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Nipple Enhancement

Nipple Enhancement

As I was growing up, I never gave much thought to the subject of my nipples. I remember going to the local swimming pool and other shirtless venues and noticing the one or two guys that had big nipples and/or larger areolas. At the time, I thought it looked a little weird for a male to have nipples like a female. My nipples were always small, nondescript and the areola was dime-sized to penny-sized in diameter. When I was 18 years old, I developed what turned out to be a benign tumor in my right breast, under the nipple. A surgeon removed the tumor by cutting around the nipple to gain access to the tumor. Fortunately, the tumor was benign; I learned that developing these tumors is fairly common in young men. Unfortunately, the doctor who performed the procedure was not a plastic surgeon. I was left with a flat, inverted, slightly smaller right nipple with an elliptical-shaped areola (darker in color) that no longer matched my left nipple. Furthermore, it seems that some muscle tissue was removed along with the tumor such that my right pectoral muscle is smaller than the left which makes my chest somewhat assymetrical. I also was left with the access scar which over time faded and finally blended into the edge of the areola. I believe that if the procedure were done today in the year 2003, rather than in 1977, much more care would be taken with making the end result aesthetically pleasing.

After this experience, I didn’t give my nipples a lot of thought until one of my girlfriends slipped her hand down my shirt and began to rub my chest. I then discovered the sensual, sexual and erotic side of male nipples. The minor deformity didn’t seem to bother any of my girlfriends. I discovered that the erectile tissue in my right nipple was still intact, as the new attention brought it to life.

Fast forward to 1999, the year I discovered PE. I purchased a cheap sex novelty store pump that came with a manual, “How to Enlarge Your Penis.” This manual included black & white photographs of John Holmes and also a Tom of Finland drawing. I did an Internet search, and found more Tom of Finland drawings. I also found biographical books containing his drawings at my local Borders bookstore. Tom of Finland drawings, although targeted for a gay audience, seemed to embody the ideals that all PEers are striving for. Long, impossibly thick cocks with large mushroom heads with massive, perfectly shaped balls beneath. Tom’s men have shaved scrotums and cockshafts devoid of hair with the hair on the pubic mound nicely trimmed in an arched shape that accentuates and compliments the entire package. I drew inspiration and motivation from these pictures to help me visualize the end result of my PE efforts. I also emulated the pubic hair grooming I found depicted in these illustrations.

Another aspect of Tom of Finland’s drawings is that men are drawn with huge muscular chests and prominent, large erect nipples that proudly jut out from each pec. I had never seen men’s nipples depicted as part of their sensuality. I was intrigued and decided I kind of liked how they looked.

I read peforeal’s post about the nipple/dick connection:

Nipple Play - the overlooked male erogenous zone

Recently, while perusing the pages of JT’s Stockroom, , looking at the great selection of cock rings they offer, I noticed that they had snakebite kits for sale. The online catalog stated, “A standard piece of camping gear prized among the sexually adventurous for the strong (generally not painful) sensations produced when its 2 powerful suction cups are used on the nipples…”

I then ran across this how-to article about nipple enlargement, written from a gay perspective, posted on the Internet:

So, just like with PE, I decided to try nipple enhancement/enlargement, just to see if it would work. I went to my local WalMart, went to the camping supples area, and immediately found the same snakebite kit I had seen at JT’s Stockroom selling for $7.50, for a mere $2.97. I bought the kit and threw away everything but the two large suction cups and the smaller suction cup. One morning last week, I gave it a try. I lightly lubed my nipples with cocoa butter and attached the suction cups. The results seemed to be immediate. After one session, my nipples were swollen and subsequently stayed erect for a long time and budded out more after the swelling went down.. No more flat, inverted right nipple for me! The suction cups seemed to snap the erectile tissue out of its long slumber. After one or two sessions, my nipples were visible through tight fitting shirts or T-shirts. I’ve done about 5 sessions now and the results seem to be permanent, my nipples look and feel the same on days off as on workout days.

I would advise starting slowly. Like PE and pumping, there is definitely a chance of injury if done to fast, with too much suction, or too long of sessions. I would start with 10 minute sessions, then 20 minute sessions. The longest I’ve gone is 30 minutes without a break. I wear the suction cups while shaving, PEing and showering in the morning, since it’s most easy to be shirtless and have privacy at that time.

I stumbled across a site by someone calling himself “Nippleman” or something like that. This was the nipple enlargement version of “Extreme Pumping.” He had various photographs of his nipples that he had elongated to project over one inch in length. They looked like the long nipples pics that DiamondWinds has posted. He also showed pictures of various injuries that he had incurred including blistering, etc.

I don’t think I want to take it to that extreme. Right now, I’m concerned about enhancing the looks of my nipples and achieving a sexier chest profile. I’ve definitely noticed the nipple/dick connection and it seems to have given my libido and my PE efforts a jump-start. I’m also looking at several bulb suction devices that may be more gentle than the snakebite kit suction cups.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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You could just get them pierced like I did. Mine were flat most of the time until I got them pierced. Now they are aproximately three times larger.

