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A few questions.

A few questions.

Okay…does anyone know for sure if being ‘cut’ has major disadvantages when it comes to feeling or sensitivity during sex? Also, does it decrease the feeling of orgasm? I ask because I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve noticed that I don’t have very satisfying - or very long - orgasms from masturbation. It makes me wonder if it’s even gonna be worth it when it comes time to have sex (if it ever does). I mean, I know women supposedly have much better orgasms (plus they can have multi), but is that because so many guys are circumcised, making the feeling less than what it could be?

I’ve looked into FR, but I seriously don’t have that kind of time, plus it’s still not the real thing. Also, I’d rather reach my ideal size through PE first, and I haven’t even started on that yet.
I guess I’m just disappointed because sex was one of the two things I had to look forward to in life, but this stuff gets me a little down, and lately masturbation has become boring as hell.

To anyone who can help, Thanx.

Want some candy?

Are you saying that this lessening of feeling of orgasm is new for you? if so, what else has changed for you in your life?

The subject of having a forskin or being cut is one that always evokes a lot of passionate discussion which I will not enter except to say that there are many millions of circumcised men who regularly enjoy very dramatic orgasms, I among them.

Since you haven’t had intercourse with a woman yet, you may be very, very pleasantly surprised to find that the sensation of sex that way is a lot different from masturbation. Also, if you always masturbate in the same way, change your pattern. There’s a great site about masturbation (EVERY possible way has been discussed there!) called jackinworld. Look it up. You might get some very good tips there to enjoy before you become sexually active.



I don’t know about the uncut answer, but I do know that you shouldn’t feel down about that. I have noticed that when I worry about my sex life (my size in particular) my orgasms suck. Don’t worry about anything just go with it, and by the way sex is much better feeling than masturbation.

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