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A letter from a desperate guy who's looking for help from his fellows..

jubbyrob, thank’s for sounding like a total ass, it motivates me even more to get my stuff together

and YES I will follow some stranger’s advice, because it’s not one stranger but 10, and I’ve been following Thunder’s place advices for quite some time and they work

Originally Posted by jubbyrob
Stop beating off you moron. You can only get an erection when you masturbate because you wore your whole system out
My friendly advice
1. Break it off with the 19 year old. She’s 19 and she doesn’t need some guy who has self esteem issues and there is no fucking way you can love someone when you can’t love yourself.
2. Sort those issues and find a reason to love yourself
3. Fix those issues
4. Stop beating off 10 times a day. The death grip you have on your dick is frying any chance at having normal sex
5. Stop asking random people on the internet for advice. You’re not gonna take it anyway. You know what to do unless you’re mental or something, you’re just procrastinating
6. You’re not gonna do any of this anyway so stop crying you piece of shit and stay away from the 19 year olds. Those are for me and normal people who can handle themselves.
7. take a deep breath and pull your head out of your ass.
8. stop wasting everyone’s time

Friendly advice? Wow

I know this guy is down because Im down here too, and being told pull your head out of your ass and stop wasting everyone’s time isn’t.

Yes stop porn and all the exercises.. All she wants is romance and for you to get off inside her. And only her.

There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and a punch in the face….

Having a “problem” doesn’t make you a bad guy. Many of us have had similar problems (and, in my case, that was before the days of unlimited internet porn). Wanting to address the “problem” is an important step so you’re half way there. A 19 year old with a great ass is a great incentive to do it.

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I would say that fixing anything for someone else is a set-up.

Fix things for yourself and if others respond positively then great.

A porn addiction will take several weeks to begin to attain a handle on and focus on healthy pursuits in the meantime.

All the beet bro, we’re here for you.

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Calm down man.
What is best for you:
Stop using porn and any drugs
Masturbate less, and when you do it, use wet hand (no more dry hands)
Take consults with a psicotherapist, with his help you can retrains your nervous system
Love yourself just as you are, you are healthy and smart

You are a young man learning how to be man, just be calm. Your change is possible.
(Sorry about my poor english)

I’m glad you it positively. That’s a start. I didn’t realize politeness was enforced in the Forum Guidelines. I feel bad for people looking for advice when you can’t voice your honest opinions. I guess let’s have this circle jerk continue

Originally Posted by Cook22

jubbyrob, thank’s for sounding like a total ass, it motivates me even more to get my stuff together

and YES I will follow some stranger’s advice, because it’s not one stranger but 10, and I’ve been following Thunder’s place advices for quite some time and they work

Like an ass? Truth is hard to swallow. Truth is so simple you’re over complicating things to avoid the problem. Origami condoms, Beating off 5 times a day? where’s your self control. I really hope you figure it out, mate.

Originally Posted by jubbyrob

I didn’t realize politeness was enforced in the Forum Guidelines

??? Strange reply.

“Jubbyrob” Sounds like you got a lot of personal issues to get resolved, cause of the way you speak to others bud. Hope you get some help an get that figured out. Maybe ask santa. Good luck man.

Originally Posted by Cook22

This is my sad sad story and this is my simple explanation for it.. at least this is how I explain it to myself.

.. I’m extremely desperate…


Cook22 , you are in control of this situation. You are not a victim. Nobody is making you act the way you are acting. You can do this if YOU want to , and all of us think you can. :)

Thank you guys, especially @ 261279december … I’m writing here, because I guess I needed more than advice, but a bit of male support. I’m working in a foreign country, most corowrkers are older than me ladies, not a lot of male friends. It’s pretty tough to talk on such a sensitive topic with someone that doesn’t really know a lot about jelqing , PE or simply if they are female.

@jubbyrob , it’s allright bro, your “opinion” helped me a lot. I’m not saying this ironically, it actually showed me that my attempts are pathetic. I need real actions not just attempts and constant procrastination, being stuck at the same stage.

Things can get hard, good luck bro :)

If you make it as much as a week without watching porn or masturbating, you’ll be wondering how to manage not to jizz your pants before you even get them off, instead of having a hard time getting interested.

In your first post you identified your own problems. Just recognize what’s wrong and fix it, nature will take care of the rest.

“I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? What about slut pride?”

― Margaret Cho

Originally Posted by Cook22
@plaidshirt I just don’t believe that. I just think that it will be harmful and unnatural and maybe harm my testicles ?

Seriously, can someone tell me what happens when you don’t ejaculate for let’s say 2 or 3 weeks ?

Cook22, plaidshirt gave good advice, and I think you take and not question it. You know what the problem is, it is so obvious.


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