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Adderall Hinder Gains

Adderall Hinder Gains

Hey all - Newbie here in my first week. Excited, optimistic, and being patient.

Have read a couple of threads on this but haven’t seen a lot of direct talk on this.

I am currently prescribed and taking adderall on a daily basis.

What I am wondering is if this will literally hinder any gains, or if it will just cause turtling when I’m on it (which will be ok — I guess). I don’t want to take it if it is going to make my PE’ing futile.

I guess this applies to any stimulant that effects the cardiovascular system and draws blood away from extremities - including coffee.

So, basically, is it important to keep from turtling all day because of the fact that it will hinder gains?

You need to give a bit more information why you are taking adderall, and what generala effect it has on you.

As I understand you, you say you don’t want to take it if it will affect your PE gains.

We can’t give you any help if you are going to balance taking a medicine against getting a lerger dick If it is for medical reasons then the advice is forget your dick and concentrate on the mediucine.

Certainly no advice can be given iuntil you give more information of why you have to take the drug. And what gernera effect it has on you.

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Are you taking it for attention deficit or narcolepsy?

If you can have normal erections while on it, it shouldn’t interfere.

You know, there aren’t many studies out there on the effects of Adderall on PE. :)



I’ve noticed weird effects from Adderall. It does shrink you up a bit, but I recall having a pleasurable experience on it with no weakened erection. I’d just massage the penis often to keep it hanging nice, and do your regular PE sessions. Adderall isn’t going to make PE futile whatsoever. It simply doesn’t have the power to do that! Maybe wearing an ADS will be a good way to combat the turtling effects?


I am taking adderall for ADHD. I only take it in the mornings before work, and it doesn’t effect my PE or erections at all because the effects wear off long before.

My question is, does anyone think that having shrinkage all day from anything (not just adderall) is a hindrance to gains (so long as it’s from a stimulant that wears off before PE or PE is done before taking)? Or do people just dislike shrinkage because of the psychological effects of feeling like your penis is smaller than it normally is. I see “Never Turtle” a lot around here. This is what I’m confused about.

I am currently taking 20 mg Adderall extended release and I can say that it does mess up my EQ a bit.

I can get it hard to about 8/10 the first go at sex but I’m unable to go a second round.

I’m going to try taking some L-Arginine to counteract this or maybe some good old fashioned PE.

I don’t think it should affect PE too much.

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