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A lump over my PB...

A lump over my PB...

I have this lumpy mass over my pubic bone area, just on the right side though. I’ve had it there forever, its fat, cause I am really fit, but sometimes it can get a little sore. It also doesnt allow me to go all the way in when it does get a little swollen. It ballons up every now and then. If I lift my dick up to my stomach I can see if on the through the skin of my sack, not actually in my sack though. Im trying to steal my roommates camera to take pictures to show, but I was just curious if anyone else has this same mass.


Sounds like an inguinal hernia. You should see a physician for a real diagnosis.

That could also be a swollen lymph node. In the past, my left one sometimes got swollen, and a little tender - but not “sore.” Since mine appears to be near where yours is, and since you say it balloons up every now & then, that sounds familiar.

I had mine checked out long ago. I doubt that you have a hernia - or it would probably always be the same. But you should get it checked to be sure.

Just go to a regular physician?

I dont think its a hernia… I can workout and everyting with it swollen, Im going for a lymph node. It does only usually swell up when Im on the verge of getting sick too, like I am right now. Thanks for your input wadzilla.

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