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7" is good enough for Jenna Jameson?


7" is good enough for Jenna Jameson?

She said 7” is good enough for her in FHM magazine. She also said it’s more important what you do with it than size. Is she lying?

Yes, she is lying down.

7” is plenty. Once you’re above the average range, I’m guessing that the motion is more important.

Y’ know, I think she’s being honest. She’s in a business where gigantic whangers are the rule rather than the exception, and in real life she might prefer sex that just feels comfy instead of constantly feeling split in two. And the novelty of mindless banging must wear off after a while.

Seven inches is a fine goal. If I’m not going to do it for myself, I’m going to do it for Jenna.
For Jenna!

7” in length or girth? :/D

Originally Posted by sonduck
7” in length or girth? :/D

She went on to say that she masturbates with a soupcan.

Originally Posted by sonduck
7” in length or girth? :/D

In the words of Deon Sanders ” I want both”

Sounds like she might be telling the truth there. 7 inches is the high end of average. If she said size don’t matter or something like that, then she’d be BSing. SHe’s probably talking NBP also, which means 7.5-8 BP.

I’ve heard of a few famous females stating 7” as being the cutoff. So I tend to believe that when it’s said.

I remember in that Tommy Lee Methods of Mayhem video a while back, the pretty big “Get Naked” one, Lil Kim was featured in it and one of her lines went something along the lines of “Under seven inches? ehhh, sorry”.

If 7 is good enough and 8 must be even better

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It’s hard to argue with a woman who has seen more dick than The Association of American Urologists, and I don’t want to bum anyone out but I disagree with Miss Jenna. I hit 7” nbp and not only does it visually leave me wanting more, it has only had a minor impact when Mrs. Hook and I are busy knockin boots. It registers, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t the end all be all length - I am sure of it.

Compared with Miss Jenna, Mrs. Hook can legitimately be called a virgin and I can tell you without a doubt that another inch would easily be welcomed. Maybe she means a perfectly proportioned 7” x 6” and I will see the light with another 1/2” or so of girth.

I can’t imagine what Miss Jenna has to gain by bullshitting, but she’s not telling the whole story. PE, and more importantly success with PE has confirmed for me that bigger simply is better.

I am currently 7” with 5 1/2 in girth and you can bet I want more in both areas.

I find it most entertaining when some guy reports on the sexual preferences of a porn star, playmate, or stripper, and then wonders if she’s telling the truth.

OK these women create illusion and fantasy for a living. Why on Earth would one consult such a woman, and expect a truthful answer? You will find time and again that the more intelligent of these women will state 7” as their preferred choice. Why is this? Is 7” really the best size?

They state 7” because it is the size we want to hear. It’s a satisfying answer. It’s slightly bigger than the average wang, thus satisfying our belief that women prefer larger tools. Yet it is close enough to the average size as not to make men feel inadequate. In other words it’s the perfect answer to avoid offending your fans.

Think about it. If your livelihood depended solely on the fact of making the opposite believe that you wanted to have sex with them, how truthful would your answers be? We only like the truth, when that truth closely resembles ourselves.

Oh, how I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill.

Well, someone should call her up that has her number. Ask her over the phone. But seriously, I have heard the same line fall out of Briana Bank’s mouth with the mystic number 7.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

She liked my six last night. I’ve got my dick surrounded by dry ice at the moment, I only take it out to go peepee. I figure another week at sub-zero should kill off most of the infestation. Hopefully my dick will go back to it’s normal colour and consistency.


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