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I guess when personality and a bigger dick is all you have going for you, you have to accentuate the postives. :up:


I’m envious of you guys that can tolerate Nair!! Gee whiz, it’s like pouring acid between my ass-cheeks and lighting it on fire. I’m forced to stick with the traditional razor to keep it smooth back there.

"It's ALL in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is." - Lon Milo DuQuette "The mind's role in P.E. is more important than the hand that touches the penis." - Mr. Nine Just ignore the crazy old man in his tinfoil-lined pyramid hat, smelling of EVO and muttering Ohhmmm my penis growwwws. He's not always to be taken literally.

Originally Posted by supersizeit
Oh Man RTG. You dont know how proud I am of you right now! :clap: (wipes a tear from his eye, music swelling)

No RTG you are DA MAN!…
for realizing that Im not some crazy dude ranting on about personal hygiene and taking hygiene to levels that many would consider extreme and obsessive. We are not living up in the mountains with an out-house and no hot and cold running water. This is the 21st century and we have the means to take sexual preparations to the next level.

Once you get that ass crack nice and smooth…its such a wonderful feeling of clean and its easier to keep it clean after doing your business, you simply wipe it down with some wet toilet paper and then get in the shower (a bidet will work too) and rinse with soap and water. You will most certainly wonder why you never thought of it before and once you do it once there is no turning back (even if you wanted to) because anything less than that will leave you feeling downright NASTY and DIRTY by comparison.

Basically, I came down this road because I love pleasing women and I wanted to do anything that would give me the edge over other men and this of course includes doing PE. Believe me when I say that women love this stuff!!! I kid you not!
They might initially mock and tease you at first, (as if it were a standard response and because its not a norm among men) but they understand your motives and reasons because many women go through these things themselves and they are (after-all) the cleaner sex. It does not make a man feminine, it simply makes him a man that women adore. A TRUE METROSEXUAL! All the women I have ever been with have complimented me on my habits, wished other men were like that and have even adopted some of my other routines themselves. If she were describing you to another girl she might be inclined to say something like…
“OMG he always smells so good and he goes the extra yard and pays attention to detail, its such a pleasure to do him”


WAY TO GO RTG!!! :thumbs:

So after reading some of your posts on this matter, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. :-k

Know your enemy: I busted out the hand mirror, and low and behold, I could barely even see my ass hole!

Attack: Threw a bunch of nair on a paper towel and smeared it all around cracksville. Package recommends 3 minutes then test small area. Waited three minutes, not feeling anything… is it working? At six minutes still not feeling anything, better safe than sorry. Wet some paper towels, start cleaning. Holy s*it batman theres a lot of hair coming out. Starting to feel the burn, large jalapeno pizza anyone? Many paper towels later, the job is done. B-line for the shower, must put out the fire. :firejumpe Ten minutes of shower head on the crack, burn is starting to dissipate. Soap and water. Get out, dry off, apply some aloe vera gel, initial burn, then feels good.

Battlefield: Hand mirror, shock and awe, the before and after shots are nothing short of astounding! Skin slightly pink in some areas.

Aftermath: Smooth, feels a little weird to walk around at first. Dropping deus and clean-up is soooo much easier. Used to take forever to get that coveted white tissue. Seems to result in less aroma as well, sadly no ladies to test this out on at the moment. Gotta be careful with this weapon, removing hair is like taking the silencer off ;)

Conclusion: Amazing, I am NEVER going back to jungle ass. Thank you Supersizeit!!!!!!!!!!!

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This does make me wonder though… what other gems are you metrosexuals holding out on? :couch:

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

OK how do I sort out dark circles under my eyes?

For our demands most moderate are,

We only want the earth.

