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Always go limp with new girl

Always go limp with new girl

Ever since I was like 15, I lose erection when ready to penetrate a girl for the first time. If I liked the girl, and she liked me. And we actually made it to bed a second or third time, eventually I would maintain the erection and have normal sex. And there would never again be a problem with that partner.

Now that I am divorced I am finding I still have the same problem. Luckily I am charming enough to almost always warrant a second or third chance, (or perhaps the women I choose are just so damn desperate). Anyway anyone else have this problem and if so did you ever overcome it, so you never had to worry about maintaining the erection that first night together? Could Cialis be the answer? It must be just nerves because once we consummate the relationship, things go on just fine and dandy.



I’m pretty sure the technical term for this is “Performance Anxiety”. I’ve dealt with this since I was about 15 as well. Same exact situation. Cialis actually worked well for me. I’d use that the first time and then after that things went just fine.


Performance anxiety without a doubt.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

This has happened to me since my first time with a girl, unless I’m drunk that is. Now I realize I just have to take some time to feel comfortable with them before going for it. Also when I do this I’ve noticed the chicks seem to want me more. I don’t even think of it as a problem anymore. That’s just who I am. If I were you I wouldn’t resort to any drug use, but I’m not you.

It is Performance Anxiety without a doubt. I recently started having the same problem. I found that it’s best if you are really comfortable with the girl. Once you are comfortable with her you should become more aroused and stop thinking about yourself and concentrate on pleasing her. Also, try having the girl give you head. It always works for me and it gets rid of any anxiety I may have

It will help you a lot with a new partner to say up front something like: “Look. I have this little problem when I’m with a new person. I get really nervous and that throws things off?”

Women love to be of help to a love interest or just a sexual one and will bend over backward (usually) to put you at ease.

One trick you could try: If you are having a first sleepover, suggest you just talk with each other, learning more about each other over a relaxed evening, that you go to bed and just snuggle. Morning sex is always easier. You are rested. Your testosterone level is the highest it will be for the next 24 hrs. And, odds are that, without pressure, just snuggling and playing around when you do go to bed, you will forget yourself and get a fine erection.



“Men who were in love had lower levels of the male sex hormone testosterone - linked to aggression and sex drive - than the other men.”

That comes from some recent research:

I had some issues too with my current girl. I simply care so much about her, that I’m less of an animal in general. But I find that slow, affectionate sex works well too. When we first started having sex it was more difficult, but now (months later) I can be more of an animal with her. Read that article, and explain how the way you feel could affect your performance, and that it is natural. My girl was flattered by it.

Another related issue is that because you care so much, you are more stressed out about your performance. Combine that with lower testosterone levels and it’s easy to see that you’d have a problem. The cuddle / morning sex thing is a great idea. But talking about it frankly might be critical for her understanding. She might be thinking it’s her fault. It could relieve you both to know that it’s hormones, and maybe love.

“Performance Anxiety” that nail was hit right on the head. Thunder’s should help with that. Get a bigger dick. It will go away.

This happens to me ALL of the time. WIth the last girl I was with it happened and we’re no longer together. I’m certain this was why. She was drop dead gorgeous. I got her panties off, got on top of her and I couldn’t get a hard on to save my life. I went to manually stimulate myself and she said, “quit touching yourself…it’s not gonna happen”, so I ended up not ever having sex with her. I blew my chance with her. I didn’t know that we were going to be doing something that night, so I didn’t bother to take a viagra or anything like that. Had I taken a viagra beforehand, it would have been no problem. I was with an older woman this summer and I knew it was going to be “just sex”, so before she came over I took a viagra and by the time we started messing around I was hard as a brick and I was able to cum and cum again. The next few times I was with her(on separate occassions) I didn’t even need the v. I was comfortable enough to perform on my own.

I honestly think that v is absolutely WONDERFUL for an “insurance” on first time sex with a new partner. Doctors should definitely be lenient on prescribing v to regular Joe’s who may be a little nervous the first time in the sack with a new partner. It worked wonders for me when I’ve had the opportunity to actually ingest one beforehand.

I was back over at the same girl’s house last weekend. Armed with my supply of Liquid C from Kitsnmore, confident and ready to go. Went into the bathroom to take it. And guess what? The rubber stopper had come off and it had spilled out into my coat pocket. Aargh. I felt like Charlie Brown.

I filled the vial up with water and drank it, and did the same thing with the rubber syringe thingy. Was able to live up to my end of the bargain, with just this little bit. I also have been taking other supplements that seem to help out, giving a general sense of horniness.

The liquid C spilled all over my ski cap in my coat pocket, now when I put it on, I get a swelled head and am six inches taller.

Next time you might try taking it beforehand instead of taking it with you. It works a lot better if you’ve taken it a few hours beforehand, and the effect lasts for 2-3 days for me.

Glad to hear it worked for ya!

Don’t worry about it, i get that to, i found if i used some viagra the first time, and then from then on your always ok.


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