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Ultimate Pubic Hair Grooming Routine


Ultimate Pubic Hair Grooming Routine

Several weeks ago, PirateSteve made reference to a Seiko shaver that gave him the closest pubic shave ever. He also said that he made it a point to give these shavers to his girlfriends so that their grooming might meet his specifications. I did some further research on the Internet and found that the original and best pubic hair shaver is the Seiko Cleancut shaver. There are various other clones of the Seiko Cleancut shaver, marketed under such names as “FeatherTouch”, MidasTouch 8000, etc. The one to get is the Seiko Cleancut shaver, made in Japan. I got mine from the following website:

This is a great website, they have everything you need for pubic hair grooming—shavers, trimmers, tweezers, scissors, you name it. Lots of instructions and helpful advice on how to do trim and style pubic hair. I purchased both the Seiko Cleancut shaver and the Seiko Shavy Femini trimmer from — my experience was that they had reasonable shipping costs and super speedy order processing and shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Their focus seems to be on selling the highest quality goods for the job. They also have a limited line of high quality sex toys, including special vibrators for men and the “Eroscillator” vibrator and attachments for women.

Since purchasing the Seiko Cleancut shaver and the Seiko Shavy Femini trimmer, I have totally revamped my pubic hair grooming routine. (My old routine is outlined here:

J Meister’s Grooming Routine for Pubic Hair

I now use the Seiko Cleancut shaver daily to keep my scrotum/balls, ‘taint, upper thighs and lower abdomen (above the trimmed patch of pubic hair) silky smooth at all times, following the instructions on the website. I use the Seiko Shavy Femini trimmer to trim longer body hairs (the Seiko Cleancut only works on very short hair) and to trim pubic hair into the preferred design at the moment. (See my thread on Pubic Hair Styles):

Pubic Hair Styles

I’m still using tweezers to pluck out the occasional stray hair on the shaft and the upper base of my penis. This routine takes about 5 minutes a day, before I jump in the shower. The Seiko Cleancut shaver is great little quality unit. The motor runs much quieter than my electric beard and moustache trimmer and doesn’t knick the skin. I don’t get unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs using this shaver, due to its design.

I’m enjoying being perfectly groomed at all times. This is the ultimate pubic hair grooming routine that doesn’t involve waxing or chemicals. It’s easy to do and easy to maintain that perfect look. This would be a great thing to introduce to your lover.

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Is the Seiko shaver dependable in NOT cutting longer hair? If so, you could go after the stubble on the margin, pretty much by feel, without worrying about cutting the main bush you want to retain. You could do that while watching TV or something, without having to bend over and look to prevent going into the wrong area. Even if you went into the bush proper, it wouldn’t cut it.

If so, I think I’ll get one of these.

The pic on the website suggests this would work. Unlike most electric shavers I’ve seen recently, there appears to be no “clipper” function at all, which in this case is a good thing, I think.

I just received my my genuine Seiko Cleancut in the mail today.

I ordered from because they are selling for the same price as the other stores carrying the genuine article, but are the only place I found offering free shipping. I also ordered the Seiko Shavy Femini for cutting longer hair because the Cleancut is only designed to cut stubble.

I haven’t tried the Shavy Femini yet, but the Cleancut worked superbly. It’s about as perfect a device for shaving ball stubble as one could hope for. I’ve been using a Panasonic Linear electric shaver, and it works pretty well, but I’d get an occasional minor knick every so often. The Cleancut does an ever better job, and it’s virtually impossible to cut yourself. It gives you silky smooth balls with no worry. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for the great tip, PirateSteve!

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Yes, the Seiko shaver will not cut longer hair. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you must dust the pubic area with a little bit of baby powder or body powder (I use Shower-to-Shower) for the Seiko shaver to work effectively. (See detailed how-to instructions on .) You might want to confine any potential mess to the bathroom.

Yes, the Seiko Cleancut is great for shaving ball stubble! I love having my nuts silky smooth at all times! I’m sure you’ll love the Shavy Femini trimmer for creating that perfect pubic hair style and for all sorts of other hair trimming jobs.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J & Mushroom, I live to serve. When I first stumbled on the shaver, I too was amazed. Now if you guys think it does a good job on your nuts, you should try it on a pussy…

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cant anyone post some before after photos of this at work?

Is it any good for shaving anal beard? I find that area very challenging to shave well.

J Meister,
Yes, I understand about the need for powder. Have you ever tried cornstarch? It would seem to perform the same function with no obnoxious fragrance, would rinse off easily, and is dirt cheap.

The downside of shaving (for me at least) is that it seems to make your scrotum feel more clammy/sticky when it is warm. It looks like the hair actually did have some function after all. But shaved definitely looks better.

It also occurs to me that this shaver would work for the back of your neck. You wouldn’t have to worry about going into the longer hair, so you wouldn’t need to see what you were doing - just go by feel.

Too late for before & after pics. Maybe after if I get a chance.

I use the Seiko Cleancut to shave the “‘taint” (area between the balls and the anus) and all around the asshole. I lie down on the bed, with my legs in the air in a tuck position and shave the entire underside area. I’m not sure if the “anal beard” you refer to includes the entire ass crack or not. I’ve shaved along my ass crack with my trusty Gillette Mach 3 razor; however, it’s always seemed like too much work (not to mention that you’d probably have to be a contortionist to reach all the spots by yourself) to shave the entire butt. As for using the Seiko Cleancut to shave the entire ass crack smooth, I think it would be much easier if you had a partner to do it for you.

