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Amount of time of penetration


Amount of time of penetration

How many combined minutes to do you of penetration before you come? Do you break it up with oral or do you just go all penetration till you come? Ladies, how many minutes do you usually like before it is too much

Originally Posted by holl2007
How many combined minutes to do you of penetration before you come? Do you break it up with oral or do you just go all penetration till you come? Ladies, how many minutes do you usually like before it is too much

For some guys, it may take only a matter of seconds before they come. Others (and even for the guy who lasted a couple of seconds) may take an hour or so. It depends on alot of things.

For the average though, I would guess at maybe 10 minutes.

I usually like to do the oral before actual penetration.

Likewise, women vary. Some women may only be able to handle a couple of seconds or minutes before it is too much. Others - no matter how long you are banging her, she may never feel like it too much.

Sorry for the vague answer, but people are so different and even the sam person may experience different results.

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About 10-15 broken up….

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I like to mix everything up so the whole sex thing lasts long, but if it’s just fast pounding penetration I would have to say a few minutes only. Probably the norm??

I usually hold off until my wife is ready. Is she is really hot and cums within minutes, then so do I. If we are taking our time, enjoying the moment, it could be 1/2 or more. Now, if I get her off orally before hand, I finish whenever I when I am ready, 5-10 minutes maybe.

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Only since PE I can last almost as long or short as I want. Prior to PE maybe 10-20 minutes

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A medical student friend of mine once read that the average for men is 4 minutes!

If there are any women reading this thread, I too would like to know what your ideal coitus time is? 10 minutes, an hour, two hours, all night? Sting once commented that by practicing Tantric sex techniques, he could have sex for four or five hours! How’s that sound?

I do about between 20-30 minutes broken up because after a while the humping to me becomes boring. If I dont come within the first five minutes, it will usuallly take me about 30 minutes to come.

Normal for me is about 7 minutes. It is usually enough time for my wife to come, and if she hasn’t, it seems like she never will no matter what I do. I have been learning some techniques to control myself, but my wife is usually telling me to hurry up and come if I go more than 10 minutes or so.

She doesn’t like to break it up with oral or anything once we start fucking.

It is true with me also that the more aroused she is, the more excited I get. She also knows the things that really turn me on and can make me come really fast if she wants me to (talking dirty, sucking on my finger, showing me her clit etc.)

There is another woman who I would love to fuck, and I bet if I ever got the chance, I would last about 30 seconds. (The first time).

Control with a new woman is very difficult for me. It is just too exciting. Do you guys have any luck with control in a new situation?

15-60(depending on how much edging i’m allowed, sometimes they get impatient), 2nd time 45-2hrs, 3rd time never

what is edging?

I did it but never had a name for it until i read someone else talking about it on this forum. It’s when you get close to orgasm but slow done so you don’t cum, if you do this enough you start to go numb but can retain an erection and thus last longer and be able to give your partner more orgasms.

Now that i read about it in another thread it might be something different than what I said above. Do a search on it i guess.

I think the fastest I’ve come has been in about 10 minutes, but I typically can bang as long as I want.

I’d say an average session of sex lasts 30 - 40 minutes (not counting foreplay). I may not have the biggest dick, but my stamina has impressed many a lady. :D

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

With my fat and mustached ex girlfriend, I could last hours and have 1 orgasm for every 6 of hers. Pick your poison.

That is too damn funny!! I had one of these as well! But she was tight and very wet so I didn’t have a hard time. Unless she didn’t pluck that night.%-\

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It really depends on how horney I am. If I am in one of those moods where I have just got to get me a piece or I will explode I will last about 5 mins, but on the norm its about 10 to 15 mins. I can easily just blow past the first orgasm and keep on going for a second but after about 30 mins or so I will start getting bored. It usually takes me about an hour to get a second nut and by then I am tired as hell and bored.

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