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I tend to do quite a bit of manscaping (trimming/shaving) as I am not a lover of a hairy body. I trim and shave, both the pubic area and my stomach/chest. I was wondering what tips you guys had, if any, on good ways to take care of the hair. I shave most of the hair off but leave the treasure trail because my girlfriend likes it. I also don’t really care for the hair because I’m still fairly young (19) and I think that the hairless look is just better. I find however, that when I shave the hair grows back in a couple days to the point where I feel the need to shave again (I know a little OCD) but I was wondering if I should consider waxing the hair? I don’t really have the money for laser hair removal or else I would go that way. I have tried nair but found that it doesn’t work that well and the smell isn’t very bearable at all. Any ideas?

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I think waxing would then be your only alternative.

There are a whole load of threads on removing hair. A favorite method seems to be electric razor. Any method that removes hair temporarily below the skin carries with it a greater incidence of ingrown hairs. Waxing/sugaring and tweezing work well but if you’ve never waxed before check it out on an area away from your groin.

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If you are going to use an electric shaver for your groin area be prepared to shave every second or third day (or it is itch city). But, it does work, makes important objects appear larger (mainly your pecker), is not painful like waxing, and does not take very long.

right now I use a normal blade shaver (Mach 3) and it works good makes it very smooth, but I have to shave every 2 to 3 days. I don’t get rid of all of it rest assured. If I were to wax what is better and/or less painful cold or hot waxing and how long do they last?

Man who farts in church sits in pew...


I know it can be a pain but as mem wrote we really do have a lot of threads and information pertaining to shaving Big Jim and the twins.

You might want to try hair remover powder for guys. Not all guys like it, but it kicks ass for some guys. It costs around 2 bucks and you get quite a bit.
Any tips about shaving the pubic hair?
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I’d like to apologize for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I have a question that I think fits in it. My hair seems like it’s overgrown in places and I’m trying to figure out what to remove and what to trim. I was wondering what the opinion of everybody is on what is esthetically pleasing.

I realize what one guy likes for himself may not work for me, but I am just looking for a general consensus. It’s like I had hair on my shoulders that was long enough to twirl and knot in my fingers and I knew that had to go, but I’m wondering if I should take it off down my biceps too. Because it looks kind of strange just ending before my shoulders.

I’ve generally just been trying to clean up the weird patches that are out there in the middle of nowheres, like just above my ass and on my back underneath my shoulders. I haven’t went for the straight line treasure trail like Lethjp, but I did clean up the sides that were veering off towards my love handles. I know I don’t want to go in for a David Bowie Man who Fell to Earth androgynous look but how much should I remove and where should I stop.


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