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What are the best methods for a woman to shave or trim her pubes? How to avoid ingrown hairs, stubble, razor burn, rash, itchies? My wife used to complain just from shaving her bikini lines…


Tell ya what. You find out, tell me. Waxing might be the only sure bet, but I don’t wanna go there. OWIE.

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My female friends who get Brazilian waxes tell me that the temporary pain (and compromising positions) are worth the trouble. I don’t have any first-hand experience, though.

I’ve been considering waxing for myself, but I’m not sure my coarse hair will respond as well to waxing :P But a female curlies should be fine.


I am like sunshine, if you find out let me know. I do use sensitive skin razors and cocoa butter. Seems to help some. Itchies…I wish I knew. I think that is the risk that can’t be helped. I wouldn’t know. Waxing is out for me. I don’t even like to get my eyebrows waxed anymore, I trim them with a razor now. :blue: Good question here.

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I use an electric razor - Philips dual (battery & electric).
This razor has a built in cutter for trimming sideburns and is useful for cutting the long hairs, then use the face cutter for getting a clean shave.
Works fine for me and there is little or no soreness after. It is however a little awkward trying to get the ball sack clean but thats not such a big worry.

Might be just the thing for the ladies.

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I wax my wife. I started doing it first and convinced her to give it a try. It hurts but only for a second. We wax her normally every two weeks to stay on top of things, and it takes about an hour each time. I apply the wax and she rips it off. I got tired of razor stubble on her. It’s sharp and comes back so fast. Waxed is SO much smoother, you can’t believe how nice it feels. She does her outer labia to the clit and then does everything above except a narrow strip. It requires a certain level of commitment but once you’ve done it you’ll throw rocks at razors. I’ll never go back to razors, even though I enjoyed the sensation.

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