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Hi i have moderate acne and am about to start a course of Roaccutane i was wondering if anyone else on this forum had skin troubles or had any experiances or views on Roaccutance, is it effective, i hear it has some side effects, do you think it could hinder my pe, cheers,



I’m no dermatologist so I have no experience at all with accutane. However my son suffered with moderate acne and topical clindamycin gel, after washing with ivory soap twice a day, and oral tetracycline or doxycycline worked well for him.

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I took Accutane

Here’s my story:

Prior to taking Accutane, I applied topical creams for about a year and half, and it had no affect on my acne. I didn’t have full-face-covering acne, but I did have very deep zits that wouldn’t go away for over two weeks (around 5-7 of these at a time along with the little ones). They were so deep, you could barely see them far away, but it ruined my confidence; and it hurt to smile because of the pain from those deep zits.

So, my family, dermatologist, and I talked about taking Accutane. I decided to take it. I went in every two weeks to get my blood taken.

My experience with Accutane was wonderful. It cleared my face up completely. Even now, more than 4 years after taking it, I’m still mostly free of acne (although I do get the occasional little ones if I’m stressed out). I did have some side effects, though:

1. Extremely dry skin and lips. (make sure you have Blistix and face cream)
2. I can remember the occasional depression (nothing severe, though)
3. I had one bout with insomnia

My suggestion is that if you start feeling really depressed, get off it because I’ve heard suicidal stories. My family kept a strong eye on me and my feelings at all times. Maybe you can get your friends or family to help you out with that.

I had one other friend that took Accutane, and he had no side effects. His acne was worse than mine, and it cleared him up. He doesn’t even have scarring.

And I do not think that it will hinder your PE.

If you have any more questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!



Thankyou both very much for your quick responses i have tried almost all the other methods suggested and although they have helped a little bit they have not completely cleared my skin. I have heard great things about roaccutane and i am now confident it will work well for me. One thing though i have no major scarring, ie potholes, however i do have purple marks from past breakouts, do you think this will clear up over time as my acne goes away, also does roaccutane remove all spots ie blackheads too. Thanks very much again, cheers,



I had some purple marks, and most of them went away once the treatment was completed. I still have a few, but they’re hardly noticeable. You would really have to look for them to see them. Accutane didn’t remove the blackheads on my nose, but it did clear up the blackheads on my forehead and chin.

Most people I meet compliment me on my skin. Sometimes I mention that I had bad acne, and they can’t believe it. Most of the time, even after 4 years, it’s practically flawless. Like I said above, though, I get the occasional break out, but it’s no big deal.

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I am really excited about starting the treatment now as along with enlarging my dick, clearing up my skin is top of my personal priorities list. Roughly how long would you say it took to see some improvement? Cheers,



I started seeing results towards the end of my treatment. I forget how long my treatment was. I think 9 weeks, so I started seeing results about week 7.

I’m currently taking Accutane, for the 2nd time. Last year, I finally got fed up with breaking out; I had nothing severe, but at 28, I was getting pissed off. Hard to look professional when you’re breaking out, right? So my doc put me on Accutane. All I have to say is AWESOME results. I had freakin’ PORCELAIN skin, man. 4 months at 40 mg a day, and then I was off. This summer, though, I started to regress back to my original state. I talked to my doc again, and he admitted I was originally on a low dose for my weight. So, now I’m 3 months into a 80 mg/day course of treatment. Seems to be working fine again, although dry lips are a constant battle. Hopefully, the results will stick. Even at 80 mg a day, I still get blackheads around the nose, nothing major.

As far as PE goes, well, I’m into my routine, no probs. I’d keep an eye on your skin, though——-Accutane seems to make your skin very thin and fragile. I don’t hang, (yet), just jelq and JAI. No probs so far.

Oh, and had a moderate battle with erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety to be exact, and that MAY have been exacerbated by the Accutane. Who knows. But, in the end, great drug for killing acne.

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All looks promising

This is excellent from what i have been hearing about roaccutane it really does seem to be a top drug for clearing up skin, i am on 40mg a day taken in the form of 20mg capules twice a day. I will keep an eye out on my skins sensitivity and strength as i do hang so i will be monitoring closely. Thanks again everyone and i will keep you posted, cheers,



With the cracking lips...

With the cracking lips, i’m not sure because when i was on roacutane i wasn’t doing any PE but I don’t think going down on a girl would be a good idea ;)

I know mustard and sauce from hotdogs stings like buggary!

BTW jackthelad i presume you’re from england (I think essex is in england), do you think England will beat the Aussies in the cricket over here at all this summer? —- Looks a slim chance to me :)

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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Hehe, i dont think so mate unless they are feeling charitable, England had seemed to be improving before this but Australia are worlds ahead of any team when it comes to cricket,



aussies kiked ass in cricket mate!

Aussies kiked ass in cricket mate!

But cricket bores the crap out of me, cauz 1 day wen I was playing as a youngster (15) I was in the field and then I was half falling asleep and bang i got falconed in the head (hit in the head with cricket ball) thats why I dont like it any more.

Rugby league is more my style!

HaHaHaHaHaHaHa :) :) :) :) :) ,
That’s gotta cane, being hit in the head!
But it’s always funny when it happens to someone else ;)

I got a close one to the balls once (just skimmed them)!

I think the Aussies will defend the World Cup of Rugby also, although I don’t follow rugby that much I still like to see the Aussies win and the International version of Rugby is sure better than the NRL in my opinion.
Rugby is also way more interesting than soccer (our national team is in a similar situation to the box of crackers under my couch :) )

But us Aussies still rule at most sports, Swimming, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, Lawn Bowls :) , surfing (I think),golf, Movies (ok, that’s not a sport, but who doesn’t watch movies?)

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Rugby League is a far better game than rugby union, I have played both and union sucks. Union is just an unorginised game of league.

But yea go aussies

Which part of australia do u live in dude?

Down South

Down Under in Down Under :)
Yhea, South Australia for me, only been to Canberra and it was OK but I wouldn’t live there.

We don’t get much rugby here because we don’t have a team but we’re all Aussie Rules :)

I presume you’re a NSW or QLD man with the Rugby thing and all.

Did you see Steve Waugh make the 10000 and the 100 on the final ball of the day to equal Bradman? —Absolute Legend he is :)
Was playing my cricket videogames all afternoon after watching that. :)

—-of interesting note: he got to the 10000 runs on his score of 69 ;) —-

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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