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A sexual problem.

A sexual problem.

This isnt about jelq’ing but i figured since this is a man’s forum about penis that someone may know about this problem of mine. Please dont delete it because i dont know of another forum i can ask about it without getting banned. :)

Basically I have never been able to achieve orgasm during sex without doing it manually. Before I ever began having sex I would masturbate pretty fast and intense, and I was told that I may have desensitized my penis, and made it become used to a sensation which the females mouth or vagina cannot replicate. I then started to change my techinique in masturbating, to do it more slowly, with my left hand, and the conventional way. (I used to masturbate with my right hand, and grasp my palm over the top of the penis, where my fingers would be beneath it, unconventional way). I did this new slower technique of masturbating for a while in the hopes that my penis would be able to orgasm from actual sex, but i just had sex the other day and was not able to orgasm. It felt good and everything, but I just couldnt orgasm. Possibly was it the condom? I never thought it was normal for a man to have trouble orgasm’ing just because of a condom or the way he masturbated. Anyone heard of this problem, or have any suggestions? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.

I started sex at a young age. (14) And I could never get an orgasm inside a women untill I was 19. (Oral being the exception) I never used condoms though. Bad then and now, but once I did have an orgasm inside her it was never really a problem. Try laying off masturbating and porn for a couple weeks to see if that helps. And try not to think about coming so much when your having sex. Just go with the flow.


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I moved this thread here because it is more appropriate to this forum.

Too much masturbation possibly with the use of porn is the problem.

>>Possibly was it the condom? >>

This could have added to your problem.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I thought it was normal though for teenagers to masturbate alot… i had never heard of that causing a problem for sex. But in response to that, i have tried in the past to wait 2 weeks without masturbating to have sex. That did not work either. Buddy rich, how did you finally be able to cum inside a woman? Did it just take practice and experience? Any advice?


How much do you masturbate and how old are you and I will let you know if it’s the normal amount or not.

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im 18 now, but ive been having this problem of not getting off during sex since i was like 16. Ive only had sex like 7 times in those 2 years though. Each time i either did not ejaculate, or had to ejaculate by doing it myself. Maybe i should buy one of those replicated vagina’s and just get my penis used to the feel of a vagina.

It’s all psycological

i got laid the first time when i was 15, back then i would get off as soon a girl touched my penis :) (dont lautgh, it really happened)

now 5 years later, i was not able to cum while having sex with my GF since the last month. the reason for that is, because she usually comes faster than me, so i just have to keep screwing her for little longer untill I come. I cannot do that because it hurts her afterwards she gets off (side effects of my PE :) ).

what im saying is: maybe you are not screwing her long enough for you to cum.


maybe you did too much bizarre sh*t online so that the normal sexual intercourse seems impossible for you (my friend had that problem, fixed it by falling in love with a girl)


maybe you are just screwing too boring; to fat, and/or too ugly chicks, that make it impossble to cum. (Some guys are so messed up that they would screw anything, even my dead greandma, BUT I am NOT saying that you are, just trying to help you out here)


you dont care about the girls you screw


maybe you are just too anxious or exited while getting laid(no offense, but getting laid 7 times is not a lot), or maybe you just get too distracted, cause usually you masterbate and you got used to that. What I mean is, that you should get used to a normal man-woman(i certainly hope) sexual intercourse and that takes time, since you masterbated way more time than you got laid i guess. I did :)


use your phantasy, before you are about to get laid, think of a moment or a girl that made you way horny when you were young and scared of sex, think how it made you feel knowing that you cannot screw that person, think of how horny you were, that should make you pretty horny. be creative! Or(this is my friends favorite) think of a girl that you would like to screw but never had a chance or that is impossible to screw in real life, then when you are about to get laid with a random girl, dont think of that girl, but think of your ms.impossible, and imagine that you are screwing miss impossble instead of that random girl. that really works sometimes, and is really amazing how good sex can get. as i said use your fantasy, think how tight her P***y is or how you are gonna cum all over her, just use you fantasy.


get a decent looking, edutcated, warm hearted, caring, girlfriend, learn to love her, and tell her about you problem, not at first but later through out your relationship(MAKE SURE YOU TELL HER THAT YOUR PROBLEM IS NOT HER FAULT). eventually she will learn how to make you cum, i guarantee it. but if you really get a decent looking, edutcated, warm hearted, caring, girlfriend, I really dont think that sexuallity will be an issue, because YOU WILL CUM!

Hope this helps. And I really did not intend to offend you with my post in any way. And if i did, i apologize. I’m just trying to help you out here. No matter what, listen to you big brother, I’m slightly older then you (I’m20), and i got laid quite a few times. And all of the time, the above suggestions seemed tohelp me have a better sex, so will they for you, if you follow them.

peace out, and do as many hot girls as you can
thats my final adivce,

John S.

Hey that was some really good advice, i appreciate it, and no im not offended ;)

I really think its psychological just like you said because when masturbating I can orgasm within a minute, easily. And when having actual sex sometimes I might be sort of nervous or not relaxed, and sometimes i have trouble focusing. Last night when I had sex, I tried to picture it being the girl who I really would like to have sex with, and it felt like it was working at first, but I couldnt hold that thought for very long. I would get distracted and start thinking of how I need to cum.

One other question, how did you end up resolving this issue:

now 5 years later, i was not able to cum while having sex with my GF since the last month. the reason for that is, because she usually comes faster than me, so i just have to keep screwing her for little longer untill I come. I cannot do that because it hurts her afterwards she gets off (side effects of my PE ).

It can be psychological, yet it could be you know how to satified yourself, young dude. It could be there is not that Magic love feeling or the girl. Think of it this way if you don’t cum the risk of getting the girl pergrecy is not there, Yet you still can have the fun and games of the sex act. Maybe there may nerves problem, for that a doctor would have to check you out.

Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are too young to worry so much. Just relax and enjoy.

oh that “girl-comes-too-fast-and-it-hurts-her-afterwards” issue was resolved by breaking up with that stupid lying chick.

DO NOT get me wrong, I didnt break up with her because she couldnt make me cum. I broke up with her because she was a stupid selfish bitch that did not care about the outside world besides her.

It didnt hurt her when i kept screwing her after she got off. She was just lying. She didnt care if I would cum or not, all she cared was that she gets satisfied. So after she came, she didnt want to fuck anymore since it wasnt as fun for her as it was for me. She was doing that shit for a month! Thats what was going on.

I knew something was wrong, since a female vagina is supposed to be able to receive quite a large object(like 9X6in dick), even after an orgasm, and if she was dry, i would just use lube or my spit, I mean I know shit like that.

as far as my sex life goes, i havent got laid since 2 weeks, I’ll just take some “downtime”. And if i get horny —-> god bless the internet :) (It’s funny how some girls can be replaced so easy)

anyways, dude. I got one advice for you. ! DONT WORRY !

You just need time to get used to sex. that is all! My friend had that same issue, he was just too nervous, but once he got used to sex, he had no problems at all. Look at it this way, at least you didnt get off in the first 5 seconds like I did when I started to be sexually active :) . Dont worry too much, give it a shot every time you get laid, once you get confortable with it, youll be allright. I figured out that it is always harder for me to get off when i try too hard. So dont try too hard and dont push yourself too much, if it comes, it’ll come :) trust me.

dont forget to USE A CONDOM! dont f**k around with s**t like that!

hope that helps,
john s.

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