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ridding of calusses?

ridding of calusses?

I have the nastiest hand calusses imaginable. Always had them before this PE stuff. I even had them before i learned to jerk off, so don’t even go there!

What do I do to get rid of them? Filing them down and keep doing so? Try cutting them off? What do you think?

I have them on my thumb right behind the midjoint/knuckle. About half way betwwen the finger tip and the actuall hand starts.

The second one is on the pointer/index finger right next to it. If you were turning your right hand to shake someone’s hand it would be to the left of the knuckle that is in the hand hot the finger.. It is about a quarter inch away from this knuckle.

Any ideas?


You can get a pumus stone & file then down. You can usually find them in the bath stuff or in manacure area of most stores.

But usually they are there for a reason. They are to protect your hands in the areas they are in because you getting friction there.

I woulnt cut them off. I would just use the pumas stone on them.
It works the best if you soak your hands in water for about 10 or 15 min. The stone should be wet also.
Its used usually to keep calluses of of your feet. So it should work on your hands.

You dont want to do anything but keep calluses to a min because your body produces them to protect areas that get a lot of work.
They can start to build up though.

So dont try to just completly get rid of them just keep them smmothed down.
If you do try to remove them completly you will find out why they are there the next time you do the work that caused them.
Your hands will get very sore if you got them from doing a certain job at work that caused them in the first place.

Yeah, and there’s some type of lotion you should put on at night (seriously). Anyhow, don’t make it an afternoon job. It’s something you should gradually improve upon.

You can use that pumus stone on the calluses on your feet, too.


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