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Hey everyone,
I was wondering what you all thought about this website. Also has anyone tried this stuff or anything similiar. If so what were the results. I am pretty skeptical and think it is crazy.. Have to admit though if it truely did what it says, man wouldn’t it be great. The link is below. Thanks.




I can’t say I ever tried any of these products, but I highly doubt that it would be anything more than a placebo effect. I’ve seen some mention of them elsewhere on PE boards and was not convinced. Calls to mind some adds in mags like Club and Harvey that I held in one hand during my early teens. Seems like someone is always trying to hawk some hormonal cologne and this likely will continue. Back in the ol’ days of wagons and horseshit covered roads they called it snake oil. I really think hormones and the reaction to them is a pretty time dependent thing. They likely have a “life” dependent on many factors and one really couldn’t see the possibilty of bottling them to any degree of effectiveness…at least not for $50.00. I say what I do on the “life” of these substances because there is a hormonal language and it’s spoken in real time. The “smell” of fear would likely interfere with the “smell” of sex dependent on the situation, and perhaps vice versa. Therefore, I suspect that any hormone has to be realatively new and in production/emission at the time it is detected, a time when it is a full strength. Couldn’t see them lasting very long, not to mention the possible synergy between chemical and physical behavior. Or maybe not! Fuck, I don’t know…hey Secjay, wanna give an opinion on this stuff. groa

no I do not. :)

I heard that this stuff smells terrible anyways, so you might as well not waste your money people. If you want to emit odorous clouds of sexy attractant then go spend some time in the gym. You’ll also get the added benefits of actually having a sexy body, not just being a ‘fraud’..

You are supposed to be able to put it in your regular cologne.



Hey guys,
You know this stuff is made out to be some sort of miracle drug. Just out of curiosity I am doing some research on the internet about this kind of stuff. I don’t believe it per say but have to admit it has struck my sense of curiosity. There is another site out thier called attractant1000. I got that after reading a friends issue of Men and Health. They basically state the same claims as the one I linked earlier. Except the attractant1000 is alot more expensive. Well if anyone is crazy enough to buy it please let me know what kind of experience you had with it. If I find anything interesting on the web I will either post the link or copy and paste some of the interesting facts.. Take it easy and have a Happy New Year.

See Yaa…

Male Pheromones-- My experience

I wasn’t going to wade in here— but I seem to have more experience than others who have so far contributed.

I have bought the little packs of male pheromones from the slot machines in mens loos. I presume that these are widely available —-not only in Sydney. They have a cologne smell.

Probably against the directions, I have taken huge lung fulls of the stuff on several occasions— by opening up one corner of the packet and breathing in very close to the paper— and the reaction is that I get slightly light headed, and pretty quickly feel a tingling in my dick and balls — and get an erection.

So they have some use for me — kick starting a sometimes sluggish dick.

I don’t know if this proves that I’m 100 % gay, or what— I’d be interested if anyone who identifies as “straight”, tried this and got the same reaction.

I have also rubbed the stuff all over my (No2 haircut) head and arms before going out to some of the big dance parties that we have here— Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball. I always go with my partner— and we have been together for a long time—16 years— and a lot of straying goes on in our relationship— it’s very “Open”—, but I noticed that he just could not help himself with being close to me on those nights—hands all over my head, very smootchy.

I’ve had mixed reactions when i’ve gone out without my partner— so I can’t tell if the stuff works or not.

But obviously there are many things going on with sexual attraction— I reckon that the pheromones might help “get someone going” who was already interested and had got a bit close to you already— It might bring them from 45 % to 55%—-and you might therefore score when otherwise not.

Or to try them with your regular partner and see if the sex is a bit wilder.

Smells arnt enough

I really love a man that smells good but I woulnt pick a man by that. If he smelled bad now thats another story. But I think that there are lots of other things that would be ahead of the way he smelled.

Hi DiamondWinds,
So do you think this stuff is silly. I heard they even make it for women so they can attract men. I have to agree though that the person had to already be a slight bit intrested in you to begin with. I read some of there so called testomoinies and just laugh. I emailed the company yesterday afternoon. They said they reply within 24 hours. Well I still haven’t gotten anything from them. I was pretty direct and to the point so they probably got pissed and said the hell with replying..HAHAHA I had a friend buy some stuff similar from a adult store. He tried it and said his wife went nuts. Maybe she was already horney to begin with. LOL Anyway I thank all of you who have responded to the original post. I think it is an intresting topic. Take care..

