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Actual Magnum & XL sizing



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It all depends on your shape. It’s not just about one magic girth number. I’ve mentioned this before, but since I have a thick base I have to wear Magnums. My mid-shaft girth is average. If I wear a normal condom, it can’t roll all the way down the base and so it is MORE likely to slip off than a Magnum. Might seem weird, but each person is different and you should just try them on.

Start: 6.6bp x 4.875eg, 2006: 7.2bp x 5.00eg (5.5 base), 2009: 7.6bp x 5.25eg (6.0 base)

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I have been doing some clamping for a couple months. I bought magnums before because the other ones were so small the affected my erections. Now the magnums are small and doing the same thing and reading this, if XLs are 6” they will be almost too small.I have a slight curve up and to the left but that doesn’t seem to affect the way the go on or them being too small.

you guys talk about these magnum xl’s, but i go limp in these things and i’m 6”G. I dont know if it’s the thickness of the condom that’s killing, me or the condom is still too tight


MagnumXL’s fit snugly on 5.5” girth, but you should be ok at 6” girth. I suspect that most condom related erection problems are as much psychological as anything the condom is actually doing.


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