J Meister,

Glad you resurrected the joys of male nipple stimulation and made reference to one of my previous threads on this topic. To me it is one of life’s greatest sensual and sexual pleasures. Sometimes, if I just imagine my nipples being sucked or gently rolled between fingers, I get an immediate hard-on. Nipple stimulation can be even more exciting to me than direct penis stimulation, but the combination of both at the same time is the absolutely best. For guys, who have never explored this aspect of themselves, you may want to try it and perhaps make one of your own personal best discoveries. What do you have to lose?


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would like to learn more ...

This is an interesting subject. Thanks guys.

I hadn’t even thought about my nipples being erogenous until quite recently. I had noticed that they would swell with the action of a T shirt being taken off. But I didn’t give a thought to it. Certainly my wife had never touched them.

I got chatting to a guy on the net who told me he could get aroused and even ejaculate just with nipple play. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. He told me that if I pulled on them perhaps they would become more erogenous. I have noticed sometimes that if I am erect already, that some tweaking of them kind of enhances the pleasure.

It makes me wonder whether it is the massaging below that one of the posts mentioned, is the key to “awakening” them. I think that was the word used.

I really don’t want to get into suction pads or piercing. So what do you guys who have this down to a fine art suggest by way of simple massage or hand stumlation that might “awaken” these otherwise dormant and seemingly useless appendages we guys have on our chests?

Mine are fairly flat normally but if I lick my finger and play with them, they swell somewhat.

Looking forward to hearing other’s experience on this subject.


nipple sensitivity awakening/a primer


I have fairly well defined nipples, so access to manipulating and playing with them is simple. To increase the physical awareness and sensation of your nipples, I would suggest that you simply and gently squeeze both of your nipples between the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Start off lightly and just roll your nipples between your fingers. Just relax and try to enjoy the new sensations that you are feeling. Put on some porn, if this helps to get you into the mood. Eventually, you will become more sensitized. If things start to go real well quickly, you’ll start to feel a direct sensual/sexual connection that radiates from your nipples down to your dick.

Once you have acclimated yourself to these great sensations, you may want to explore some new directions with your wife. One of the most erogenous things that my wife and I do is to have her stimulate both of my nipples between her fingers while having sex. It’s even better when she stimulates one nipple with her hand while sucking gently on the other one with her mouth, while I’m on top fucking her. I love this a lot, and she knows it. Give it a try and let us all know how it goes.


I think that a lot of fellas dont think nipple play is manly so they avoid it . I am secure with mysself ,and enjoy the nipple play with my wife.

missing out


I agree with you. I think a lot of guys avoid nipple play because they confuse the pleasure they might derive from it as less than manly. All I can say is that they are missing out on a potential pot of gold of pleasure. To all the guys, if you can experiment with every kind of PE activity and variation on your dick, what’s the big deal about a little experimentation with your nipples and the possibility of incredible new sensations to enhance all the fantastic sex that you’ll be getting with your bigger dicks?


so i take it everyone just blew off my suggestion about getting your nipples pierced. Oh well. Struggle with your pumping efforts. For me getting mine pierced enlarged them by 3 or 4 times within a week.


Did your nipples become larger because they are being stretched out by the piercings or by additional manual manipulations?


Nipple Enhancement, Part II

After a month or so of off and on experimentation with nipple enhancement, I’ve
come to some preliminary conclusions: (1) It doesn’t take a lot of work with the
snakebite suction cups to see results, (2) the changes appear to be
permanent—my nipples now protrude more when erect and get erect more often,
(3) the nipple/dick connection only gets better.

I’ve found that the shower is the best place to wear the snakebite suction cups.
The moisture seems to help the cups adhere to the chest and you can’t beat the
shower for privacy. Also, the length of time seems to be about right.

I’ve continued to experiment with the snakebite kit. I bought a second snakebite
kit so that I could have two narrow suction cups. I’ve been using the narrow
suction cups this week. They seem to really pull out the tips and seem promising
for developing “pencil eraser” nipples.

As I mentioned in my “Busted!!!!” thread, I recently purchased some nipple toys
from JT’s Stockroom— . I bought two “Nipple Suction
Device” described by JT’s as follows: “This is a simple, funnel-shaped suction toy
most commonly used on the nipples. It’s ideal for those who prefer a lighter
degree of gentle suction. Non-painful. Sold individually.” This item is made by
Rimba ( )—the packaging calls it a “Nipple Sucker”, Model RIM 267.
This device consists of a rubber suction bulb with a small glass funnel attached
to the bulb. You simply place the glass funnel over the nipple and squeeze. The
result is a pleasing sucking-in of the entire nipple. This might be fun to try with
your lady. MDC, this device would be a lot more gentle on your wife’s clit.