There’s a guy who runs an add in the local alternative newspaper offering a “butt, sac and crack wax”; however, I’ve never looked into it further.

I don’t plan on posting any pictures. Besides, for a “before pic”, it would take months for me to fully grow out the bush and hairy balls and dick to how it was back in 1999 before I started down the path of pubic hair grooming. If you are asking about before and after the Seiko Cleancut, you would not see much difference since the hair has to be trimmed very short using the Seiko Shavy Femini or a beard and moustache trimmer before the Cleancut will even work. Pictorially, all you would see is very short stubble compared to totally smooth.

Cornstarch is the main ingredient in many powders. Shower-to-Shower being one. There is the opinion out there that cornstarch is better (less irritating?) than talc and better for using with the Seiko Cleancut shaver. I think that using cornstarch would be fine, with all the benefits you mentioned.

It takes a while to get use to the “bare balls” sensation. And yes, it is more noticeable in the summertime. I’m to the point now where having hair growing out from my scrotum bugs me more than having it bare. Above all, shaved balls look awesome!

Yes, I think that this shaver would work for the back of your neck. To be effective, you would have to start using it on your neck within a couple of days after getting a haircut or use the Shavy Femini first.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

J Meister,

Well, it seems that cornstarch works just fine.

Everybody will be different on this, but I’ve found that I start to develop noticeable stubble, particularly at the base of the dick, if I shave less often than every other day. Of course chaving every day would be best, but I don’t think it’s really necessary unless you have a really hot date. But you do have to keep up with it or you start to be real prickly, and of course if you wait TOO long, you have to get out the clippers.

Also, I can confirm that the Seiko can be used on the back of the neck. You don’t have to see where you’re going, and you don’t have to worry about cutting into the longer hair, and it goes pretty quickly. I didn’t bother with the powder, and it still seemed to work ok. You’re correct that you have to start within a couple days of your haircut, but after that it could just be part of shaving every morning. I don’t know about everybody else, but my neck starts to look a bit gross after four days or so, so this can keep me lookin real purty with very little extra effort.

Just wanted to update this thread with some additional comments regarding the Seiko Cleancut shaver and the Shavy Femini trimmer.

Like ChuckR, I’m now using the Seiko Cleancut shaver on the back of my neck to keep away the annoying stubble in between haircuts. It works great for this and the back of my neck has been shaved clean for the past five weeks.

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to trim my underarm hair. I’ve never trimmed it and I had these long hairs poking out everywhere and getting gummed up with my roll-on deodorant. I went to work with the Shavy Femini and trimmed them down nicely.

I got my back waxed last month and used the Shavy Femini to trim the hairs that the esthetician had left just above the beltline. (I guess she was too shy/conservative to have me loosen my belt for better access). While I was at it, I shaved off the little tuft of hairs at the top of my butt crack (at the “thong line”).

Over the Christmas vacation, I shaved my ass crack and buttocks using the Shavy Femini trimmer. I found that if I positioned myself on the bed with my legs and butt in the air, facing the dresser mirror, I could get a pretty good view of what I was doing. Like I said before, it would still be easier if you had a partner do it for you. My wife noticed and seems to like the look!

I’ve really enjoyed having my lower abdomen (below the belt line) trimmed and shaved smooth (except for a nicely trimmed bush framing the top of my package). It feels great during sex and snuggled up next to my wife’s sweet ass in the “spoons” position.

I’m enjoying my trimmed look. I look and feel sexier. My wife seems amused by it all. She muttered something about a mid-life crisis when she saw my hairless back/butt for the first time.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

I just bought an epilator. It has a rotating barrel that grips the hairs and pulls them out at the root. It hurts like hell, but it works wonders.

How does the Seiko Cleancut shaver compare to an electric shaver (i.e. for beards and such)?

Are you asking for a comparison to an electric beard and moustache trimmer or to an electric shaver such as a Norelco or Remington shaver?

As far as the Seiko Cleancut Shaver vs. the electric beard and moustache trimmer, the electric beard and moustache trimmer will cut much longer hair. The Seiko Cleancut will cut only 1 to 2 days growth. It does not cut long hairs. If you have longer hair, you must first use the Seiko Shavy Femini or an electric beard and moustache trimmer to cut down the hair to a very short length. The Seiko Cleancut Shaver will give you a closer trim/shave than the electric beard and moustache trimmer.

I have never used an electric shaver such as a Norelco or Remington shaver, so I can’t compare the Seiko Cleancut shaver to a conventional electric shaver. The Seiko Cleancut works great for keeping the back of the neck hair-free; however, I was not impressed when I tried it on my face. The Seiko Cleancut shaver is much more effective for shaving pubic hair.

I bought an epilator a while back from The Sharper Image. I ended up taking it back because as you say “it hurt like hell” and it didn’t seem to be an improvement over the beard and moustache trimmer I was using at the time.

The Seiko Cleancut shaver and Shavy Femini trimmer combo is the best system I’ve found for pubic hair grooming, short of going to a professional pubic hair stylist to get waxed and trimmed. See this thread for more details:

Professional Pubic Hair Stylists

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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