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Amount of time of penetration


I think a guy gets desensitized trying to last too long and then eventually may have a hard time coming at all. You can do a lot of good fucking in 10 minutes without making your lady sore.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
With my fat and mustached ex girlfriend, I could last hours and have 1 orgasm for every 6 of hers. Pick your poison.

Bastard! I said I would shave it off.

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Take a beer before you have sex, and you won’t have the same sensation to cum, as normal. Otherwise go natural, 15 20 minutes, average. It depends on the tight of the girl, and if she is shaved. Two variables.

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Guess I’m lucky - I can orgasm in 5 minutes if necessary or desired.

And then I can last for 1 or 2 hours depending on the desires of the lady - and then ejaculate. Of course, I’ve been training myself for over 70 years - so I ought to get it right most of the time. Really love

to fuck as does my wife (81). On average from penetration to ejaculation is about 40 minutes………..


I’ve always been able to last as long or as short as I want also. Personally, once I get in there I like to check the place out awhile.

It would however be interesting to hear the female members take on this. Not one has commented yet.
The old “minute man” comments have been as damming to some as the small dick comments have been.
How many (negative) comments have we heard from woman about the length of time a guy didn’t last? I’ve heard quite a few vengful remarks about this from woman over the years when describing some poor guy they wish they hadn’t let screw them in the first place. Usually takes the form of; He had such a little dick, and then he couldn’t even last more than 3 minutes… blah blah blah…
The truth is usally closer to; he knocked their brains out, but then refused to give them the time of day afterwards.

Well ladies, Tell us. How do YOU like it done? Just how long do you like a guy to put it in, keep it hard, and pump away?
Do you like one long session with a single happy ending, or several multiples from your guys? and how about the refractory period between hard ons? What I’m talking about here is AFTER foreplay and once it’s in. I keep telling my wife that with all the comments I’ve heard over the years (some from her lady friends), that there’s got to be an awful lot of women out there that would die for what she’s got: an “above average” cock that last as long as it / she wants, and always willing to please on short notice. She just tells me that she’s told her girlfriends if she’s going to a party, she’s not leaving until she comes and 3 minutes ain’t long enough for that to happen. Of course in long term relationships other factors enter in to play also, ie: are the kids taken care of, are the bills being paid, is one partner being a lazy slob on the domestic issues, etc. For the sake of this thread lets leave that part out for now. We’re just talking length of time for the act itself, and any other relative comments.

I really think this was the original intent of this thread anyways. We’ve certainly taken the small dick comments to task around here, how about some good forum on those minute man comments also.

>>>I think a guy gets desensitized trying to last too long and then eventually may have a hard time coming at all. <<<

Yup — the longer I’ve been going, the more extreme the stimulation that is ultimately required for orgasm. But then the orgasm is more intense too :)

Like some other guys above, I can generally last as short or as long as the situation calls for. Most women seem to prefer at least 30 minutes of good fucking — some much more.

On average it usually takes me an hour. It can kind of suck sometimes.

2 minutes to 2 hours. For me, there’s no average time. It’s more about the situation, the feeling and the expectations. There have been times when I wished it could have lasted longer and there have been times when I wish I could hurry up and finish. I think I read that average is about 5-7 minutes, but I could be wrong.

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I’m one of those that can last as long as I want. The real trick to making it awesome, no matter how long you go…I mean soooooo damn good you don’t want to stop!

The trick is…finding a speed for you that keeps your sensation at its best, without going over the edge. Very much like edging using her pussy or mouth!

It gets tricky when she is using her mouth on you, she could put you right over the edge. Fortunately, I have a woman that doesn’t mind me grabbing her head and fucking her mouth. Actually,it makes her cum. The good part is I can control whats happening when I’m getting too close and she won’t slow down when I ask her to. Many times if I ask her to go slower, she’ll speed up, trying to make me cum. Many times, just the fact that she knows I’m getting close to cumming in her mouth, will make her cum! Great gal, huh guys!

When I’m inside her, if I find I’m too close to cumming and have to slow down, but going slower will drop her arousal level down, I just go in real deep and rock slightly at deepest depth. I’m not stroking in and out, just rocking. This really get her going without putting too much friction on the head of my cock, allowing me to stay right at the edge of orgasm, without going over.

God, that is just the best place to be! The longer the better! Plus, she doesn’t get tired of it, usually it feels just as good to her. It finally comes to an end when she is begging for me to cum, telling me how much she loves it! Being the gentleman that I am, I only make a lady beg for about 30-60 minutes before I oblige!

Some days, she will let me go quite a bit longer before insisting that I give it too her. :)

If you are bored during prolonged sex, you have been just “fucking” her and lost touch with how it feels to you. Practice “edging” inside of her body…it will not only be awsome the whole time for you…it actually will be much better for her.

I can almost guarantee that if you are losing some feeling, she is too! If you keep it at a pace that doesn’t reduce sensation for you, it will usually keep her sensation high also.



Excellent advice. I’ll try to save the thrusting till near the end next time. I bet you’re right — that should keep things from getting desensititzed. Thanks for sharing!

Position is also a factor. I seem to be able to fuck as long as I want with her on top, but doggie style I’m cumming in a few minutes. In a tight pussy the pubic bone milks the underside of my cock just right and drives me nuts. As has been said, getting a thicker dick can be more arousing too as you feel more contact and friction inside. Also, smoking pot makes me about 100 percent more sensitized.

So kids, if you want to last longer, don’t do drugs, and stay in school.


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