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About Anti-Histamine

About Anti-Histamine

Dude, is it true that this thing shrinks your dick? I am currently on CLARITON - Decongestion allergy medication. IT’s obviously Anti-Histamine. What should I do? Help.

Maybe niacin flushes in between the time you take your medication.

I think you could delve into this a lot more if you searched on google.

I don’t think it shrinks your dick. It may just keep you from getting as hard as possible.

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I used to think I had a problem with antihistamine causing erection problems during allergy season, but now I think it was all in my head because I heard a similar report to what is causing your concern. I don’t think it effects me at all now. So just think positive and you will be OK. :)

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Anti histamines clean out your androgen receptors and helps you use testosterone more efficiently, at least that’s what many bodybuilders use it for. Erections are associated with testosterone so maybe there’s some kind of connection.

No it does not shrink your dick, but you will have trouble getting erections.


Antihistamines constrict blood flow and therefore you will have a problem getting it up. It is not permanent, and clariton does not have that side effect, I take clariton. Stay away from sudafed and other over the counter antihistamines

Doesn’t work that way, it’s all in your head.

In principle, an anti-histamine effect should lower your ability to quickly climax to a degree. It also will lower your libido. However, it depends where you are on the histamine spectrum. If you are in average range it should lower it perhaps to a noticeable degree, if you are low to begin with it should pin you done even lower which may be very noticeable, if you are very high, it might be like driving on a tank 90% full instead of 100%.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Sudefed or ephedrine product will cause you to not get a hard on as do most things that are stimulants they are vaso constrictors.This means they constrict blood vessels this is bad.

I learned this when I was younger went out drinking and took some ephedrine products to cut fat when they were flooding the market old hydroxy cut thought it would help burn of some of the alcohol calorie.

When I was out drinking hooked up with a girl and couldn’t get a hard on it happened 2 time in a row different girls this was very embarrassing I might add.

My penis looked like I just got out of a cold pool never had that problem and couldn’t figure out why then remembered what I took that was different then all the other times I went out. I looked it up on the net and found out they are vaso constrictors. I stopped doing that needless to say. I found pain killers like hydrocodone do the same thing to me but not sure why the doc gave me some for a tendon injury. It could be that they dehydrate you I had wicked cotton mouth. Water pills did this to me during contest time.

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Just to clarify something:

Psuedophed and the like are cold medicines, but not antihistamines. They are called decongestants (ephedrine, synephrine type stimulants), which indeed can constrict blood vessels and make your pee pee harder to arouse. For colds, they help to open up your nasal passages, and make nasal secretions more fluid (therefore helping with stuffy noses).

Antihistamines, on the other hand are drugs like benedryl, Chlortrimeton, (First generation), Claritin, Allegra (second generation) etc. (Diphenhydramine, chlorphenerimine, loratadine). They suppress histamine which causes symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.

A final note is that many cold medicines are combinations of both these kinds of drugs, with others as well. To further confuse things, they put them all under the same brand name, so that Benedryl is pure diphenhydramine, but Benedryl PE also contains psuedo ephedrine, benedryl “cough and cold” can also contain tylenol and and dextromathorphan (cough suppressant). Read the labels!

I’ll have to test the effect of antihistamines on my ability to control my ejaculation. Since it is allergy season, it is a good time to see.

Thanks for the tip twat.

Horny Bastard

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