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37" too much?

Good info for all of us, xaxxat. We will all take a cold, hard look at our waist sizes.



That depends on ALOT of factors… I was 38 for a long time, 36 now, and I have a very low body fat % and hold a few medals in track in field… so yeah :/

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Well, Im 6’6” so a 37 inches would put me at around 16% bodyfat, which is the average or maybe a bit below the average adult male.

Like nostem said, a lot of factors comes in.

nostem & chunkyaa34, good points. That is the trouble with yardsticks like 37”s. My personal favorite is the BMI crap, anyone that is buff is overweight according to the BMI.

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Iamaru, exactly. BMI is real crap.

The only thing we should check is bodyfat % imo. This is the best indicator.

I think that the article is correct for most people. Of course BF% is more important than any other measurment. For most a bigger waist means higher BF% and a corresponding increase in diabetes risk.

I agree with everyone, 37 inches would make the average built man a higher risk, but some people with larger frames could have a 37 inch waist and no body fat, so it is a rough indicator but there is more to consider.

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Body fat% and hips vs waist ratio. I was once a 44inch waist now over ten years later I’m a thirty five inch waist. I have had diabetes for eight years now but it is not type two or type one it is related to hypothyroid disease.

I think that’s height and body build…. But maybe, 37” is a limit…

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yes you all are correct- there are a lot of factors that play into this. But to quote the article

“In the study, researchers compared the effectiveness of BMI, waist size, and waist-to-hip ratio in predicting the risk of type 2 diabetes in more than 27,000 men. Results appear in the March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

All of the men had their BMI, waist size, and waist-to-hip measurements taken when the study began and were then followed for 13 years.”

27,000 men followed over 13 years. I’d say that’s pretty good data. of course there will be people that don’t fit in the “norm” but I’d say that there is a very high percentage of the population that does.

xaxatt- thanks for posting this.

woohoo- just measured and I’m 33!


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