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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

I’ve looked into buying a TRIA and Silk’n Personal home light remover. They say not to use them on the genital area or anus but, sometimes I think it might worth chancing for the price, since one of them has a money back guarantee.

What i have used and I think it worked out fairly well was a cheap product from Sally’s Beauty supply called Surgi-Cream Bikini. Here is a link from Amazon. I’ve heard all the stories about Nair and Veet being used and I did not experience any issues with Surgi. It is fairly cheap and does not take too long to use. But you have to read the instructions, it says that you can not wash with soap or shave in certain time frames before or after (can’t remember has been a couple months).

I’ll say that I’m white, but not sure I would classify myself as having ‘fair’ skin, though it does get pale. And I have dark hair.

Originally Posted by Titleist

My wife has had it done and boy it’s amazing. I love it!

Titleist, what areas did your wife have lasered, and how effective was it? How many sessions did it take and how much did it cost? I would like to get this for my wife, primarily for her “bikini area”, but have heard it is very, very expensive and time consuming. Thanks in advance.

Originally Posted by huff

Why? Is their danger involved in further treatments?

I’m a hairy fuck, I need this shit. It’d be nice to be able to go to the beach without having people laughing and pointing.

No danger, I think they had initially decided as he is quite fair skinned under his gorilla pelt, three times would be enough.

I’ve seen him since, and they did full back and chest. They have ended up doing it four times, but will still have to do some delicate ‘fine tuning’ because there are odd patches which are still growing a bit, and at the moment the tops of his arms just go from thick hair to no hair, so they need to blend that in.

Unfortunately, when he showers after sport, it’s a bit obvious that he’s had it done. His hairless white back stops at his underpants waistband, and when he takes them off, it looks like he is wearing a pair of hairy shorts under his underpants….

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Has anyone any experience with the TRIA home laser hair removal system? I’d love to be able to get rid of all that pubic hair without having some stranger in a salon watch me grow as she does her work. What I’d essentially like to know is “Does it work?”. I’m sure many others are wondering so if anyone has any experience could you let the rest of us know if it’s money well spent or not.



I don’t have experience with that particular device but all the use at home devices I’ve come across have been very time consuming to use and with results that are much worse than a professional hair removal system. Unless you have problem hairs numbering under 50, it’s probably not worth considering.

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I’m planning on starting a series of laser treatments in a couple weeks, after finding a place with a 6 sessions for $300 deal for male pelvic region.. Any tips from guys who have done it?

I have a consultation this coming Monday to see about getting the hair on my dick and scrotum lasered off.. This should be interesting.

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Be sure to post your results guys.

If you’re fair haired, you can get electrolysis. It’s more time consuming, but if you’re determined to not have to shave or wax & just want the hair to be gone forever.. That’s the way to go. :) I’m a fair haired/fair skinned female & have inquired about hair removal methods.. That was what was recommended to me. :)

I have to say, it makes me happy that there are guys like you all out there that are concerned about grooming and looking as nice as you can. I’m proud of you. :) You have no idea how much it’s appreciated that you guys would go to such lengths to make yourselves that much more handsome and appealing. :) I was just talking with some girlfriends the other day & we were like “why don’t guys take better care of themselves?”.. So this is nice to see. Really. :) Thank you for your efforts. :)

My GF has the tria. I don’t think it works. It’s not a laser, just a really bright flash bulb. The bulbs are like 30 bucks each and they don’t last very long. Like maybe a couple hundred flashes. I use one of those ten dollar trimmers that looks like an electronic toothbrush for the hairs on my shaft. It’s fast and painless. Then I use a beard trimmer for the rest of the package.

Sorry. She has the silk’n. Not the tria.

I’ve done laser hair removal for my buttocks and it’s really smooth! Also the crack, still some hair so I gotta go back for more. Definitely a permanent solution I feel. Their disclaimer is that it works BEST on fair skinned people with dark hair. Definitely wanna laser off the hair on my sack. You could also stop short of full hair removal (think 4 treatments vs full 6 treatments). This causes the hair to still exist, but it will be much finer.

One of my sisters has been using the Silk’n BellaLite system and is very happy with it.

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Guys there are companies who will laser the hair from the shaft of he penis and your balls. The only thing is it has to be dark hair in order to gain success. My hair is blonde tho, and there are lasers for blonde hair yet not as effective. The technology is changing fast tho.

Originally Posted by bluray
It is my dream to have my ass lasered too. :) It’s hard to shave so I usually have a hairless body except for my ass because I am exhausted from shaving and then I get with a girl and she gasps at my hairy crack.

Think the laser would work on the shaft of the penis too?

Check out this section in google - “Balls n All” laser hair removal. I would say any type of service specializing like this looks promising. Also known as never cut yourself trimming/shaving ever again….

Expensive? as mentioned already very likely but permanent or 90% gone sounds appealing to me.


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