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Amazing deep penetration test with wifey

Amazing deep penetration test with wifey

Yesterday, my wife and I had fun with a dildo. While licking her, I inserted a pretty large dildo into her vagina. She could not see what I was doing there.
The dildo is soft and about 20 cm (8 inches) long, but can be compressed to about 18 cm (about 7 inches) in length. However, since it is filled with air, lateral compression increases its width. It is slightly cone-shaped with a circumference of 17.5 cm (6 3/4”) at the base.

I started out slowly, only inserting a few centimeters into her and slowly pushing further and further while she reached orgasm. During the initial phase, she said “I love it when you move it in my entrance only”, which is what I did. When she reached orgasm, I had inserted about 17-18 cm (7 inches) into her, and I think I could have gone further, but I did not want to hurt her.

My wife is a pretty large and stongly-built women, and I was amazed to see what appeared as a huge thing to me disappear in her almost completely. I must say I felt a little insufficient. At the deepest penetration, she took about 17 cm x 16.5 cm. Compared to my modest 6 x 5 3/4 inch dick, I felt inferior.

However, the most surprising thing was that afterwards she said that it was great that I did not put that thing into her completely, but only played around at her entrance. I asked if she hadn’t noticed that I put it into her almost completely, and she said NO!?!

I was puzzled and said “well, that once again proves that length doesn’t matter”, and she agreed.

I mean, WTF?!?

I inserted a dildo bigger that most dicks into her and she does not even NOTICE?!? I am not sure if this is good news or bad news. On the one hand, it means that length does not add to the pleasure for her, while girth does. (This is good because I have a short dick.) On the other hand, I mean, what does it take for her to notice that she is getting fucked by a huge one? a telephone pole?

On a side note, she made some deep and grunting moans while I fucked her with that big thing which I rarely, if ever, have heard from her. I think this is the “oh man you are so fucking huge” moan that many guys here, including myself, are out for.

Any thoughts?

First off, I would like to thank you for posting information about your size experiment with her. I think that more guys should experiment with various sized objects with their mates to test their size limits and discomfort thresh holds. We should get this thread rolling and share the basic information about our experiments. Just as a suggestion, we could post their height, age (range), whether or not they’ve given birth vaginally, maybe their general responses to the penetration, and most importantly the sizes of the objects. My girl will allow me to give it a shot. I’ll be posting the information in the next couple of days. We will just have to find the time to do it.

As for your findings, the length of the dildo may have played a role, even though most of her pleasure was received at her opening. We have to remeber that the legnth (time/duration) of the stroke is important even if she does not find anything special about deeper pressure. Also, I would suggest that you venture a little deeper with her next time. If she stated that “you still didn’t put it completely into her”, her maximum aroused vaginal depth is aparently a little beyond 7”. Maybe you should use just as much caution and try to go into her cul de sac (follow the back wall of her vagina up behind her cervix into the posterior fornix). If you gradually put a little more pressure you will not hurt her. She’ll just tell you that’s enough. In my experience, it took a bit of pressure and would have probably compressed a soft dildo.

From another perspective, which is still quite likely, you probably did slip behind the cervix with the dildo and began stilmulating her cul de sac a bit. You probably just didn’t reach her limit though by an inch or two. She just comfirmed with you that lenght didn’t matter. You may have just been within .5” of her limit. You’ll never know till you test it again. Also, it may change at different times of the month, and as most of you know it will be deepest at a woman’s peak of arousal.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


I moved this here as it is a more appropriate placement, IMO.

Hopefully you’ll get good responses here.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

1) You are thicker than most men so get over feeling deficient.

2) Dildoes are not the best gauge for figuring out what pleasures a woman. They are room temperature. They offer no upper body stimulation as happens when you two are smooshed together during intercourse. The rhythm of your manual strokes are not those you’d use if you were inside her yourself.

3) The dildo was a new thing for her. Expect new responses to it. So she groaned? So what?

4) Maybe ask her sometime if she prefers the dildo to you inside her. My bet is she’ll say absolutely not and mean it.



Yeah, avocet is right about the differences of receiving pleasure from a dildo vs. you. Don’t worry about it. It can be warmed up in warm water first though. It is still a good way of measuring the vagina even though we shouldn’t necesarily rely on the pleasure ratings. I’m still going to do it. I just need a few days, we are just a bit busy right now.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


@ Kojack

I am excited to hear about the results of your “research”. I think you are very right. To complete the picture: my wife is 33 years old, 175 cm tall (I think that is 5’8”), 70 kg, no kids.
I did not want to penetrate her even further because I don’t want her to think (/realize) that I am a little pervert being into deep penetration. *sigh*Maybe you are right that I missed only the half inch that made the difference. Problem is, it is hard to get her in the mood for dildos. We have been owning two large ones for years now, but we used them maybe 5 times.

@ avocet

Thanks you for your kind words. You cheered me up! You are right, I should not underestimate the value of a kind, caring body attached to that thing in her. But getting scientific, the thing in her is the one that counts. But it is strange that I attribute to her what I would not accept about myself — valuing a plastic imitation over the real thing. I mean, if my wife used a rubber vagina to satisfy me, and afterwards would complain in a forum that she is not sufficient for me, I would feel misrepresented.

Hey VRMan, maybe your wife wouldn’t mind finding out that you’re a perv.

It might turn her on to think you see her as a sex object (also). A man’s libido flatters a woman’s femininity.

There’s good reasoning behind fishy’s comment. Think about it. It may just open a little fun door. You can always still have the most important thing “intamacy”.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I’m kinda in a serious time in my relationship right now, so I’ve got to lay low on the kinkyness/play if you know what I mean. I’n fact I just need to be held by her more than anything right now. I can’t even PE right now. My cock is sick also…..

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Never underestimate the size or adaptability of the vagina - any vagina, regardless of age or height or any other factor. They will always take more than you are packing.

@fishyfish, Kojack: I am thinking about making my “coming out” as a little perv. The more I think about it, the more I think you both are right. I mean, I would be flattered if my wife discovered some fetish which she can satisfy with me. Unless it does not take over the relationship completely.

Strange. Never thought about that before.

Kojack, good luck with your wife and also your penile health! Will be interested to hear any results you have made in your tests once they are possible again!

I’ll do it soon. I may order a large toy, or stop by the grocery store. Remember to use lube, and warm both the lube and the toy by soaking them in a sink ful of warm/hot water. Warm lube makes a woman feel wetter instead of just having a cold additive put on them.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

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