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20 years old, erection problems, suggestions? thx!


Originally posted by avocet8
Listen to luvdadus. The class of anti-depressants which includes Paxil and several others also causes negative sexual fallout - libido loss, and ED.

I agree, only take it if its absolutely essential and a doctor has recommended it.You know Paxzil is addictive too dont you, some people spend a life time on them.About six years ago i also had the option to take take medication for anxiety but chose not to, i got over it and with a little time everything was fine.:)

So I ended up not taking paxil, and me and the said girl lost contact. Still a virgin.

But just recently, my friends took me out on a surprise dinner and they reintroduced me to the girl I had a huge crush on in 5th grade. She changed schools and I never saw her again. She looked amazing, I had not seen her in about 7-8 years, and she seriously developed into a perfect 10. Funny how fate works, doesn’t it? So we hit it off and were catching up all night, and i got her number at the end. I called her 2 days later and she said she was waiting for me to call. We went out, got stoned had a great time, made out, and we saw each other each night for a whole week. She told me about her past relationships and she asked me who i lost my virginity to and I paused and then said I lost it to some chick in college. She said she wanted me so bad but she was on her period so we would have to wait. She just got back from a quick trip to NY with her family and she was text messaging me the entire trip about how horny she was for me, and then she came back and we went out, smoked up, watched crappy tv, then started going at it.
We went into the guest bedroom and got hot and heavy. Same routine, I got really hard when we were dry humping, then we got unclothed, and right before I was going to stuck it in I started thinking about it and it went soft on me. She was asking what was wrong, if I wasn’t turned on by her and I said I was just nervous, and that god likes to fuck with me, and we just cuddled for a bit. She wanted me to draw her since I am a good artist and I got my sketchbook out, put on my jeans, and she posed, she looked AMAZING. Maybe I’ll scan the sketches some other time. But after 2 drawings we cuddled again, she said she was tired and was going to go home. I started massaging her and my wang started growing again and grew to a hard size, and we went at it again, and my dick started going soft as I was rubbing the tip of my head in her. She tried jerking me but it failed and I rolled over pissed and apologized again. We called it a night, and she went home.

She really likes me a lot and I like her alot, I am really super attracted to her. I had been jerking off pretty vigorously the night before it happened, and it could have been from over stimulation. I could feel my heartbeat rise and my body would shake in the straining position right before it went soft, so I am sure it is performance anxiety.

I asked my older brother, he recommended I tell her I am a virgin, and she would want me even more. I am not sure what to do. She has 2 more days before she goes back to school, which is across the US. She said she wants me to visit. She just text messaged me saying she wants to make love to me.

UGH… why god! It would have been so perfect!!!… any help appreciated, you guys are the best.

I have read on this website(Thundersplace) about generic viagra from People usually recommended “silagra” from that website.

I read people recommending this to get over with the performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, ED problems in addition to using it as an aid for girth work. So if you order the free sample(4 pills) from that website, you will online pay $8 for the shipping. Then you can take the pill 30 min before the sex, then it will keep you hard. Each pill is 100mg, and you can take half of the pill due to your age. Then you will have almost 8 times use of generic viagra in stock. Apparently it takes some time for the shipment to come from India(like couple of weeks).

I have never tried viagra or a generic viagra. I am 26 years old. But I would better use this pill instead of further feeling that anxiety in myself. One important thing to look after is to compare your performance once you start having sex without the pill.

Please, beware that I am only recommending you from my “reading” experiences on Thundersplace.

I have exactly lived the situation you have mentioned when I drank a bit too much vodka, and tried to have sex. I got so frustrated, I couldn’t believe why my penis was going soft. What you eat, drink all might have an effect on your performance,too.

Do you have morning hard ons or not?

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When I get nervous I cant get it up.

I think at least half of erection problems are not physical problems.

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I agree with what the others told you earlier about NOT taking Viagra so that you don’t become dependant on it. I agree with them very much. However if this girl is leaving in a couple days and this will be your one chance with her before she leaves, then you might consider the Viagra, but only this one time. You can get Viagra shipped to you with overnight shipping at many websites, and you don’t need a prescription for it.

But remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. If you weren’t afraid of getting anxious you wouldn’t get anxious in the first place. Try concentrating on making the girl feel ok. She probably feels as awkward about this as you do. Just talk to her about it, and if it happens again tell her you want to work with her on it, and you want her to be the first, and that you are determined to get over it, and to get over it asap. I don’t think there is a man alive that has had your problem that hasn’t gotten over it.

Hope that helps,

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It happened last night finally! I AM NOW A MAN!!!

We started up and I was erect, then she squeezed me in and she was super tight, then I started thinking and my erection went to about 60% and it started bending at the base and hurting. We stopped, we layed back and talked, I told her I had performance anxiety and she said to just relax, and after laying there for a couple minutes just holding each other, the monster awoke! 1st we did girl on top, then doggy, then missionary, then back to girl on top (which is my fav by far) and then she came. I did not come but I was still ecstatic. Tonight is her last night before she flies away to college, she said we would take a bubble bath. Woot!

I want to start a routine this next semester, she said I had the largest shes had yet, “a porn start penis”, I was like “common, you’re just yankin’ my chain,” and she said she wanted to have anal sex but she said we could not since it would not be able to fit. I still want more length and girth. Ive measured 7. something inches bone press. I’ll read and do a lot of research on these boards before I start.

Thanks again to everyone, you are all very kind for trying to help me. I think I’ll stay away from the viagra stuff until I get older.

Any guys who have the performance anxiety problem, take me as an example to learn from. They were right, you just have to relax and be comfortable with the girl. Take it slow, and be sure to talk.

A happy ending for a fairy-tale story.

So. You not only did the dirty deed but in numerous positions. If that doesn’t give you a full bag of sexual confidence, I don’t know what will.

Good going. Never mind you didn’t cum. You were working on other issues. That’ll happen for you.



Good story, I hope I can get over my PA too (age 22 here). I too looked at too much porn and it raises the arousal threshold. I stopped a few months ago, but got back into it (oops) - stopping again now that I have a girl to play with. Whatever you do though, never get on an SSRI for anxiety. It will make it much harder to orgasm, and may make you more irritated/jittery - plus it’s hard going off the pills.

I was on one when I was with my first girl and I just couldn’t cum (we didn’t have sex, just oral/handjobs) and I could tell she was getting impatient. I felt so stupid about it. When I was with this girl - fooling around first time with her, I remembered all that and I started freaking out and lost my hard on. She is understanding, and I told her about my anxiety issue and she wants to help out. Hope it works out ok next time I see her.

Great story, i’m glad everything worked out. I have same problems. Question, is your erection 100% when you masterbate also or no?

Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it.

Blackrob: yes, when I masterbate I usually get my erection to 100%, it seems like it gets to 110% right before I ejaculate. My advice is to just calm yourself when you realize you are getting all anxious, try to laugh at yourself a little bit, it is really silly to get all worked up about it. I laid in bed and just stroked myself while we talked about how I thought I was having performance anxiety, because I wanted that moment to be so perfect and all this pressure had built up inside me. After about 5 minutes I was poking her in her leg with a raging hard on :) and we went at it.


What a great story and ending!! I was routing for you all the way. I knew as soon as you got up the nerve to tell her about your anxiety, it would diminish. You’re much too young for Viagra. That’s for us old farts!! And the Paxil would have definitely made your willy limp. And it can also prevent you from ejaculating!! You don’t need that stuff!!

I’m glad everything worked out well. Porn definitely can desensitize you. But you know that better than anyone else. My advice: before your next date, don’t masturbate!!

Hey, it rhymes!! :D


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