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The Scent Of A Man


old spice

The company has never been dumb about marketing.
Always specials on father’s day so little girls can buy their dad some.
Dad’s wear it cause their daughters gave it to them. The daughters learn to associate security and provider with the smell of old spice. Something tells me that when the little girls grow up, they “long” for the smell of old spice on their non-horny days, especially if dad is a distance away by geography or death.The sailor advertisement works for men (rugged individualism with a sense of adventure) and woman (who love men in uniform, sailors over grunts, marines and sailors a matter of opinion I think, but the advertisements with the sword work better than the big ship).

I may be telling my age, but I think old spice to women if like homemade bread to men. Oh, the memories of less troubling times.

And liking the smell is not the same as being turned on by the smell. The first and second competitor I remember for Old Spice was English leather and british sterling, and their advertisements were geared for men attracting woman— they were not fathers day gifts. Still remember the babe on the horse with the silver tray offering ya british sterling.That tray had some nice accessories.

I think you are right on target here. At least for women older than say 30. It could still be true for younger women but probably not as much with the proliferation of mens colognes. When I was a kid Old Spice was the only act in town. The little girls of 15 years ago however had a lot more to choose from. If I were on the market again and looking for a woman 30 and older I’d definitely ditch most of whats in my medicine cabinet and stock up on Old Spice.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Aqua Di Gio is great. It has gotten me a lot of “What cologne are you wearing!?!?!?!” from the ladies.

A good way to enchance your phero’s is too

1)Use an unscented soap to clean yourself.

2)Stop using Anti-Perpersiants. Use a depdprent that is deodorent only.

3)Do something that naturally raises your test levels (like weight lifting and proper diet) that will increase the amount of androgen “by-products” (sorry couldn’t think of a better word) on your skin.

I currently wear a cologne I really like called Chrome by Azzaro (Paris, wee wee). I’ve worn Cool Water, Tommy, Hugo Boss, and like Chrome the best so far.

Would smelling like a rope factory be classified as sexy?

Becoming.... Godsize

Polo Blue

Has anybody tried Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue cologne (not to be confused with Polo Sport)? It’s in a blue bottle that looks just like the original Polo cologne green bottle. There was a test strip ad in my Men’s Journal magazine that came the other day. It seemed to me to be a cross between Polo and Polo Sport.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

I did a bit of research a few years ago on the whole pheremone/olfactory excitation phenomenon, and recall seeing an experiment done somewhere to gauge the amount of bloodflow to the clitoris that was generated by certain smells.

If I recall correctly, the smell of Baby Powder and cucumbers together was the winner. Seriously. Don’t ask me about any correlations…

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