoms that Cumulatively Support the Diagnosis of IBS:
Abnormal stool frequency (may be defined as greater than 3 bowel movements per day and less than 3 bowel movements per week);
Abnormal stool form (lumpy/hard or loose/watery stool);
Abnormal stool passage (straining, urgency, or feeling of incomplete evacuation);
Passage of mucus;
Bloating or feeling of abdominal distension.

Sounds like you have IBS-C (constipation) take plenty of fiber to prime the pump and try adding magnesium I believe too. I have the almost opposite of this, but my disease is actually something more advanced than this. STRESS ONLY ADDS TO THIS AND TRIGGERS IT!

As I said before through so fucking many threads. Ask your backward natioanl organized medicine system for some type of SSRI drug. It will cut back on your kookieness plus assist your ass.

They’ll make you wait it out on this one to see what happens. Plus your health care system seems fairly slow as is. Don’t be suprised if they ask for Upper and Lower GIs and a colonscopy. Expect blood work no matter what, that is a fucking given in America.

Welcome to my world.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by rundown
Also, When I feel the slight need to go - it all hits me straight after that like a ten tonne truck and I need to rush up to the toilet because my anal muscles feel too weak to keep it in.

I dont know why I find explosive diarrhea so funny. Just go see a doc and get it over.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

The most interesting thing about this is where you’ll stay on the symptom chart. I myself usually have the shits bad. On occasion, nothing will come out for days. The last time this happened was in April at the mod meeting in April in NYC. I ate Chineses food and didn’t shit for 6 days. Fucking fun.

As I said before in this thread, see what the fiber does to you. It takes a while to hit the sweet spot with your body getting used to it everyday. Hold off on the magnesium for a bit, instead pick up Omega 3 fish oil tablets. They really work well for ulcers, but they will act slowly to better resist depression and anxiety.

When I shit mucus comes out and occasionally it looks like finally grated beach sand in texture and size. Of course I have ulcerative colitis which is technically different.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Aside from getting a proper diagnosis, Homazon is a great way to get things moving without using anything that is irratation based (most laxatives). Homazon will clean you out in a way that helps make the bowel more able to absorb nutrients. Most are merely irritants that force the scum out of your butt. I only use it infrequently, but it’s a great way to ensure you’re on the right track. Lots of reading and learning is advised before hand so you understand the difference.

I have only read a few posts from this thread, and don’t even know if the post creator run down has been to the doctor and already responded with an answer.

As always take all advice from people that don’t have a medical background with a grain of salt. I can tell you if the blood is bright red, after a bowel movement when you wipe, then it is definitely just hemmoroides and no big deal, as far as they go.

If your stools are black, from blood then it is definitely internal bleeding or if you take any kind of liquid pepto bismol or the like for diarrhea it will make your stools black.

Judging from your comments about being a hypocondriac, I would almost hasten to say you are PARANOID, and perfectly healthy.

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Here is another suggestion for you, continue eating the fiber, you will learn to like trees honest :) , but ask the doc to check out the gallbladder as well. That caused me no end of trouble………………….

Stress and panicking will cause bleeding, so repeat after me, Its ok, its ok, its ok.

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