I also bought a “Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit” from JT’s. The kit comes with four
different sizes of little O-rings and two pump applicators. The pump applicators
are a smaller version of the nipple suction device and consist of a little rubber
suction bulb with a small, hurricane lamp glass-shaped end that is designed to
draw out the nipple tip. The vacuum applicators come in two different sizes. The
concept here is to slide an O-ring onto the end of the applicator, suck in the
nipple tip, and slide the ring onto the nipple to maintain them in an erect state.
Only the smallest size O-ring seems to work with my nipples. I’m not real
impressed with this item; however, some of you might find it to be fun. It
probably works better with female nipples.

Inspired by the photos of Kyla Cole modeling nipple clamps on the JT’s Stockroom
website and in their catalog, I also bought some mini-nipple clamps on a chain
and some adjustable tweezer-style clamps on a chain. I bought mine at my
favorite local sex novelties shop. The mini-nipple clamps squeeze very hard!! As
for the tweezer-style clamps, if I adjust them to be comfortable, they don’t stay
on very long. I think the fantasy is better than the pain of reality.

My foray into nipple enhancement has been a nice break from PE and has helped
keep things interesting. I wish PE were this easy!

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

My nipples enlarged from merely getting them pierced. No further stimulation or enlargement efforts were needed. One time deal. Get em pierced, give em a few days, BINGO! Bigger nipples! Plus, a LOT of women find pierced nipples on men to be a turn on.

Thanks all for your replies to this thread.


You’ve griped several times about people blowing off your suggestion of getting your nipples pierced for instant enhancement. I have no doubt that it is probably the quickest way to enlargement—you’ve even provided photographic evidence for us. However, I have no interest in piercing my nipples, nor any other body part for that matter; it’s just not my style. I’m sure that some of the other guys that have responded here feel the same way. No offense, I’m just not interested. What I’ve outlined here is my own experience, for what it’s worth.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Ok, fair enough no offense taken or intended. Piercing nipples…on men anyway…I’ve heard it’s less so for women…hurts like hizzelle but, I think is worth the temporary discomfort.

Nipple Enhancement Update

It’s been a year since I started this thread. I thought this would be a good time to update it with what I’m currently doing.

I’m still using the snakebite kit suction cups on my nipples three to four times a week. Several months ago, I discovered that filling the suction cups with water before putting them on really increases the intensity of the suction and accelerates results. Also, the water assures a good seal around the edges. Using water-filled suction cups has also eliminated the need to trim the hair surrounding the nipple to get a better seal. Filling the suction cups with water seems to be the nipple equivalent of water pumping the penis. I now do the following routine in the shower, using both the regular and the narrow suction cups:

After stepping into the shower, I fill the regular snakebite kit suction cups with water and attach them to each nipple, making sure that the suction cup is centered on each nipple. A little bit of water will squirt out of the suction cup as it attaches to the skin surrounding the nipple. The regular suction cup applies suction to both the nipple and the surrounding areola. I then soap down everything but my chest. Next, I remove the regular suction cups and wash my chest. After rinsing off, I fill the narrow snakebite kit suction cups with water and attach them to each nipple. The narrow cups really have some “bite” to them, and really focus suction on the nipple itself. You may notice some deformity in the cylindrical shape of the narrow suction cup. After washing my hair and final rinse-off, I remove the narrow suction cups, refill the regular suction cups with water, and reattach them to each nipple, again making sure that the suction cup is centered on each nipple. I wear the regular suction cups while toweling and drying off. Since I’m trying to get my right nipple equal in size with the left one, I usually take the left suction cup off and leave the right suction cup on for an additional 15 to 20 minutes. After my nipple workout, I apply cocoa butter to each nipple and the skin surrounding the nipple.

Warning: Using water in the suction cups greatly intensifies the suction and increases the risk of injury. When starting out, you should have put in some time wearing the snakebite kit suction cups before trying them filled with water. I got a blood blister on the tip of my left nipple that took several weeks to heal. This can be avoided by wearing the suction cups for very short periods with frequent monitoring.

I’m quite pleased with the results. I haven’t arrived at Tom of Finland-esque nipples yet; however, my nipples are larger and show nicely through a T-shirt and even through a light colored dress shirt. I’m still curious to try vacuum pumping; I’ve just haven’t parted with the cash to buy two nipple cylinders and a buddy connector hose.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Have you tried using syringes as nipple suction devices? I use 12CC oral syringes I got from a pet supply store (about $.50 each). I removed the plunger, cut off the pointed end of the body, then re-inserted the plunger - backwards. Then, with a little vaseline, you just place the flange of the syringe over the nipple, and draw out the plunger to produce vacuum. The nipple is pulled into the syringe body.

There’s a limit to how much suction you can apply because if it’s too much the plunger will just be pulled back in when you let go, but otherwise you can vary it as you like.

I’ve worn these for hours at a time, removing them every now and then to let the blood circulate again. Works pretty well, but I kinda doubt the results would be permanent. Well, who knows.

If it’s not clear how this works, let me know and I’ll post a picture.

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