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people that take more than one shower a day


people that take more than one shower a day

Apparently it’s bad for your skin to take a lot of showers. Personally, I take a shower only when i know I smell, or when It’s gym day. If i for example took a shower yesterday and today I’m just having a lazy day not doing much, I won’t take a shower.

So why is it that so many people take two showers a day? Surely if you use deodorant you can at least smell neutral for 24 hours?

I think it’s normal for people living in cooler countries to take shower once a day. That’s different with people living in countries with hotter climate. I live in a tropical country so I really have to take a shower at least twice a day. I think it all comes down to preference.



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I shower or bath everyday even if I’ve been pretty inactive. If I don’t pull my foreskin back and wash daily it builds up smeg and I don’t like the white cheesy stuff accumulating there. I like my cock to be squeeky clean.

Shower often 2-3 times a day, in the morning, after gym/cardio and sometimes before i go to sleep. I just like the fresh feeling after a cold shower

I don’t always take a full body shower daily but I do wash my arm pits and private area once to twice a day with a wash cloth and soap.

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At least one shower daily due to the gym. Days off I rarely shower.

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2 a day, religiously.

There are studies saying that soaps are not the best options to clean your skin with they are very abrasive and indeed even when you smell great your skin pores are more susceptible to infections and bacteria.

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I shower once in the morning and once more before i go to bed.

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I’ve heard that showering too much is bad for your skin/hair and etc. They say its a lot healthier to shower with cold water instead of hot water. It’s also important to remember that when you shower you rinse away your body’s natural oils. Too bad I love my water scalding hot!

I shower daily unless it is a situation where I will not be going out. Then I only wash my hair. In the summertime I shower daily unless I am doing something which involves a lot of dust or it is very hot and humid. It is at times such as this that I shower as often as necessarily to feel fresh. Before I retired I showered every day in the morning before going to work.


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I shower twice per day, when I get up and before I go to bed. Always have and always will I’m a creature of habit.

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I personally shower once a day, twice if I feel dirty.

Once in the morning, so feel refreshed throughout the day and don’t smell when around others.

I shower three times daily (cold showers) as part of something my tai chi training. It’s been the biggest gift I have received from someone as it is has provided benefit in so many ways. I have done this every day for over 9months without ever missing a single day.

It does not damage your skin, the cold showers tend to last from 15-30 seconds and are followed by several mantras.



I shower each day, twice when I go to the gym.

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