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For a while, so many people here were interested in trying it to cure premature ejaculation, yet I don’t see a report from anyone. Did you all give up, or did you try and fail? I have seen a famous acupuncturist in Belgrade, Serbia, less then a week ago. We will start the treatment in about a month (I don’t have time to stay in Belgrade now, that’s the reason for the delay).

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is something he told me - that there is no specific treatment in acupuncture for curing premature ejaculation, but that sexual performance is a part of the overall balance in the human body, so that we will do the treatment meant for balancing the whole body, and that should solve this sexual problem as well. I told him about what I read here, how a guy was specifically told by the acupuncturist that the treatment they’re doing is targeting sexual performance and the urge to ejaculate, yet my acupuncturist insisted that such statements are really just a marketing trick, and that he is telling me the truth and explaining things as they are. He insisted that there are no specific acupuncture points which target sexual organs exclusively. Does anyone have any comments?

Interesting. :)


He sounds like the real deal. Let us know how it goes. :up:



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