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Am I just stressed and tired, or should I worry?

Am I just stressed and tired, or should I worry?

I’m coming from a strange period of time started by the half of last summer; I do a seasonal job that starts in may to end at about half october, during this time my working days are long even if not too much physically stressing and since then I don’t have the erections I was used to have before. I mean, the strange thing is that if I watch at a porn at home I can have it and last long enough but when I’m with a girl it seems I lack excitement, I mean, I can’t get it or I can’t have it last enough.

I was with a new girl and the situation was extremely nice, we both wanted to have sex but I was trying to shift the moment because I wasn’t ready, erection was hard to get and even harder to maintain while, usually, I can get it quick and maintain it for long time.

The fact is that it happened more than once and now, after 5 months, it’s pretty the same.

So, I hope that it’s because I’m not sleeping much and enough, I hope it’s because of my low blood pressure, because I’m emotionally stressed but I’m starting to think at this very often and it’s becoming a problem so, what should I do? I was thinking about trying with medicine like cialis but I’ve never had problems like those and I’m just in my 30s, what do I do? I can’t sleep more than I’m doing and, most of all, better than I’m doing, so, where do I start from? I better try to sleep to see what happens or I jump straight on medicine? My worry is that if I don’t get back to my usual sex habits soon I go worst and I loose that little bit of self confidence I have left, I would like to know if it is still working or not.

You know, as I’m pretty attractive I feel very uncomfortable with this problem and this avoids me to have a normal social life, I know that I don’t have to show my penis when I’m with people and that they don’t care but I’m feeling uncomfortable because people think of me as a sort of playboy while, in reality, I’m not but what it’s happening is really becoming a nightmare for me.

I know that this thread will be posted in another forum but at this moment I can’t post in the appropriate one as I have, probably, not enough posts on my shoulders.

Thank you even for reading it, I need to talk about this to someone but, as you can easily imagine, this isn’t easy.



It sounds like you may be watching to much porn. In your mind, the girls that you are trying to have sex with aren’t as exciting as the girls in the porn. That’s my opinion. Try cutting out the porn for a while and see what happens. Good Luck

I did it, I cut down for the past weeks and nothing changed :-(

This girl I was with a few weeks ago isn’t, of course, a porn star but in bed was pretty good, much better than my usual partner so, I think, it wasn’t because she didn’t meet my “requirements”.

Thanks for reply

Originally Posted by DonGiovanni

I did it, I cut down for the past weeks and nothing changed :-(

This girl I was with a few weeks ago isn’t, of course, a porn star but in bed was pretty good, much better than my usual partner so, I think, it wasn’t because she didn’t meet my “requirements”.

Thanks for reply

You could also be thinking about it to much. You may be applying to much pressure on yourself to perform. We all go thru that from time to time. I’m 51 years old. I have gone thru that a couple of times in my life. You could go to the Dr. and explain your symptoms. He may have some advice for you. I am positive that you will be OK in time. When I was having my little problems, I would tell myself don’t worry about anything, if sex happens great, if it doesn’t, that’s OK too. Just try to take the pressure off of yourself. It will work out.

I’m with a new girl at the moment - we’ve been together a few months now. When we first got together I used to worry about this as well - a year or so ago I always used to be rock hard as soon as the girls had my boxers off, now it takes me a while. The biggest breakthrough for me was trusting that this wasn’t a problem and I was still going to be able to look after her! Now I just give it time, the erection arrives and we have great sex.

I also know what you mean about looking at porn. For me the fact that you’re not having problems with porn but are with girls suggests you care too much with the girls, and that’s because you’re worrying. So my advice is that you shouldn’t be worrying! If you’re tired, just take your time and your dick knows what to do.

Thanks guys, you’re of great support.

However this morning, as in the past weeks I had no morning wood but when it was time to have sex with my gf it all worked perfect, let’s see how it goes in coming days.


Good to hear it worked perfectly with your girl.

Low blood pressure can be a problem, depending on its cause. If you are fit and healthy low blood pressure probably isn’t a problem.

Lack of sleep and stress don’t help; that may be the cause of no morning wood. But the most common problem is just worrying that it might not work. It worked fine with your girl this time, so see how it goes in the coming days; I’m sure it will work just great.

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I have to solve other problems that are the cause of my sexual fears because we are talking about fear not about problems. once I find peace in myself I’ll feel more confident and everything will go better.

I feel not comfortable in telling about my personal issues but when i saw my girlfriend to suck me I thought “well, finally it isn’t that small if she can’t fit it all…”

Once I find peace I’ll start to sleep again, to eat again, to exercise again and I’ll again get morning woods and feel confident with other people and other girls.

Thank you all



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