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people that take more than one shower a day


I take a shower once a *week*. I also go to the gym 6 days a week for 90 to 120 minutes per session. In my opinion deodorant is enough.

No one has ever complained to me yet. Though I am 232 lbs at 6’ 2” with a 47 inch chest, 31 inch waist and 17 inch arms (have increased in the last few weeks from TRT). So maybe people just don’t want to talk to me.

I should also mention I have a buzz cut that’s 7mm long so I don’t have to fuck with my hair period.

But yea it works for me and has saved me ~3 hours a week (30 min a day 6x a week).

I shower when I can smell my own pits without trying, or when I haul my cock out to piss and can smell it.

AND sometimes I shower when the skin under my beard itches really bad. That is usually because I’ve been sweating a lot and it gets salty and annoyed under there.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPL: 7.5, EG: 5.25 (head) and 5 (shaft), FL: 5, FG: 3.5

I have 2.5 inch balls, and despite that I am on testosterone therapy for having a less than minimal score on the T-test. With therapy (which is an underarm gel) I'm right in the middle of normal. This was all discovered due to sudden depression symptoms.

4 times per week.

Start 6.8” x 4.7”

Now 7.5” x 4.9”

Regras do Fórum


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