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Nipple Enhancement

Originally Posted by brianrex
Wow. Now those are some nips! How long did it take you to achieve those? What kind of routine?

My nips were a decent size to begin with, but the size I have now probably took about a year. It was easy work, mostly with just using the supplenipps whenever possible. They can be worn for hours at a time, once you get the hang of it.
Now I wear them 3 times/week or so in the morning before work, taking a shower, etc.


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Am I the only one who doesn’t get all this?

Anyway if this is what you want, then good luck guys!

I don’t get it either to tell you the truth, but then there’s a lot of people that don’t get me.

19th Feb 2012

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I never ever imagined that guys would give a shit about the size of their nipples, unless it was because they were too large and feminine looking.

I wouldn’t even care if I had no nipples!

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Seriously, I love my nips and they love me back.

I have found lots of different nipple toys at and Both of those sites are NSFW of course.

Someone mentioned piercing. He is right. But none of the four times my nips have been peirced has healed properly. Annoying and painful. I give up.

AnywAy, side note: nothing makes my cock drool precum like lengthy nipple play. It’s magical.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

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I also had the same problem and thoughts like yours, think mine is kinda on the middle size not so big not too small, as long as my partner can play with it and had a sexual pleasure I have no complaints about it, But sometimes I found it sexy.

Shill for penis pills.

I had my right nipple pierced for several years. However, it never fully healed and I think that the reason was due to its small size (had to pierce some of the areola or the piercing would migrate and fall).

Having removed it, but always wanting to pierce it back, I decided first to try to enlarge my nipple (not the areola) thinking that maybe this would make up for a better healing process.

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of nipple vacuum cylinders and started using ‘em. At first for just a few minutes but have already increased the wearing time to about half an hour / day.

Today, after removing the cylinders I was massaging my nipples to get the blood flowing and noticed that the massage was causing a direct stimulation feeling in my penis. So I continued for about two minutes and, to my AWE, I managed to orgasm (and cum for that matters) without touching my member, just massaging my nipples.

So, yeah, bizarre and all, but we are all here to share experiences, right?

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5XL look and feel awesome

I have been using SuppleNipps for over four years having started out on Size Two. I have been 5XL - XXX-Large now for around nine months and my nipples stretch comfortably to fill them to the tip. The way I achieve this is to use a fine syringe needle to draw the air from the tips. Believe me, it adds a whole new dimension to the sucking feeling. With them being silicone they are self healing so you can do this hundreds of times with no detriment to the material.

The soft touch of them makes your nipples tingle when squeezed, sending an erotic surge through your body. My partner loves to remove them and feel the fullness of very large nipples in their mouth.

Wearing a thin, tight T shirt makes you envy of other guys too and I often wear them while out under a thin jacket. I suppose on average I have mine on around six hours a day, almost every day.

I wondered how I ever lived life without them.

Tip: The secret to success is.PATIENCE. Don’t be too hasty and work up slowly. You will be rewarded.

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