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2x with ED problem - please HELP all good men!



Hey man, I’m the same age with almost the exact same problem. I added VigRx to my program and my erections still don’t last. I also was masterbating as much as you, but recently stopped watching porn and toned it down because i was fearul that my penis was just desensitized. Another problem I have, is that it takes me a long time to ejaculate unless I am amazingly turned on, which never happens. Anyway I’m going to see the Urologist in a couple weeks so I’ll keep you updated. (Also i just ordered a pump, so that my vascular system could be improved)

good luck,


OK guys, I’m back

I seem to have my erection repaired 100%, I must say it was 50% in my head (saying to my member: get up!, get up!, get up!!!), 50% supplements (L-arginine 1.5 g/day morning and evenigs + KAL rendezvous multi-supplement - tribulus, maca, zinc…)

quitting jerking off really helped to sensitivise myself back

The problem that remains is my inabillity to perform more than once a day (sexually, not by hand) and low of interest for sex

I think I will do some sport to improve my circulation

more info to all you 20something ED guys here soon!

btw I seem to have sore skin after shaving with razor from arginine?never had it before…


Glad to hear you’re doing better! :thumbs:

I am…relaxing is a big part of it

thing is I have to be naturally aroused, and at my low libido it takes patience to accomplish

thank you guys here, you’re like brothers to me!

Hello. If your interested in relaxing, feel free to read the discussion on supplements and perscription drugs here. Familairize yourself with the threads and then come to your own informed opinion of them. I heard GABA is good and cheap for relaxation and calming effects.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Hey guys. Way to go, cocoal.

thanx mates! I really solved my problem noone could solve by now (except you and your advices)

I’d like to tell all the young guys that are 20 something and have ED that there’s the solution!

read my recent posts….

in short:
- get NATURAL supplements (tribulus, arginine), no “V”!

- stop jerking off @ ONCE!!! and for good (have sex, better!) - stop beeing addicted to porn, real lady is alwas better, you just have to learn again to be impressed by the real thing, if you have to jerk off, have hot wrap afterwards and do not ejaculate (lear where to press :) )

- PE slowly (3 days per week - lot of rest days)

- have hot wraps before AND AFTER PE!

that’s my short advice version

been there, beaten it!

(LOVE YOU GUYS, you probably saved my life beacuse I tought I’d lose this great lady of mine!!!!)

My First post :)

I was always only reading but never wrote smth here.. But meeen when I read you story I was wondering how much in common have many of us. Its like every word in your story Cocoal is about me. So want to thank all ya guys who tried to help Cocoal cuz ya also helped me. May be my erection not gonna get much better after reading this but at least to this moment i feel myself much more comfortable.

PS: I stoped smoking weed for 1 months and now its time to finish with a pornos.. :P

PSS: Thx Again… and have a nice SeX

mate dogz, if you can get caid, try to stop jerking off, it’s better anyway (I actually got to the point I was more interested in porn than in sex itself!!)
for a passing period try jerking off in front of your girlfriend as a part of sex, stop watching porn

I must admit I’m going down that lane again (jerking daily) but I will stop today and back to more intense PE (admit I stopped because I’nm out of the house all day)

stay erect my friends and PM me if you have any Q’s…


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