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Shaving 101


Originally Posted by hobby
Para and tnt, how many shaves do you get from your Sensor Excel cartridges? I tend to stretch my Mach3 ones out way too long because they are expensive. I’d be more inclined to pitch a $.30 blade at the first signs of tiredness than a $2+ cartridge.

From looking at pictures, I had either a Sensor Excel or something with the same latching mechanism before the Mach3. I liked it better.

Yeah, they are expensive and I too stretch them out as much as I can. I get my blades at a swap meet (like a flea market) and they are half price if I can buy them before someone else buys them all. I can’t use the disposables because I get a rash.

I shave everyday, upstairs and downstairs, with my Braun Electric razor. I have whatever the razor du jour is, with 5 blades, but it sucks. I used to have the Sensor Excel, and I think that was the best one I ever used.

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