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Ahhh, hook up gone bad


Originally Posted by troubadoue

Thecrow19, no need to worry about it any more. She went on CNN today with this story. But she said you were only 5-5.5 BPEL and you are claiming that you were 5-5.5 NBPEL. Someone is not telling the truth here.

That’s funny, lol.

10/10/08 Bpel 6.50 Eg 4.9 base 5.0 few weeks off due to injury :( 12/10/08 Bpel 6.875 Eg 5.0

03/10/09 Bpel 7.25 Eg 5.0625 base 5.25 Donations Keep The Community Going, Click Me

05/10/09 Bpel 7.50 Eg 5.1 base 5.5 11/10/09 Bpel 7.6875 EG 5.125. Goal is as much as I can

Shit happens man. I always thought you have 2 options: Either to get absolutely black-out smashed, or get drunk and hook up. Because when you get “smashed” you might get whiskey dick. So when you think you have a chance for a hookup just chill out for a bit, I guess.


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