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My hairy journey...

My hairy journey...

Last night - I done something bold…

I was looking at my smallish penis and I thought - thats it, lets uncover your roots! I then proceeded to grab my electric shaver and hacked away at the pubes, leaving nothing but hairs directly on my balls and dick, I also have hair about quarter of the way up my shaft.

I then decided to tackle my balls, but as soon as the shaver touched it, BAM, blood everywhere… so then I tried my dick - same thing happened, the skin there must be REALLY weak and thin or something. I managed to shave away the majority of it but left some little stubbly bas**rds that didnt wanna go away.

I then decided to get the scissors and chop away at my delicate region, managing to clear up some hairs (but just making the stubble shorter and harder to get at).

Then come the fun bit, I closed my eyes as I reached for the tweezers - sweat dripping down my forehead, listening to the sound of dogs howling and rain pouring as I lowered them to my dick. This was it, this was the moment I had dreaded since puberty… Y’ouch, there goes one - feeling my skin nearly tear and my eyes watering with agony, I reach for another….

“FU** THIS”, I mutter as I throw the tweezers across the room. And to this day - I have an unfinished stubbly penis left from my adventure!

I am scared that pulling my hair with the tweezers will tear my skin of my balls or cock, or burst veins if they are located ontop of them, is this possible?

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Is it possible to move this post into a different thread? I should’ve posted it into another current thread on this topic…

Sorry guys.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Everyone else starts a thread without looking for old ones, why should you be different?

Pulling out hairs by the root should not make you bleed.

I’m hoping your description was worse than reality. Why didn’t you use a razor and shave cream after trimming close with scissors? Perhaps after your recovery you can manage it in a less drastic manner. :)

I can only imagine the razor didn’t work well because either, it was dull as dirt, or, if it was a twin or triple blade razor, cut hairs were logged between the blades making the razor ineffective. I would replace the blade and try again using a little more caution.

I use an electric beard trimmer. It has special covers that allow you to leave a certain length. I use the “Crockett from Miami Vice” setting.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

Is it still possible to cut yourself with the special covers?

I have one of them electric shavers, also - I didn’t like the idea of leaving neat stubble.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Electric shavers are going to cut you up (I know this). Wet shave with lots of shaving cream when your having a shower. Short on top and clean cock and balls is the way to go (in my humble opinion).

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Originally Posted by PEst
I am scared that pulling my hair with the tweezers will tear my skin of my balls or cock, or burst veins if they are located ontop of them, is this possible?


You are scared that something of the order of micrometres will tear skin and yet you apply a 1.5” long set of choppers to your balls, draw blood AND THEN decide to try it on your DICK.

DUDE…:wtf: are you thinking?

Originally Posted by PEst
I then proceeded to grab my electric shaver and hacked away at the pubes

That’s where you went wrong my friend. Some say their electric shaver works for this but that hasn’t been my experience. Electric razors require a smooth surface to work well, and the slot size can allow loose skin to get pulled in. Ouch. Next time you shower take your twin-blade razor in with you. Bar soap works just fine as a lubricant.

Originally Posted by PEst
I am scared that pulling my hair with the tweezers will tear my skin of my balls or cock, or burst veins if they are located ontop of them, is this possible?

Tweezing will sometimes produce a small drop of blood from the base of the hair follicle, but not often. Your skin is much tougher than you think.

BTW, see pubic hair removal

I was very apprehensive about tweezing at first, just as you are know. Then about a week ago I just dove into it. It barely hurts at all, especially if you soak the area in warm water before hand. It will only hurt at first because you are in a mindset where you are expecting it too. I got over that very fast. As many people have recommended, just do a little bit every day, in a week the job’s done. Once you pluck for the first time, it just gets easier because the roots will not have time to form as strongly. Soon you’ll even be able to shape the region from what I’ve read. The first time I plucked, there were about two or three tiny spots of blood. The blood was no where near a drop, it was just that if I were to dab it with a white cloth I would be able to see a hint of red on the cloth. That’s all.

I guarantee you that if you bight the bullet it will be worth it…well it was for me anyways.

I use an electric specialty razor, it was a little multipurpose kit that works quite well. It has the main unit and interchangeable heads including: clipper with adjustable guards, nose hair trimmer, and a miniature foil type shaver. The shaver is only about 1” long and has very small holes in the foil. It works excellent for me. I had been using a razor and shaving cream before, but it always left my skin feeling overly hydrated and raw at the same time. And it also invariably led to bumps and irritation. With the electric I can use the clipper to cut the hair down to tiny stubble, then run the razor over it for a smooth, lady-friendly finish.

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Hey bro I feel for you I tried to trim my my balls down to the skin with a beard trimmer and it grabbed my sack and made me scream like a 12 year old girl

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Trim the hair with sizers.

Sorry, I can’t help but chuckle - since you are still alive I think it’s okay. I can imagine how you could take an electric razor to pubes on your fat pad and, perhaps, your dick as well. But for the life of me, I can’t fathom taking an electric razor to my nutsack. I think if I were to imagine it, I think Dino’s post of screaming like a 12-year-old girl approximates it. BRAVE.

Get a razor blade, I prefer the Gillette Excel (it’s double-bladed), lather up, and do it in a nice hot shower. Shave after you shampoo and soap, that will give your body’s pores time to loosen up. I read on the fogless mirror I bought for shaving in the shower that pores, at least on the face, are 70% more relaxed when heated up in the shower. Furthermore, I think it’s almost a necessity to do it in the shower to make sure your sack is hanging nice. Stretch your sack taught and shave away. For your dick, I found it easier, when I started shaving that area, to get an erection first. Now I just do a flaccid stretch and shave it. Just remember, clean your pubes out of the shower and flush them down the toilet if you have a grated shower drain. Otherwise, your shower will back up and and you will be ankle deep in water with your pubes (if you share the shower, I doubt they would be ecstatic about leaving the shower with your pubes on their feet).

Girls will go down on you more if you are shaved down there, and if you are a lucky enough to get a girl that will suck your nuts, shaving is an absolute must (if a girl will suck your hairy nuts, bless her soul and marry her). Furthermore, you sack gets nice and sensitive after you shave it. Although, if you keep it shaved as maintenance grooming routine, that sensitivity goes away until you let your hairs grow out again.

I once read a thread post that claimed other people had used a permanent hair removal scheme, I’d like to hear that story.

Originally Posted by PEst
Last night - I done something bold…

Welcome to the ranks of devout Masochists here at Thunders.

The levels of OCD have obviously risen and here you are - asking for the help of your fellow com-padres.
Let me commend you in your unswerving efforts to accomplish your goal of genital baldness - no matter what the cost.
Blood and blood letting does not deter you - you are a true zealot; God be with you.

Here are somethings you can try; some of them are more painful than others.
But please, given your track record, stay far, far away from straight blade razors.…avfemladfa.html

Disclaimer: I would like to add that I’m not an expert on this subject, I just know how to make the most of Google.
The above were culled from an “Intimate Shavers” search.

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After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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