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Adult circumcision

Adult circumcision

Just curious if anyone has experience with this and what their thoughts are/were? Do you recommend it? How long until you healed completely with no signs of bruising etc? And anything else you care to add. Thanks!


Give it more than a few hours. There are people around here who have gone through this but it’s a fairly edge case.

There are already many threads on this subject, which you would have found with a search. Some are even linked in the similar threads box below.

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I was circumcised when I was 15 because my foreskin was too tight to let my penis out. Other than nerves of a teenager, it really wasn’t that bad. When I woke up there was a white bandage around my glands and after a week or two the stitches fell out in the shower and I was good to go. Hope that helps.

Yes, did it at 19 and my thoughts are in the threads linked below in similar threads. If you are considering doing something so relatively drastic, you should take the time to read all the threads. But the short version is, in my case, I would not want my foreskin back, although I was happy with it when I had it.

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I’ve done an adult circumcision when I was around 26 (6 years ago). The reason for my circumcision was purely esthetic (I had watched too much porn).
I did the circumcision myself, not something I would recommend, I had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night since it kept bleeding and I didn’t stitch it myself.
It healed up pretty good within a few weeks and apart from having a bit of a turkey neck from cutting too low, I’m very pleased with the result.

PS. Explaining to the doctors why I had cut my own foreskin was not so fun, they must have thought I was nuts, which I was. DS.

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I’ve done The circuncision this year im 28, The reason was beacause problems with The foreskin. Y recover to Make exorcice in 3 week, 5 weeks to have sex and 12 weeks to return to pe exercices.

My experiencien i did’t have Sony paĆ­n never, and i recommend you a los!

Originally Posted by goldenbear
Just curious if anyone has experience with this and what their thoughts are/were? Do you recommend it? How long until you healed completely with no signs of bruising etc? And anything else you care to add. Thanks!

I had a vasectomy and didn’t feel 100% sexually for 6 months. That was 16 years ago. I feel great now. I was always happy with my choice but I was quite nervous for those first 6 months.

But circumcision amputates much of the penile surface and most of it bears highly specialized pleasure-receptive nerve endings found nowhere else on the body in such density.

The foreskin allows the whole skin tube to slink and glide frictionlessly over the erect shaft. Without it sex is altered dramatically for the owner and his partners. The foreskin also provides protection for the suppleness and sensitivity of the glans and the mucosal “skin” between the corona and the outer-facing skin. Without it these parts will get dried and dull and less responsive.

Why exactly would you get circumcised? Have you investigated non-destructive options? For example if your foreskin opening is tight then a few months of gentle finger stretches is nearly certain to resolve that. If your frenulum is tight you can stretch it or snip it without amputating anything. If you think you’d prefer to not have the skin over the glans 24/7 then you can try living “skinned back” with the aid of simple and comfortable devices or you could have a non-amputating “bi-lateral dorsal slit with transverse closure” to let the skin live off the glans.

Hundreds of thousands of circumcised men are enduring a tedious multi-year process of non-surgical foreskin restoration to undo just some of circumcision’s damaging effects on sex. I’d say amputation is not to be entered into lightly. Most of the world (over 95% of the non-Muslim world) is intact. Half of US infants are now being left intact. Skin is in.

Apart from all that, EVERY surgery carries risks of unwanted outcome and complications during healing. Make sure your surgeon knows exactly what your goal is and that he or she signs something describing the type and degree of cutting. MANY cut-as-adult guys wake up from surgery horrified to find WAY too much skin was removed.

Good Luck,

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