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Ultimate Pubic Hair Grooming Routine


I was also wondering if anyone on here has ever used the seiko face shavers and if so how well did they perform verses standard shaving with a blade?

Hey guys and gals..

I just found this one on the Net and wanted to know if any of you have tried it.
Go to: and if you have tried it I’d love to hear from you.
I want to get one and then I realized I have the perfect place to find out about it, (hopefully)!
I too have been using too crude of a shaver to make my balls smooth and are looking at what’s available.
And yes, it feels fantastic. If you think your balls are sensitive with hair on them, wait until you shave it off.!

Thank you one & all for your contributions and good luck Jelqing.! (Those of you who can.)

BTW, Mushroom, I love your sig.! Wake up Amerika.! ;-)

Here is the link for one that claims to NOT give you ingrown-hairs and so it says, give you a smooth finish without razor burn –
“Won’t nick/cut/bite regardless where used.”


The Seiko models you guys all talk of look good, too. But I have a good feeling about this one.
I’ll let you all know what I think when I get it. Thank you for all of your feedback, everybody!

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The wife while trimming dropped my Seiko S-Yard PS-335 T Handle Trimmer in the toilet. It still works great but I’m kind of prissy so I need to time to get over the “eew trauma” before using it again.

HardbodyPEer posted this in another thread and gave it a try:

HardbodyPEer - Who shaves the pubes

I think the skin on my penis is very thin because I’ve never been able to use regular razors without getting cut. Also why I started PE in the first place.

I used the Noxzema Bikini Shaver this morning and it did a fantastic job. It’s also real small so it’ll be easy to take on holiday or extended trip. I was very impressed by this product and wanted to add it to this thread.

Thanks HardbodyPEer.

It’s hard to decide which pubic hair thread to put this in. I just found this home laser hair removal system online. It’s called the TRIA. I would have dismissed it as BS but apparently the sell it at Nordstrom( ) It’s $800 now(it was 1000 just a year ago). I just figure Nordstrom wouldn’t sell something like this too hastily. Anyone here have experience with this? If it works it could easily pay for itself. The trouble with the TRIA seems to be that if you’re too dark, a safety mechanism will prevent it from even zapping you. It’s great that it’s safe, but I may be too dark around my crotch which is the main reason I want it. The website also says it’s not for use around the face, neck, ears, anus, genitals and nipples but from what I read in the faqs, that seems due to pending FDA approval for those specific areas(ie they’re covering their ass right now). I figure if the higher powered lasers in clinics are safe for your face and genitals then this home version should be as well.

Here’s the lovely Maria Menunos talking about it on Today

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Here’s a vid about it from some local news channel

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Here are the FAQs

There’s also this Silk’n device(not a laser) that’s about $100-$150 cheaper than the TRIA but it needs $70 replacement bulbs every700 flashes or so

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and here are some reviews on the cheaper No No.…nDateDescending

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How do you guys deal with hair shadow under the skin?

Thanks for the thread J Meister. I have been hairless for at least 25 years. Have used many combinations of hair removal products . Laser would be the perfect solution but it is too expensive. Waiting for reviews on the Tria laser.

I use a shaver to get rid of the body hair. Then use a razor to remove the “peach fuzz” left by the shaver. I tweeze the hair from my shaft and shave the hair from my balls to my ass and ass crack. I find putting a mirror on the floor and squatting over it helps with the shaving the area between the scrotum and the ass. After a complete body shave, I use body lotion to moisturize my skin. I usually fully shave at least once a week.I absolutely love the feeling of being smooth and hairless .

I am never embarassed to strip in front of anyone, especially a doctor or nurse. I am comfortable with my body and if they have a problem with me being hairless, it’s their problem.

Just picked up the Seiko Cleacut shaver. Liking it a lot so far. Cheers, guys.


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