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The "right" clothes.

The "right" clothes.


Anyone knows of a good site with information on how to
match clothes to shape of body (for men) ?



Depends on the look your after! What have you got in mind???

Hey PEnister,

What’s up, who are you trying to impress? ;)

Have a look at this site:

It has some tips you can use on wearing the right clothes (casual or business) , personal appearance and putting it all together. They advise on your hairstyle too, and provide an email adress for personal consultation.

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Thats a pretty good site you pointed out there. Its a good place to get some ideas going!

I’m trying to impress the girls, but of course :)

But seriously, just looking for something which could point me
on what kind of clothes to wear, while taking into consideration the structure of my body.

The women I know either have an awful taste in clothes, or aren’t good at choosing clothes for other people :) And the men… don’t get me started :)

Here’s another nice site:



Try the Men’s Health (the magazine) site. Not only health, sex, diet, etc. but men’s wear as well. Every several months their magazine also has a large section on what’s fashionable at the moment. A good site - that’s where I found the Thunder site.


Yes, Thunder, remember when you asked the question on one of the threads about how we found your site? I listed it on that one. Of course I don’t know why you didn’t remember, you probabaly only read 8,000 per day.

I was in the Health Questions section of the Men’s Health site. That’s where people ask all kinds of questions and other guys relate their experiences. It’s really an interesting site. Anyway, some guy had asked about penis pills - taking pills to make your penis bigger (don’t we all wish). Anyway, one of the guys who replied to the question recommended hanging. The guy’s email address was listed so I emailed him directly. He referred me to your site for additional information and it was love at first “site.” I get in touch with the guy every once in a while and let him know about my progress and to thank him for the Thunder address.

I go to very few sites on the net, my friend, but yours is one I look at several times a day and I’m a big crusader for Thunder’s Place.


Thanks Glenn, you are right, I don’t remember a lot of the posts I read. I try, but the more there are, the more I seem to forget. I’ll do my best to not forget this one and have to ask you the same question again in a month or so. :D

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Thunder, Lad:

Me thinks you ate too many ramps when you were growing up. Enjoy your weekend, Glenn

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