James Connolly

Ok I don’t get it how come when a man takes care of his body and as well as his mind, spirit, and etc. Something is wrong with him? But if you look like something that just spent a night at the homeless shelter your a man. As a man I don’t want anyone who is not interested in taking care of them selves because if they are not doing it for themselves they definitely are not going to be interested in doing nothing for you. MY MOTTO IS AS FOLLOW YOU CAN NOT GIVE ANYTHING YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE.

Originally Posted by androNYC
Now that's old school!
Personally I’m a Joey Adams guy.


For me, Deano was, is and ever will be the epitome of smooooth- maybe because he did it all so well, yet always seemed to be able to laugh at himself. Frank had the style down, but always struck me as too full of himself. Just IMHO.
Maybe that’s when he’ll clue in?

Just got back from taking the beast for a drag through the streets of Manhattan, and couldn’t help but mull over the sum and substance of this thread and several things occurred to me.

First, perhaps Metrosexuality is primarily urban because the level of the game is just that much higher in such a condensed environment? As I’m walking along, I can clearly see who exactly is local and who isn’t. Manhattan women have a fit and finish that girls who cross rivers just don’t. NYC XXs have more options, more XYs with boocoo ducats wooing them as only mucho dinero can woo. I don’t care who you are, or how much you make, there are 5,000 XYs in my island that add at least one decimal place. How are you going to stand out when you don’t have the remotest possibility of impressing them with money?

[amusing illustrative anecdote]
Years ago I was working with a client with a NAV [net asset value] of ~4 Billion with a capital fucking B when another client of mine with a NAV ~16Billion walked into view. When you deal with folks who measure their NAV with more than seven zeroes, security is an actual factor, so client A didn’t know that client B was in my portfolio when he turned to me and said
“Now there's money”

Contemplate that a moment.

Game over.

[/amusing illustrative anecdote]

In nature it is the male that wears the plumage to attract, not the female. So in order to grab the attention of desirable XXs, NYC XYs must come up with alternatives to pure financial incentives, such as fame, grooming, convo, intellect, social skills, aesthetic skills.

[another amusing illustrative anecdote]
Years ago another of my clients was dating a very attractive female colleague of mine twenty-five years his junior, a woman I’d had a midly flirtatious relationship with for many years, but as I was married at the time, I’d never acted on it despite overt invitations.
I was very grateful for my restraint when she began dating him as not only was he a dear friend and mentor, but my wife and I socialized with them.

He was a fixture in local media and I have sat with him many a time and picked up the sloppy seconds resulting from his profile; additionally he had some ducats tucked away.

Years later we ran into each other on a street corner and made a date for coffee. Do I have to spell out that it turned into dawn before we parted company?

Why am I telling this, apart from a bit of bragging and wistful memory indulgence?

Because she stated that she had always wanted me, and proceeded to list many of the subtleties that have been tossed about here. She also confessed that when my name had come up in convo with him, he queried why she should notice burger when she had filet on the plate.

Sorry to say but I guess the joke was on him. All my secondary skills played a note in the back of her head when she was giving him head.

And I will never ever tell him.

[/another amusing illustrative anecdote]

But then the issue arises, how much of the plumage is authentic, how much is spurious. And know this, falsehoods attract falsehoods- which is all well and good if you’re only looking to warm up on a cold night. Trick is when it would be nice to have someone stick around for the morning after and bum around reading the paper. It can’t all be based on grooming or NLP/ speed seduction tricks, ‘cause there ain’t nothing left if that is all there is.

So, like SSi and Hog and others have implied if not actually stated, all this ‘Metrosexuality’ stems from something other than a simple desire to get laid- it comes from, IMHO, an appreciation of life. Perhaps SSI does it with Nair and Hog with cologne and I do it with a three day growth and flip flops, but I’ll hazzard that were we to meet we’d recognize differing manifestations of the same impulse.

Sorry to veer into an almost ontological analysis, but I’m just built that way.

And chicks dig it.

All of my NLP works to help my clients find solid permanent relationships.

NLP is a tool to model what works, but it can be used to manipulate.

It depends who you are.

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