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Anal Hot Spots?

Anal Hot Spots?

Based on input from RWG in the anal thread, I’m wondering if their are anal hot spots similar to the cds or epicenter that are being massaged to produce the intense orgasms reported, or is pressure being placed on vaginal hotspots through the anal wall?

Of course, if gay men are able to orgasm from anal penetration alone without any manual simultaneous manual stimulation to the penis, this would seem to point to the existance of anal hot spots, assuming male and female anal anatomy are identical.

What do yo think?


For men, there are two hot spots: the anal sphincter which is a highly errogenous zone, whether or not men care to take advantage of that themselves, and the prostate. Of the two, prostatic stimulation is by far the more intense.

Something to try if your wife is willing and does not have sharp fingernails: While you are having intercourse with her and are moving up toward orgasm, ask her to insert a finger into your anus and gently massage your prostate. I guarrantee you (well, everybody’s different) that your resulting orgasm and ejaculation will be more intense than usual.

Since women don’t have prostates as hot spots, they never receive the stimulation in anal sex that men can. Maybe the women here can comment, but I suspect that anal sex for them just isn’t the sensual kick that men can get.



Avocet, I suspect they having something there that provides great pleasure, given RWGs story and another I’ve heard that stated an anal orgasm was tremendous… But perhaps it’s just stimulation of vaginal deep spots through the anal wall? I would suspect it would have to be the epicenter cds, as the epicenter and g-spot are on the top of the vagina, away from the rectum/vaginal divide, no?

I seem to remember some sex expert claiming that orgasms from anal sex were from stimulation of the cds (posterior fornix) or manual stimulation of the clit during anal intercourse.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

That makes sense.

There would be some penile stimulation to the vagina, but it would be indirect rather than head-on, so to speak.

And very easy in the anal positions to give manual vagnal stimulation.



What about the reports of seizure type squirting orgasms from anal sex with no manual vaginal stimulation? Think it’s from CDS stimulation? That would make sense, as I suspect the nerve bundles that make up the cds lie close to the rectum wall as well in that area

I never did it with a “squirter.” I’m still amazed to hear you guys talking about having this happen during sex with your women.

Though my wife was a “screamer” during vaginal sex, she allowed as to how anal sex was just tolerably ok.

Men, though, a different story - but not that kind of squirting.



Looking at this anatomical drawing, it would appear the cds would be easily accessible from the rectum. Hell, it looks like it would be a straight shot to hit it. Guess it goes back again to having to have enough length to get to the right spot……s/pelvis25.html

FWIW, I’ve given my lady an orgasm from anal sex alone with no vaginal/clitoral stimulation at all. She has a hard time having orgasms normally and this one was pretty intense.

BTW I’m 7” BP (6.5” NBP) x 4.75”

My opinion based on this experience is that there has to be something in there that is being stimulated.



There is no replacement for displacement

Keep talking about this guys! I’m listening and taking notes…. :)

bunbuster, is there something about you or your wife’s physical dimensions that would allow you deeper penetration in the anus than vaginally? Looking at the diagram I linked above, it seems the distance to the cds is the same vaginally and anally, but perhaps you are able to tap deeper for some reason anally? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when I was around your girth, I couldn’t put any real pressure on my wife’s g-spot with just normal thrusting, and until I had enough length to reach her cds, her orgasms were few and far between…

Curious what your thoughts are on this. It could account for your experience to date…

Thought I should add, I will not be able to test this out. My wife is dead set against anal… :(


I can hit bottom with her vaginally, but I don’t notice a bottom, so to speak, anally.

My thought is that I am too thin to do any real damage vaginally. I’m probably not putting much pressure on her g-spot.. But anally things are very tight. The feelings for her seem to be a lot more intense (usually painful).

That being said, she does have orgasms both vaginally and anally, although both are difficult for her (she comes close many times per session, though).

>> Thought I should add, I will not be able to test this out. My wife is dead set against anal… <<

Have you tried warming her up down there (ass) with your tongue? Just make sure she takes a shower first :) Also giving her a couple orgasms first will definitely help (they seem to be much more agreeable about anal if they’re horny as all hell). Also, if you manage to get to this point, definitely warm her up with a small (thin) dildo or your finger before attempting to put anything bigger in there and use a ridiculous amount of lube. Once she gets used to the small dildo she may be able to move up to something larger (like your cock).

My g/f was dead set against it as well until one day she out of the blue said she wanted to try it. Go figure.


There is no replacement for displacement

Well I don’t know what that thing called but I consider my anal hot spot when I get an orgasm similar to what I saw on the best anal pay porn sites http ://

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