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Men's Style: Where can I learn about it?

Men's Style: Where can I learn about it?

I want to learn all about men’s style, to be a more attractive person. I want to know the accepted bounds of jewelry including watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, facial hair, haircuts, hats, shoes, watches, everything else and clothes. I want a better understanding of what things to wear, not to wear, etc.

I have been getting very curious, enough to watch TLC programs where they make old people look “10 Years Younger” and “What Not To Wear” where people get a new sense of fashion. These programs feature older females (older than my age group) and males. The males are usually given a shirt and jacket to look fashionable.

Where can I learn about the right type of eye ware (both glasses and sunglasses) are best for my type of face? I’m getting laser eye surgery, hopefully, and will need eye ware for 3 months for no contacts are allowed.Where can I learn what type of face I have? What kind of haircut fits my style of face (please be short!).

I want to be fashionable and look to women like I have a great sense of style. I’m slowly making progress, purchasing 2 items for my neck, I have a Ryan Sheckler jacket with many different colored rings on, and I even got a short haircut that I feel makes me a better looking man. I’m looking to be the best I can be in terms of fashion.

Good for you man. Nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a bulletproof styleguy looking back at you. I’ve read GQ off and on since I was 15 (41 now) and I’ve picked up a lot of good things over the years. Eventually it just gets automatic, your style being less emulatory and more a projection of your mood, your demeanor, and what you’re trying to project on any given day. A lot of guys blow flack at guys who give a shit about carrying themselves with a little distinction.

Fuck them.

While they’re busy slapping each other on the back down in the local brew room wearing blue broadcloth button down shirts and khaki ‘Dockers’, guys who put a little effort into really turning chicks on are drinking silver tequila with uber bitches who like to get spanked.

My first tip to you: wear suit jackets when you go out casually- and wear them casually. Don’t take wearing a suit too far or get to slickster when you’re out at a bistro/bar.

Second: shoes- no matter what you’re wearing, if you’re shoes suck then chicks notice.

Third: bling is dead unless it’s classy, top-shelf shit- say a 25k dollar Patek Phillipe in 18k? Too pricey? Me too. But still, you’re better off going with classy, simple, and quality affordable brand names that emulate more expensive styles and shapes without trying to actually pass themselves off as being the real thing.

Fourth: Unless you’ve developed a personal style that is copacetic with the wearing of jewelry, DON’T. I’ve got a lot of antique indian turquoise and silver jewelry, but it’s a real trick to pull it off and not wind up looking like some dopey hippie washout who plays new age flute. I like silver and turquoise, but wear really nice shit that is obviously unique and wear it in the context of a mack wardrobe. Chicks fucking LOVE it. But this is graduate level men’s style, when you’ve found yourself and can feel good, even cocky, in anything. The ONE piece of jewelry you’re allowed at first is your WATCH and the watch is a biggie. Tag Heuer Monaco if you can afford one is never a bad bet. If you can’t, then find something that emulates one of the timeless classic watches well and use it as your dress watch. For casual, day in, day out wear, there is a line of really cool Casio G-shock watches in cool, off colors that really rock.

Fifth: Don’t listen to other guy’s opinions unless it’s clear that they actually have a little style of their own. Guys love to blow shit at you when you’re macking. Blow it right back. They’re the dud, you’re the stud.

Sixth: Have_fucking_fun_with_it. That’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? If you’re having fun with your life and not taking it all too seriously then it shows and the bitches will flock to you like iron filings to a magnet if you’re exuding that kind of vibe.

I really dug your question. Cool thing to just come out and decide to start giving a shit. Rock that. Subscribe to GQ. Every once in a while there’s even a good article or two, but for modern male fashion it’s a go-to.

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