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Metrosexual. I am Are you

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which would you truely consider yourself

manly man all the way. Fuck the metro bullshit


already am metro/ striving to be. :)

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“The term ´metrosexual´ was first coined in 1994 by journalist Mark Simpson. In those, the dog days of Thatcherism, when yuppies and wealth creators were still the tired buzzwords of the day, no one took much notice of his masterly analysis. It wasn’t until eight years later, when he returned to the idea, that people finally looked about and thought, ‘yes - that’s the berk they’ve made my new boss.’

Simpson wrote out how the old-fashioned normal bloke had infuriated the efforts of consumer capitalism, how the big problem was that men didn’t shop enough. If only a new kind of man could be engineered, a man who was less confident about his identity and more concerned with his image, a man Simpson describes as ‘an advertiser’s walking wet dream’.

There was nothing more sophisticated, caring or 21st-century about this great revolution, it was just a ruse to get men into shops. But thousands - unable to purchase a giant badge saying, ‘I’m a gullible prat’ - chose to ignore his criticism and adopt the philosophy and lifestyle of the metrosexual with gusto. Soon, right across the western world, an infant cult which should have been weighted down with rocks, wrapped in a black bin liner and thrown in the canal, was booming.”

The retrosexual manual - Dave Besley(2008)…40819720&sr=1-1


Tanya Gold sums it all up.:babe3:

Metrosexual twigmen who admire your shoes are all very well in good times, but when the going gets tough, what you actually want is a REAL man, says Tanya Gold. As I stick my head out of my window, I smell a change in the evening air. Everywhere I look big, dark, hairy, slightly fat men are staring at me - from advertising billboards, cinema screens and the pages of glossy magazines.

They growl, they glower, they exude menace and demonic sex appeal. I wonder, could it be - could it really be - that the beefcake is back? Every credit crunch cloud has a silver lining. We are already saying goodbye to haute cuisine, ugly, overpriced handbags and £60 knickers. Why did we ever pay so much for a bit of ribbon and a label? What was wrong with us? Were we mad?

We are kissing hello to supermarket own brands, holidays in Cornwall, making do and mending, and knitting. Even Scrabble is making a comeback. And, best of all things - better than Christmas every day, better than a pay rise, better than me - men who look as if they might actually be men are back.

Goodbye metrosexual twigman with your sad little manbag - you never did it for me - and hello beefcake beast. Where have you been? It should come as no surprise. Economic depressions have always walked hand in hand with the worship of raw machismo. That is just the way it goes.

Ask Hollywood, if you don’t believe me.

Who was the No. 1 box office star of the troubled Thirties? Fred Astaire with his tiny feet and silly hats?
Not a chance. It was dark, dangerous Clark Gable (he of ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’) with rugged Spencer Tracy - a man who looked as if he’d kill anyone who wouldn’t ……..…fcake-back.html

Originally Posted by jellybelly1991
Definitely European style clothing and VERY FLASHY. And I don’t wanna be stereotypical but it is the “ideal” look of gay men of designer clothing. Don’t take it the wrong way, everyone knows the gay community always has a step up in fashion.

Wow, it’s really hard to write this without possibly offending someone. (If I did, I didnt mean too)

I’m not sure what the norm is in the States, but in the UK(and Europe) many straight manly men will be seen wearing flashy designer labels. I don’t subscribe to stylish clothing being a by product of the gay community. Sure, they are experts, but growing up in London I have seen many kids, youths and adults wearing stylish labels, who weren’t the least bit metrosexual, let alone gay.

I’ll go with the modern day metrosexual, but with a little change. Here is mine.



- Muscular body with low body fat

-A essential player in the women’s field.

- Likes simple living with higher wisdom

- Enjoys looking good

- Takes time to pick out a shirt/pant/clothing.

- Takes small time at the mirror to flatten out imperfections.

- Inspired to look better and better as time goes on

- Wears clothing that compliments your body

- Care’s deeply about hygiene

- Enjoys sports but also enjoy buying clothing to improve image.

- Knows how to sweet talk women/guys from trouble and problems.

- Involves in humanitarian work.

- And most importantly.carrying a big dick

In my view, “metrosexual” means only that the guy takes really good care of himself. Teeth, hair, skin, and general body. Makes no difference what his body type is. He pays attention to what he has and tries always to present himself in the best way he can. Above everything, he makes sure he is clean and smells that way at all times. - Unless the chick (or male friend) happens on him after his long run through the park; then he can smell sweaty. But, like, relatively clean-sweaty? :)




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