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Originally Posted by westla90069
Because you get older.

You didn’t think that grandpa had brown pubes did you? His are gray or white just like the hair on his head (if he still has any). :)

lol I didn’t mean the hair. I thought he meant the skin would turn white. lol

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Originally Posted by memento
Don’t use veet or any other chemical hair remover on your scrotum.

I used to use Hair removal cream on my shaft and balls, and never had any trouble from it. For me it was the only way I could remove hair down there. I did try shaving with an electric razor, nose hair trimmers, and a normal razor and every time I would get really bad ingrown hairs. Hair removal cream worked well, no ingrown hairs, and the stubble was very soft and I didn’t get any irritation or scratchy regrowth.

I just use a trimmer. Shaving all the way irritates my skin way too much. I always thought tweezing would be too painful, but it sounds like I should give it a try.

Originally Posted by ewcholo
It works well. But don’t ever try to shave hair off your balls with it because it will make you scream like a son of bitch. Otherwise, electric tirmmer is really good to use and easy. It gets most of pub off except ones on ball sack and your stick.

YES. Electric trimmer on scrotum = bad. Thankfully, a regular safety razor, with a little soap as lube, works fine on the sack. I’ve never cut myself.

Like others, I use clippers on most of the pubes and pluck those on the shaft. You can still get ingrowns with plucking, though, which sucks.

There is a place for shaving, and a place for trimming, and a place for pulling out individual hairs. There is no one solution for everyone. I’ve tried pulling out individual hairs. I got ingrown hairs from that. I do a combination of trimming and shaving.

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I just use a basic 2 blade disposable.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I once knew someone in college who said he “trims the hedges, but doesn’t mow the lawn.” Works for me!

Originally Posted by SideBanger
I have a Braun Electric Razor with a trimmer. I originally used the trimmer to get most of the hair and the regular shaver part to do the rest. It took a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the process, but now I shave almost every day: fat pad, shaft, and balls. I love being hairless.

I tried to use a razor ONCE on my fat pad. I used my wife’s razor and gel in the shower, but it didn’t go so well. I apparently have bumps there, and the razor mowed them all down. Not a lot of pain, but lots of blood, like popping zits. I had little scabs all over for a week.

The only annoyances I experience now are:
1) Sometimes it itches as it grows back.
2) Occasional ingrown hairs (I pull these out with tweezers)
3) Irritation can occur, especially on the sides where the shaft meets the balls.

Do some searching, there are lots of old posts about pubic shaving. If I remember, there is even a special electric razor made just for that purpose.

I think we use the same product. Mine’s braun and it has a trimmer on the back. It’s a slider. VERY WELL MADE!

I wish I had known about plucking my shaft years ago—I guess pubic hair grooming wasn’t at the top of my list.


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