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Stop Hairloss With Onions


Stop Hairloss With Onions

J Dermatol. 2002 Jun;29(6):343-6.
Onion juice (Allium cepa L.), a new topical treatment for alopecia areata.
Sharquie KE1, Al-Obaidi HK.

Alopecia areata is a patchy, non-scarring hair loss condition. Any hair-bearing surface may be involved, and different modalities of treatment have been used to induce hair regrowth. This study was designed to test the effectiveness of topical crude onion juice in the treatment of patchy alopecia areata in comparison with tap water. The patients were divided into two groups. The first group [onion juice treated] consisted of 23 patients, 16 males (69.5%) and 7 females (30.5%). Their ages ranged between 5-42 years with a mean of 22.7 years. The second group [control; tap-water-treated] consisted of 15 patients, 8 males (53.3%) and 7 females (46.6%). Their ages ranged between 3-35 years with a mean of 18.3 years. The two groups were advised to apply the treatment twice daily for two months. Re-growth of terminal coarse hairs started after two weeks of treatment with crude onion juice. At four weeks, hair re-growth was seen in 17 patients (73.9%), and, at six weeks, the hair re-growth was observed in 20 patients (86.9%) and was significantly higher among males (93.7%) compared to females (71.4%) P<0.0001. In the tap-water treated-control group, hair re-growth was apparent in only 2 patients (13%) at 8 weeks of treatment with no sex difference. The present study showed that the use of crude onion juice gave significantly higher results with regard to hair re-growth than did tap water (P<0.0001), and that it can be an effective topical therapy for patchy alopecia areata.

Very interesting post, I’m losing hair on top of the head and so far had not thought of a treatment, I did not know that in addition to nutritious, onion could serve for baldness treatment.

Excellent health data.


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Never heard of that one before and it doesn’t get any more cost effective then that!

How about the smell though?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for the link !

More info always better .

dooks out !!!

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Nice tip, do you have the article for read it ? Thanks !

Originally Posted by mattias20
Nice tip, do you have the article for read it ? Thanks !

I have the article it’s just four pages long. If you want it let me know ;)

(07/05/15; F 9, BP 13.5 X 11.5)

Alopecia areata is not androgenic alopecia (the most common that makes men bald) I think.

Interesting because has some problems with hair-loss and he uses many products (re-gain,re-growth something like that) ill tell him about this therapy nevertheless the study I think has small sample

My father*

Originally Posted by marinera
Alopecia areata is not androgenic alopecia (the most common that makes men bald) I think.

*Stops cutting onions..

Nevermind. Good info though, interesting.

I’ve recently been using a piece of equipment plus recently purchased topical products for my male pattern baldness. Is it worth starting a new thread or just posting on here. Keep in mind I will be taking before and after pictures which will consist of initial, 6 month and 12 month follow up pictures. It won’t involve onions but I’m aware of trying to keep things organized and not starting a thread just for the sake of it.

Any feedback or opinions on this one?

I think it deserves a new thread, Gofor8.

Will do; thanks for the green light.

Originally Posted by marinera
Alopecia areata is not androgenic alopecia (the most common that makes men bald) I think.

Absolutely true, the first is possibly an auto-immune disease, but the exact cause is unknown. Androgenic baldness is, unfortunately, a normal aging process and is mostly under hormonal control.

It’s a very interesting article, and even though the study groups are small, the results are quite good. Might be something to read up on!

Another benefit of onion juice on your hair is that it keeps people at a distance, so they will not notice that you have a bald spot! ;)

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