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Nads help :(

Nads help :(

I have used Nads 2x on my shaft and balls and I have gotten alot of pain and little hair loss. Anyone here use nads? And can you give me some pointers?? Thanks!


This may help:

Easy Pubic hair removal


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Nads does not work, sorry. And DO NOT
use any form of chemicals on your penis, scrotum, balls, anus, or anywhere on your body.

Waxing (sugaring) works the best. Now it will be uncomfortable the first time, but with each subsequent time it is easier and easier. I have been waxing the legs and pits since July and I have very little growth now. I don’t miss shaving.

There are several threads on this subject, my suggestion is to go research others mistakes and don’t make them on your own.

Good luck

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I agree with Sunshine…..

The thought of using chemicals on my genitals actually scares the hell out of me! lol I would definetly try to find a natural way to do this. I have read many posts on this subject as well and there are many. READ READ READ!!


Go for the GOALd!


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