See Yaa..

Very Intresting Subject

Well I think its a very intresting subject to! Also being as curious as I am I wonder if its true or not. i was under the impression that pheromones were somthing that was instinctive. Suposedly we have no control over our instincts just kick in. The only problem with that is how many instincts do we have left working in us? I dont know if we even use our instincts anymore? But who knows maybe we do & dont realize it. It would be very intresting to conduct an experiment on the subject of pheromones & see just how much if at all we are effected by them. Like have a party & have so many people wearing them & so many not & see what happens. Or just try them out for yourself. If they did work that means that our bodies probably still produce them & we are instictivly effected by them. There is still at large chemestry between people which seems to be something along those lines!

Anyway it is something to look into.


I bought one of the Uneet Co. ( products a few months ago with a what-the-hell attitude and liked it enough that I reordered.

My experiences with it haven’t been nearly as interesting as those of their other customers, -I’m 63 and single and not on the make - but I’ve been in situations where I’m convinced women sense something and open up to me, and things have gone better than they might have otherwise. Also, when I wear it, I feel good about myself, and this can’t help but be an attractant.



Well now that brings another point up. Could it be if you are willing to buy them that you must have faith in them working & your self confidence is there for given a boost? So they are working actually for what they claim to achieve. But arnt there other things that can boost your confidence as well. Like looking exceptionally sharp & you knowyou do. Or hearing great news that just makes your day & everything seems to go great the rest of the day. Like you can do no wrong. It seems to me that your attitude has a lot to do with the way things effect you. Sometimes you cannot do much about what happens & how others will react, but you can do something about your attitude towards it. Which seems to definatly relate your effect on others & how it in return effects you. Very Good Point

I found this old thread while searching for information on the subject. I just purchased what amounts to a sample size of a product called “Scent Of Eros”. While doing so, I have learned a bit about the art and/or science of Pheromones.

(More details on the following can be found here as the following is paraphrasing what can be found there)
There are 3 main pheromones that one will find in any mix for men - those are androstenone (none), androstenol (nol), and androsterone (rone). Each one has a different effect both on women (allegedly) and the man wearing them (most likely).

“None” is commonly associated with Alpha Maleness. The aggressive, king turd on shit mountain quality that all too many men strive to exert. This is the most tricky of the three pheros since this quality is one that can be good in moderation but disastrous in too high doses. The desired effect is to come off as confident, strong, and successful - inducing animal desire in women and respect in men. These are both great things to have but once the line is crossed into overdose you will come off as cocky, overly-aggressive, and intimidating.

The trickiest part of “None” is that some people actually are the Alpha type or simply look it. These variables bring the line of overdose closer and closer hence making the use of None more and more risky. It sounds to be highly effective (given that its all true and the aliens ate my homework) and somewhat worth the risk. It should be noted, however, that the risk does exist and might lead to unpleasant experiences.

“Nol” is the more friendly of the pheromones. This in itself is a mixed bag. On the one hand there is very little - if any - risk of overdose, on the other you run the risk of becoming “one of the girls”. The effect is to make you appear more friendly, caring, and approachable - all things that you really should be anyways. This should be looked at more as a foot in the door than a ticket to a swing on the chandelier. It will make you likable, but not lust-able (allegedly, again).

“Rone” is seen as in between the former two. I couldn’t find much information on it beyond that there is very little information available. There are reports ranging from it being the best thing since cheese to it being the evil piss of Satan himself. If only it were in those words.

So long - very long (sorry) - story short, the mix that I purchased is a combination of the last two. Word is that they are the most effective with the younger crowd (allegedly). I’ve chosen to stay away from “none” for now as I can be very imposing to people who don’t know me - or so I hear. I’m not at all an Alpha but I am somewhat more bulky than average so the line for potential overdose is closer to me than I would like. But I am sort of a mixed bag myself in that I physically come off as a big, truck-driving, Alpha dude but my personality is much more Frasier Crane than I would like to admit.

I’ll keep you posted. I do believe that pheromones can work (to a limited degree) I’m just not so sure about the people selling them and what they actually put in the stuff. Again, sorry its so long but that’s sort of what I do.

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All of us emit Pheromones, they are naturally occurring in our bodies. Sweating (perspiration) brings them out. Cologne or aftershave can enhance them. It is what will attract us to another. It has also been called animal magnetism.

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